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Live Feed Updates-July 22-Day 38

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 22-Day 38

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    Note: The Live Feeds will be down until after the special Battle Back episode airs tonight, Friday, July 22nd at 8/7c PM on CBS.

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      Watch All The Drama On The Live Feeds!

      Julie- Glenn, Jozea, Victor, Bronte and Tiffany fight for their Big Brother lives. Four go home for good, one gets a second shot

      Balance Berry Competition ...
      Glenn vs. Jozea

      20 berries to win ... The "poison berry" will wipe out your opponents current column of berries. It can ONLY be used once, if it fails .. to bad for you!

      Glenn tried to use his "poison berry" but it failed.

      Jozea uses his and wipes out all of Glenn's berries...

      Glenn is out ...

      Jozea in the DR - Paulie, Frank, James, Tiffany, Nicole etc, etc......I'm coming for all of you guys!

      Round 2 - Jozea vs. Victor

      Jozea and Victor must bounce their balls, to knock down 5 "racket faces" of their opponent...

      Victor wins!

      Sending Jozea home

      Round 3 - Victor vs. Bronte...Scrolling Pictures...

      First buzz of Victor..

      Bronte's first buzz... 5 out of 6 wrong...

      They continue to battle and buzz ...

      Victor wins!

      Round 4 - Victor vs. Tiffany ... winner returns to the Big Brother 18 house!

      Find puzzle pieces and listen for band times to complete the poster...

      Victor is the winner of the Battle Back Competition and returns to the game!

      Tiffany whispers to Victor- "trust Frank, don't trust Day"...

      Julie reveals to the house guests that the Battle Back Competition will bring one of the five evicted house guests back into the game!

      Ding Dong goes the door bell and Victor is back!

      Wonder what he thinks of the "twins" ...

      Julie reveals to America a new twist in the game...

      Julie Chen - Throughout the house are clues to a secret room.

      Julie Chen- Whichever house guest unlocks it... will gain access to a power to change the game.

      Julie Chen - This twist is in play for the next 4 weeks...

      The Live Feeds are scheduled to return tonight 9 PM PT, following the west coast airing of the Battle Back episode...We'll update you on who won the Head of Household and who they nominated, once the feeds return!

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        And... we're live


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          Sounds like Frank and Bridgette are the nominees ??


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            Frank and Bridgette are the nominees


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              James is the HoH ??


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                Confirmed... James is the HoH


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                  So, it was an endurance wall competition that took 5 hours... ( bummer no feeds during that one ) ...


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                    Frank wants to get Da'Vonne on the block


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                        Paul leaves ( he seems "pissed" )


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                          Paulie and Frank talk about cutting Bridgette and/or Zakiyah when the time is right ...

                          Paulie to Frank- if it comes down to you and Bridgette ( still on the block together ) I'd rather have you ( in the house )
                          Frank- yeah

                          Paulie - if we can grab Paul, Victor, and James, on top of Corey
                          Frank - steamroll city


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                            Paulie to Frank - with Day gone,,, and Natalie gone .. James will be with us. I'm emotionless ... . I don't let my judgement get clouded.


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                              Frank- I think that Day could go home this week
                              Paulie - I think that we can get her up there


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