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Live Feed Updates-July 25 Day 41

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  • James said Frank said I might have heard something on the phone and winked at him and walked out.


    • Paul says well guys that was fun.

      Da says right before this eviction.

      Da says she is tired of going back prejury.

      Paulie says if he goes out (Frank) and comes back in, he is going to say alright everybody open your cards. He wants to make sure Production doesn't mess with the cards.



      • Back with Natalie talking about coming right back in the house and going out.

        Vic says you just don't know.

        Natalie says she is happy she figured it out on her own.

        Paulie says he figured it out on his own.

        James said he did 2852 Paris goes to Back Yard with Nicole/Corey and then to FISH.


        • 7:16 BBT

          All Cams on Backyard with Nicole/Corey still hashing out. Mad/Not Mad.

          Paul comes out.

          Paulie outside.

          Paulie saying how Frank and Bridgette had to look over his shoulders to get the answer and Zakiyah and Da' never figured it out.

          Paul said he wanted to make it like he won a grand prize.

          Paul/Paulie said the only people they don't want to get the Round Trip ticket is Vic/Frank/Bridgette/Da'


          • 7:20 BBT Zakiyah/Michelle/Frank/Da'Vonne

            Went to the Storage Room and Michelle is crying about a couple of things. She says she feels bad for Frank. She wanted to hang out with him in Jury. She's also crying about how she is perceived from how she has been acting with Bridgette.

            They tell her don't beat yourself up.

            Michelle says she is just really tired.

            Zakiyah says she's been getting emotional about things.

            Da' says you will go out with a clean slate. Give Bridgette time. You go get some rest. I'll come check on you later.


            • 7:24 BBT

              Michelle walking through the house sniffling.

              Victor asks her if she is alright. She says yes.

              Michelle goes and gets in a bumper car in the HN room and cries a bit.


              • Cam 3 on Kitchen

                Zakiyah/Frank/Bridgette eating.

                Paul comes in.

                Frank calls him a ****head and go **** yourself. Then he says he is kidding.

                Paul backpeddling.


                • Bridgette says she was waiting for him to get out of the phone booth and she was going to go in and try Paris.


                  • 7:27 BBT

                    Paul goes in to HN room to talk to Michelle.

                    Paul tells Michelle he will call out Bridgette if she wants her to.

                    Paul retelling Michelle about how he got the clues, etc.

                    Paul saying he hates Frank and Bridgette more than Michelle does.

                    Paul says once Frank leaves he is going to call Bridgette out.


                    • 7:30 BBT

                      (I am out for the night.)


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                        Lynette thank you so much for all your typing and updates!! You are a goddess for us without live feeds!

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