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Live Feed Updates-July 25 Day 41

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  • 6:30 BBT

    Still on FISH. (Maybe the upstairs landing collapsed.......or Paul went back in the tunnel and his head got stuck.)


    • We are back with Michelle in the Secret Room.


      • Came back from FISH at 6:40 PM BBT

        Michelle was in the Secret Room reading the instructions and looking for the envelope and we went back to FISH.


        • Back with Michelle coming back out of the phone booth with a ticket.

          Michelle tells Paul he is a frickin liar.

          Paul says he was waiting so Bridgette/Frank wouldn't know.

          James has a card to.

          Natalie says she could tell by Paul's face that he was lying.

          Paul says he doesn't lie well.


          • Paulie has a ticket.


            • A bunch have a ticket. Paul says Crockette (Bridgette) is pissed. She is downstairs cooking.


              • Michelle coming out of the phone booth with her ticket.


                • Da says she was in the Secret room.

                  (My feeds froze.)


                  • I think Frank and Bridgette have a ticket too.

                    The group upstairs is saying as soon as one of them goes out, they will ring the doorbell and come back in.

                    Paulie asks should we ask everyone to open their ticket at the same time and it will make all of them void.

                    I think everyone has a ticket.


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                      • 6:56 PM BBT

                        Paul upstairs holding court about how he found the ticket. (We go to FISH intermittently.)

                        Downstairs Nicole/Victor talking.

                        Nicole wanting to go home. Something happened and put her in a bad mood. Something to do with Corey not pulling her aside to tell her about the ticket.

                        Victor says he will go get Corey and bring him in there to have a chit chat.

                        Nicole says, no don't. I'm just in a bad mood.

                        Victor leaves to go join the upstairs crowd.


                        • Nicole talking to herself that Nat told James right away and Corey didn't tell her.


                          • 7:01 BBT

                            Backyard with Nicole/Corey

                            Nicole is telling Corey that she would have immediately pulled him aside to tell him about the ticket. She sees James and Natalie talking. Nicole says Victor had to tell me. Nicole tells Corey she would have told him.

                            Corey says he is frustrated why Nicole would be mad about that and not trust him.

                            Nicole says it is frustrating that she was in that room for three minutes and no one would tell her.

                            Corey says I tell you EVERYTHING and I was going to tell you when we got alone.

                            Corey wants to know why he is in trouble with Nicole

                            (Moving on.)


                            • (Oh great, I can't move on they are on all Cameras!)


                              • 7:06 BBT
                                Back Upstairs

                                Natalie asking if this is a Pandora's Box.

                                Vic is hurting from hitting his head coming out of the tunnel.

                                Vic says your boy got second.

                                Paul said he put his foot on the door because he didn't want Bridgette to come in.

                                Paul says he doesn't care. He is not mad that they all got it. He was going to tell them. He just didn't want them (Frank/Bridgette) to get it.


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