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Live Feed Updates - July 24 - Day 40

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 24 - Day 40

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    Be sure to check out yesterday's Live Feed Updates HERE

    Paul telling Nicole, Paulie and Zakiyah that it's a done deal, Frank is going home...

    Frank and Victor talking about how it's tough to be in the spot that Franks' in now..
    Victor - I've been there...

    ( they are still going strong.. but I'm not.. so I'm out of here.. if anyone wants to jump in, I'd appreciate it )


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      One more...

      Frank tells Bridgette that he really doesn't think that Michelle will use the veto.. but he will try to talk to her ... appeal to her ego... her BB fandom and her sheer lack of self confidence ... tell her use it .. make a big move... etc.

      ( okay.. I'm out .. if anyone can jump in.. I'd appreciate it )


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        4:51 BB time- Paulie wants to call Frank out, everyone tries to talk him out of it. he goes to kitchen and starts in on Frank. Paulie is loud and wants to know what the game plane is now. If Frank comes off the block, is he (Paul) on the block. Frank tries to answer , Paul keeps on, Frank finally gets loud. (I am unable to get words) Flash Back


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          4:57 Frank ask Paul if he wants to go talk one on one They go talk- Frank trying to explain to Paul he was trying to get Da on block not Paul. Paul is finally listening to Frank,
          He tells Frank, that he has tossed his name around. They go round and round. Victor comes to the door, they tell him, he can come in, Frank is telling Paul, what happened the past couple of weeks. They go back to the week, Tiffany was not voted out.


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            5:05 camera 3 Zak and Bridgette having words. Came in late. Bridgette telling her that they walk out of the room when she comes in, They are hashing out their differences.


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              Bridgette tells her , she would like to get along with the girls, but it hard.


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                Paulie joined Frank and Paul, things have calmed down. Paulie says he wants Da out. Paulie talking about the fact that Zak was putting student athletics down. Frank leaves to check on Bridgette. The boys start to whisper. (Lexie will come back and get this) Paulie wants to keep Bridgette around. Paulie can not take a shot at Zak, but Bridgette can.


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                  5:20 Paul and Frank hugged it out. Paul goes to HOH room and has words with someone on the way up. I missed it


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                    Paulie talking to Victor about Cory and Derrick had 5 guys and 1 girl. He was going to use Zak, but now thinks they can uses Bridgette. She can win comps, compares her to Christine. Camera changes to kitchen.


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                      4:00 BBT

                      Just turned on the feeds and was greeted with this:


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                        4:10 BBT

                        Michelle and Zakiyah are in the bathroom putting on makeup.

                        Zakiyah says I just think its strange that people are coming after me now.

                        Michelle says not on my watch.

                        Michelle says I don't see what you did.

                        Zakiyah says I didn't do ****.

                        Natalie/James come in.

                        James asks if everyone is outside.

                        They said no, everyone is still asleep.

                        They think they will get to go outside tonight.

                        They ask James if his fans are going nuts because he is winning the endurance comps.

                        James says they are going nuts. #InduranceKing #Dealbreaker

                        He say's if people are up on the block with him don't make a deal, because he is a dealbreaker.


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                          4:15 BBT

                          Zakiyah says apparently she is a target now.

                          James says he is bleeding like a stuck pig. (Finger)

                          Zakiyah wants to ask her why she wants her out now. (I've been off feeds all day so right now don't know who)

                          She just said I don't even want to say her name right now. (Yes, please do, so I'll know who you are talking about.)

                          Zakiyah says I'm annoyed, I'm annoyed, I'm annoyed. I just don't understand.

                          Ready for Thursday to get here so Michelle can crush their hopes and dreams.

                          Zakiyah wishes now she would go first. (Okay it is BRIDGETTE that wants her out.)


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                            And here comes Bridgette!

                            Bridgette says Good Morning Guys! I just want to use the blow dryer real quick. (Thanks!)


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                              Bridgette and Zakiyah only ones in the bathroom right now. (Okay, Z, here's your chance.) No game talking. Talking about hair.

                              Bridgette leaves bathroom and Zakiyah only one in there brushing her hair.

                              Moving to kitchen with James beating eggs to cook and Natalie eating watermelon.

                              Bridgette comes in the kitchen. Natalie offers her watermelon. She is going to have an orange.

                              Bridgette asks Natalie how she slept.

                              Natalie keeps thinking she is going to get in trouble from her mom sleeping in a bed with James.

                              James says that is why we keep our distance and don't spoon. We secretly hold hands under the covers.


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