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Live Feed Updates-July 25 Day 41

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 25 Day 41

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    3:30 BBT

    Everybody in the HoH except Z and Frank. Z is asking him a bunch of questions about his deals. Paul showed up at some point. Frank went to bathroom and Z said to Paul that he is full of it.

    The HoH is talking about why people were not telling Frank the truth. Day was complaining about why she still has to hear her name being thrown around. More rehashing.

    (There was a "house" meeting around 3:00BBT and Day apparently crashed it)

    Z, Frank, Paul moved to the backyard. Bridgette joined them and then Nat came out.


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      8:11 AM BBT, All Cams

      All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        9:15 AM BBT

        FISH and wake up call. HG's told to keep lights on during the day.

        9:20 AM

        Natalie called to the Diary Room.

        Zakiyah was sleeping in bed with Paulie and gets up to use the restroom.

        All lights on now. Zakiyah back in bed.

        No one stirring.


        • #5
          Paulie and Michelle up in the SR changing their batteries.

          Paule tells Michelle she always looks good. Michelle says she is going on a diet today.



          • #6
            9:25 BBT

            Back with Michelle in the kitchen getting lemon and water and she goes to the bathroom.


            • #7
              (No one has been cleaning that bathroom!)

              Michelle fixing her hair.

              BB camera zoomed in on the Bon Voyage poster in the hallway.

              9:37 AM BBT

              Bridgette called to the Diary Room.


              • #8
                Bridgette uses the bathroom and asks Michelle how long she has been up. Michelle says she just got up.

                Bridgette tells BB she is coming (to DR) but needs to brush her teeth.

                Bridgette says, Hey Michelle this has nothing to do with you........FISH (Darn)

                Comes back with Michelle saying, Yeah, no problem.

                Bridgette says I went to bed at like 8:00.....FISH


                • #9
                  Back with Bridgette stilling brushing her teeth and she did not get to the DR when BB calls Paul to the DR. Bridgette says, maybe I should just take a shower then.

                  BB Paul called to the DR again.


                  • #10
                    9:45 AM BBT

                    HOH Room


                    • #11
                      Bridgette in the shower. Michelle putting on makeup.


                      • #12
                        9:56 BBT

                        Bridgette out of the shower. Chit chatting with Michelle about her clothes and where she got them.

                        BB calls Frank to the DR.


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                          Michelle and Bridgette say they hate doing makeup, it is so annoying. Hate putting on fake lashes.

                          Bridgette says Michelle this is super awkward. Have we had a conversation yet about your eyebrows.

                          Bridgette says she came to the conclusion that she can't remember if she said it or not. That is her honest truth. That she says a lot of ****. She has a weird sense of humor being a nurse.

                          Michelle says I don't know why someone would lie about that.

                          Bridgette says I don't either.

                          Michelle talks about Bridgette rolling her eyes a lot.

                          Bridgette says there are rumors being said about each of us.

                          Bridgette said she's been told that Michelle says when Bridgette walks into a room Michelle wants to vomit.

                          Michelle denies.

                          Bridgette says its hard to approach you when I hear that. Michelle says same.

                          Michelle is self conscious about her eyebrows.

                          Bridgette thinks a lot of this stuff has been said by Jozea.


                          • #14
                            Bridgette says she doesn't know why she would hold on to that. She really doesn't remember.

                            Talking about Jozea spreading rumors about Bridgette being a spy.


                            • #15
                              10:03 BBT

                              Bridgette/Michelle hashing out their perceptions about each other.

                              Michelle asks if she looks for that moment on live feeds will it not be there.

                              Bridgette says she honestly doesn't remember and why is Michelle holding on to that. (Just apologize and get it over!)


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