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Live Feed Updates- July 17- Day 33

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  • Live Feed Updates- July 17- Day 33

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    4:20 AM BBT

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      6:22 AM BBT

      All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.

      (Paulie had got up for a couple minutes in the HOH Room, probably to use the bathroom, but he's now back in bed snuggled up close to Zakiyah's backside)


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        Just a quick update as it's dinner time...

        Starting about 1:35 PM BBT (or before)

        Cams 1 & 2

        Frank & Paulie in the Kitchen talking game. Frank trying to convince Paulie to get Da'Vonne out. Paulie says as of right now he's still gunning to get Tiffany out.

        Cams 3 & 4

        Paul, Corey, James & Natalie (Zakiyah was there but went in the house) out by the pool talking about random topics ranging from politics to the death penalty to cancer.


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            When I flashback most of the HG are out by the pool just soaking up the sun and if you listened to it you know that Paul dominated the conversation for the entire yard (in a very loud voice.). I am going to go to a conversation between Bridgette and Tiff and see what they have to say. It is about 2:51 p.m. BBT.
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              2:51 p.m. BBT

              Tiff is telling Bridgette about her F2 deal with Da’Vonne on the second day and why she didn’t turn it down. She then talks about the F8 grouping that they made in the HOH room. She attempts to go back and figure out what happened when as she is explaining what is going on. They also keep their eyes and ears on the door to see who is entering the house. They actually hide from time to time and have moved the chess board to the floor so that people won’t see them.

              Tiff talks about Michelle being a mean girl and making fun of the Spy Girls. Tiff opines that she will be hated by the LFs because she says such mean things. She talks about the Fatal Five. She has spilled the beans on everything. She tells Bridgette that Z is good and will be easy to work with, especially once Da is gone.

              They wonder if Corey would be easier to work with once Nicole is evicted. This conversation stops when Paul shows up. At one point in this conversation Tiff compares herself to Lindsey Lohan!


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                3:32 p.m. BBT

                Tiff asks if she can talk to him. She tells him she has nothing to lose and wants to be honest with him from day one. These people, that were supposed to have her back, have been playing her. She says that some of the things she is going to tell him won’t be news to him, but she wants him to know that some people (Da) are telling her things.
                She tells him that she has wanted to work with him because they were siblings. She precedes to tell him that he can’t trust Michelle, Da, or Nicole. That Nicole put him on the block the first week because they didn’t think they could work with him. She continues to throw Da under the bus telling him that Da has formed so many alliances. She says that Da has been f*cking her ever since she thought that Paulie and Tiff had a F2 agreement.
                She thought that people who were in an alliance were supposed to trust each other, she watched the BB16 season and how they communicated.
                She goes on to explain that Paulie shouldn't trust Nicole either. She tells him to trust Frank because he wants to work with him.


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                  Paulie tells Tiff that he has only been in an alliance with Frank. He wondered who was telling people about all these alliances that he has been in. Tiff says it has been Da. She is making things up and feeding information to everyone. She tells him that the only one who has been telling her anything (recently) is Frank. All the others would tell her things and tell her not to say anything to anyone. Now she understands why.

                  Paulie says that when the big fight (between Frank/Da) happened on Thursday night he stayed away.

                  Tiff tells Paulie that Da told her to put Corey up on the block after she won BBRK. Tiff really doesn’t want to see Corey go home. She is going to gun after those girls if she gets a chance but she is not going after him. It broke her heart when she found out that he was in an alliance with Nicole/Corey/Z/Da/himself.

                  Paulie says that he thinks Da was being paranoid because Nicole was getting close to Corey and Paulie was getting close to Z. He tells her that Michelle came to him about the final with those people and now Tiff has, but Frank never said anything to him about it. He assumed that someone would slip up.

                  They talk about how Da was crying when Corey won the veto. Tiff says she told her that she had the numbers to vote Corey out. They try to run the numbers to see who might vote Corey out.

                  Paulie says he feels like he is getting caught in the crosshairs. Tiff says the only one who has started every alliance and lied about every alliance is Da. (She has no idea that Paulie has a F2 with James.) Paulie tries to clarify that when everyone was thinking it was Frank who was making all these side alliances that it was really DA? Tiff - yeah.


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                    Meanwhile, Corey and Frank are in the kitchen (3:53 p.m. BBT). They are talking about how Da is starting all the sh*t. She has been starting alliances with everyone. Corey says that she told them that Frank was trying to make alliances and he says the only alliance he made was with Nicole/Corey/Bridgette/himself. Frank says he just found out last night (and not from Tiff) that Da was mad because she said he called her a slut and he wouldn’t do that (he did but joking in the bathroom). He says that people at home are thinking that he would say that and he would never say that about someone.
                    Frank says it will be good to get the ringleader out. Tiff is on an island and she doesn’t have anyone to work with. Corey tells him that they were wondering if he (Frank) and Da are working together because they saw them talking on the couch.
                    Corey asks if Frank knew that Tiff was going to put him up and he says yeah and he told Paulie.
                    When I jump back to the conversation between Tiff and Paulie. He tells her that he voted for her to leave to honor Frank. She knows he can’t vote this week, but if she stays he is not her target. She has others in here to get out. I’m not a competition beast, I only won BBRK because I was worn out and had to go slowly so I wasn’t knocking the things off.


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                      Paulie asks Tiff why she and Frank don't confront her. She says she needs to in front of everyone. When she and Frank had the blow up she went to him later and asked why he was trying to blow up her game. Paulie asks if Frank is working with Da and Tiff tells him no. Frank can't stand her.


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                        4:34 p.m. BBT

                        You/Me/James need to confirm some things in here. I don’t trust Tiff and she’s gone this week, but I don’t trust Da. Tiff confirmed so many things to me. Paulie doesn’t know if the girls are still in an alliance but we need to clip Da soon. Tiff told me word for word about a conversation I had with Z that went to Da and then to Tiff.
                        Corey agrees that they need to vote Tiff out this week. Paulie says that the reason he wants her gone is because Paul and James confirmed to him that Tiff said she wanted Paulie gone next week.
                        Corey thinks that Frank won't be going after Paulie and Paulie is not sold on that. James told me that they (Frank) are coming after me the first chance they get. That isn't going to happen but we need to clip them off. I told Frank that I'm getting rid of Tiff this week, but I'm up for getting rid of Da next week.


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                          Tiff goes to Frank and tells him about her conversation with Paulie.


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                            5:48 p.m. BBT Frank corners Nicole in the bedroom to ask about the rumor that he called Da a slut. He is worried that it makes him look like a sh*thead.
                            Nicole asks Frank if Tiff is putting up Da. Frank says maybe, and asks if she will help him vote her out. She tells him if he has the votes she will. She tells him that she doesn’t believe that he trusts her any more. He says he does. She wanted to work with him, she got crapped on, and is in a weird spot. Frank once again goes over the votes from Thursday. He tells her that he doesn’t hold a grudge and wants her to be truthful with him. She continues to deflect. He tells her just to be real with him moving forward. She promises him that she will tell him if she hears his name from anyone (oy).


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                              Frank tells Nicole that Tiff put Corey on the block because Da told her that she (Da) had the votes to vote him out.


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