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Live Feed Updates-July 19-Day 35

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 19-Day 35

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    3:32 BBT

    Frank and Bridgette just chatting out in the hammock on camera 3&4. Cinnabon and Toll House Cookie (yum)

    Corey and Nicole getting busy on camera 1 & 2.


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      7:25 AM BBT, All Cams

      All houseguests are sleeping.

      (did a tornado hit the house and I didn't hear about it?!! )


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        8:50 AM BBT, All Cams

        All houseguests are still in bed/sleeping.


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          11:24 AM BBT

          Cams 1 & 2

          Zakiyah in the Kitchen eathing breakfast. Corey had just finished doing dishes and left out the Kitchen. James comes walking in the Kitchen. BB says, "James, Stop that" but have no idea what he did.

          Now Da'Vonne walks in the Kitchen.

          Cams 3 & 4

          Nicole & Natalie getting read for the day.

          Then all 4 cameras go to Nicole & Natalie in the bathroom area getting ready.

          Then cams 3 & 4 go back to the Kitchen. James & Zakiyah talking about food. Then James heads to the bathroom area.
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            11:33 AM BBT

            All cams on James & Natalie in the bathroom area. Just general chit chat. James wanting to take a shower but dreading the cold water. how they slept last night, etc...

            Then cams 3 & 4 switch back to the Kitchen (they're all over the place here).

            Zakiyah, Da'Vonne & Nicole in Kitchen

            Nicole eating. Da'Vonne doing dishes.

            They're talking about when they went to high school.

            (nothing interesting going on right now)


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              11:50 AM BBT

              Cams 3 & 4

              Da'Vonne & James are in the Living Room. James tells Da'Vonne not to be worried. She says she's not worried about this week but will need him next week. He said if he wins HOH he won't be putting her up. Da'Vonne tells James that they need to break Paulie, Zakiyah, Nicole & Corey (the showmances) up. She says she was observing them yesterday and they are going to be a force. They'll stick together and get everyone else. James asks if people feel that way about him & Natalie. She says no because James has said he would get rid of Natalie if need be. James said he even told Natalie that. James says to listen out for what's going on.

              Then they go off game talk and James says he told everyone he wasn't getting in a showmance this time. Says he even told Jeff. Nicole comes in and sits. Just general talk.

              12:01 PM BBT

              All 4 cams go to Natalie & Zakiyah getting ready in the bathroom area. Bridgette walks in.


              • #8
                Z/James/Nicole in Storage Room 1:56 p.m. BBT

                Z is upset because apparently someone was sitting in Paulie’s lap. It is Natalie when they were taking the HOH photos. Nicole is complaining that Natalie is always saying that Corey is handsome and it bothers her. Poor James is trying to defuse the situation. They tell him not to say anything to her.

                Nicole wants to know if it bugs him and he says no.

                Z takes a big jug of something yellow out of the refrigerator and drinks out of it. (Oh no). Da comes in and says I need that (indicates the jug) and leaves with it.

                Z says she isn’t going to take any pictures with Paulie this week.

                Now in the kitchen, Da is filling her glass from the jug and then putting it in the refrigerator.


                • #9
                  Now Z and Nicole go into the lounge to continue their talk. Z says she knows there is nothing between them, she is just someone for him to flirt with. Nicole says that Paulie has told Corey that he is very close to Z and has come very close to kissing her.
                  Meanwhile, Bridgette and Tiffany are cooking in the kitchen.
                  Paul invades the lounge with the girls and this talk ends. (Remember this is a very emotional time for Z so things are bothering her.)


                  • #10
                    HG are complaining because the backyard is locked down.
                    Now Nicole tells Paul that it is that time of the month so he'd better beware. He says this explains everything that is going on. Talk turns to Paul and his female children.


                    • #11
                      2:20 p.m. Still Nicole/Z/Paul in lounge talking about children. Natalie and Da in bathroom doing their nails. No one else shows on videos.
                      A banner scrolls across the screen that tells us that the feeds will be down longer than usual this week, but with good reason. We will find out on Friday when the Battle of the Block is revealed.


                      • #12
                        Paulie/Z/Paul/Tiff in Lounge talking about the rape by the Stanford college student. Da and Natalie have been talking for quite a while about their lives (and loves) and have now moved to the skywalk. Nothing much else going on.


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                          Paulie and Frank in kitchen 4:41 p.m.

                          Paulie is trying to open a package and the noise it is making is making it hard to hear. They are talking about voting out Tiff or Da. Paulie tells him if Frank/Bridgette/Paul vote out Da they need another vote.

                          They are paranoid because Da and Natalie spent so much time today talking and now all the girls are up in the HOH.

                          Paulie thinks they are trying to pit Paulie and Frank against each other and then they don’t have to worry about the other guys. They can just pick them off. Frank says he will talk to Corey about being the 4th vote so no one can figure out who the votes are.

                          Paulie says the girls have some doubts about Da.

                          Frank – honestly bro, I think I’m on the cusp of the vote being 7-1. (Pause) Unless one or two people are bullsh*tting me.

                          Paulie – I don’t know but if people are bullsh*tting, cause I have said I want Tiff now and Da’Vonne next.

                          Paulie tells Frank that James and Corey are on board with his plan and he thinks they will vote Da out if he asks them to.

                          They continue to talk about how they think Da is trying to pull Nat in for another vote.

                          Paulie – she is pulling her in.

                          Frank – away from James.

                          Paulie talks about the sleeping arrangements for last night and how Z was wanting to kick Corey out. He gets it, but he told Corey it was ok.

                          Paulie – I just don’t know whether I want Tiff or Da out. I know Da’s not going to win anything.

                          Frank is telling him that Tiff is on an island and the only ones who talk to her are Frank and Bridgette right now. No one is going to work with her and she is so down right now. It actually works out for us. He goes on to say that if they can’t get to the end together and one of them has a girl sitting beside them and Da is in jury it is going to hurt their chances at winning. That worries the sh*t out of him. He tries to convince Paulie that if Tiff is voted out and during a competition the last place team goes on the block, then Corey will probably go home.

                          Paulie – I want Da to go home. I just don’t know if this week is the time to do it. If we had just sent Tiff home last week we wouldn’t have this problem this week.

                          Frank tells him he hasn’t talked much game yesterday and wasn’t going to at all today. Paulie tells him that he has been observing. Paulie insinuates that the girls are going to team up next week to send him home. They are trying to make Corey and I wary of you (Frank).

                          Frank – I only have two people in this house that I have their backs 100%, that’s you and Bridgette. (Forehead slap) Corey 99% but Nicole is in his ear a little bit but I like Nic. Da is trying to get her hooks in everyone, but Tiff is not. She has no one.

                          Paulie tells him about a conversation that he had with Z. He knows Z is fishing for info and he wonders who has been giving all the information to Tiff, was it Z or Michelle.

                          Frank – I feel it was Z for sure. Da is in her ear big time.

                          Frank - We need to cut Da before jury.

                          Frank is now trying to sell Paulie on working together because they have won the most comps. They could win out. Paulie says that Cody and Derrick did that during their season.


                          • #14
                            Frank thinks that they should vote Da out 6-2.
                            Paulie says that the only thing that is killing Da right now is her outburst in the Safari Room. Frank says that works for them because the girls won’t want to work with her.
                            Paulie says but they saved her.
                            Frank says but now they are mean girls. She knows they only kept her to send Frank a message.
                            Frank is trying to convince him that others will vote the way he (Paulie) wants because they want to keep him happy. If Tiff have gone home we wouldn’t know these things.


                            • #15
                              Corey and Paulie are in the bathroom complaining about being sore from doing their workout yesterday.
                              Z and Nicole upstairs still talking about their relationships with Paulie and Corey. (Another forehead slap). Z says that Paulie told her that they might want to pursue a relationship in September but for now they can just cuddle. They are both complaining that they didn't want a showmance.


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