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Live Feed Updates-July 21-Day 37

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 21-Day 37

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    4:05 BBT

    All HGs sleeping except Michelle who is sitting in the safari room rambling about nonsense.


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      6:00 AM BBT, All Cams

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        9:20 AM BBT

        Frank/Paulie up and talk briefly in the kitchen. Frank says they will vote however Paulie wants them too. It is up to him. Frank and Corey are leaning towards voting for Da but they will vote however Paulie says. Frank says just let me know.


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          Michelle/Zakiyah in the bathroom. One if them says they need to be ready by 4:00 and then the other says no, I think we have till 5:00/5:30. Went to FISH for a few minutes. Back with them in the bathroom. Michelle said did you hear what happened last night and Zakiyah said no, I was sleeping and passed out. Zakiyah said I'll just find out today. Zakiyah says she is going light on the makeup today. Michelle complaining about getting eye makeup off.

          BB asks them to put on their microphones.


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            9:44 AM BBT Cam 1

            Paulie cooking on the stove and Michelle looking for something that she can't find in the refrigerator. Now she is looking in the storage room. Must be an orange or something because she said you would think the rinds would be in the refrigerator. Oh it was watermelon because Paulie says 'Who is messing with Meech's watermelon.' She said it was the half of the watermelon.

            Paulie is fixing a breakfast burrito.


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              Cam 3/4 on sleeping houseguests. James/Natalie sharing a bumper car.

              Cam 1/2

              Paulie/Michelle eating. Michelle asks about Cody getting a DVD of the season and she thinks only first and second place get a set of the show. Paulie isn't sure. She thinks so because she said Frank didn't get one and Dan said on his YouTube channel that he got one.


              • #8
                Michelle says she is nervous about competitions. Paulie says she has nothing to be worried about. They have been trying to get someone out for the third week. Paulie says I've got a feeling we will get them this week. Michelle says I do too.


                • #9
                  Paulie asks Michelle if she 100% wants Tiffany gone this week. She says yeah, but if you guys want to change it. Paulie says no I want her gone. Paulie says Corey/Nic on the fence. They want Da out more.

                  Michelle says the way she look at it if Da wins this week she won't target you. Paulie says unless she is working with Frank. Michelle doesn't think so. Paulie looks at it like neutralizing Frank.


                  • #10
                    Zakiyah there now too. Paulie says he will worry about Da when the time comes.


                    • #11
                      Bacon was in the microwave five minutes and is burnt to a crisp.


                      • #12
                        Paulie hugs Zakiyah and Michelle and says he is going back to bed.


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                          Michelle asks Zakiyah if she heard what Paulie said. She hadn't. Michelle says that Paulie still wants Tiffany out and Nicole/Corey are still on the fence.
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                            Michelle tells Zakiyah that Frank is dangerous.


                            • #15
                              Zakiyah says who cares if he threatens (Frank) he is only one person. She talks about Tiffany's RK win was luck, a crapshoot. Michelle says we've got to stick to our guns.


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