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Live Feed Updates-July 20-Day 36

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 20-Day 36

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    Luanne, I borrowed part of your post since no ones been doing updates lately. Hope you don't mind and thanks...

    Starting around 3:00 AM BBT

    Originally posted by Luanne
    James went to HOH to talk to Paulie, told him he had some news, Zak came in. They worked hard to finally get a moment together. At around 3:09, they went into the storage room. James told him about Da coming to him ,stating that they had to get the couples out. James did not use that term, he said the ones up there. James told him I told her I could not say anything because I am in a showman. Paul came into the storage room and they had to let him control the conversation back to Frank wanting Paulie out. Paulie still wants Tiffany out this week. He knows Da is trouble but feels that Tiffany has to go.

    After James left, Paul and Paulie talked about taking Frank out next week. Paulie can beat him. They were planning each and ever eviction. Paulie sharing a lot of information with Paul about his showman with Zak. He told him about her being upset he has not kissed her. They talked about the "boys" have the girls up close but all are willing to cut the girls. They plan on getting to the 4 boys, James, Corey, Paulie and Paul and four girls, Nicole, Zak, Natalie and Michelle. Paulie was naming the order of the girls going out with Zak last.


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      7:10 AM BBT, All Cams

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.

      Note: They have a message running at the top of the feeds that says, "The Feeds will be down a lil' longer than usual this week, but with good reason. Find out on Battle Back this Friday, July 22 @ 8/7c!"

      Not sure when they'll be cutting the feeds. My guess is tomorrow morning or afternoon.


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        8:31 AM BBT

        Still sleeping.


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          9:22 AM BBT

          A few of the people are up and BB is trying to get the rest of them to open their peepers.


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            9:48 AM BBT

            Not much going on right now. Tiffany is popping a few zits in the bathroom mirror and Paul, Paulie, and Zakiyah are eating in the kitchen. Da' is washing up because of ants everywhere.


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              10:05 BBT Cam 1

              Back to bed for Z/Paulie


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                10:06 AM BBT

                Those that were awake are now back in bed, except Da', who is packing.


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                      10:15 BBT Cam 1/2 on Paulie/Z in bed

                      Cam 3/4 on Da and Teddy reading in bed


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                          11:00 AM BBT

                          All still quiet and sleeping in BB land


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                            11:38 BBT

                            Tiffany only one up. She is the kitchen fixing a protein drink.


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                              11:49 BBT

                              BB just told houseguests to report to HOH and we get FISH.


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