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Live Feed Updates-July 25 Day 41

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    Bridgette says she is a nice person. She says I am telling you this is who I am, I curse, my voice changes when I am with different people. When I am attacked by people I get sad. When I am not being judged and when I am with Frank I am happy.

    Bridgette trying to fix this.

    Michelle says it is hard to have a conversation with her.

    (Round and round) Talking about saying mean things about each other.

    Michelle says she definitely said that there are two different sides of her. She has never insulted her on a personal basis.

    She thinks she is a beautiful girl.

    Bridgette says I heard that I remind you of an ex roommate that you hate.

    Michelle says that is true.

    Bridgette tells Michelle that she is trying to see it from her perspective but you leave the room when I come in. Michelle says that is because you were with Tiffany.



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      Back with them still going round and round. Going over calling her Bridgette Crocker.

      Bridgette says she felt bad for Tiffany. That is why she was cooking so much because she wasn't eating. Michelle says that is a whole other story.

      Bridgette says Tiffany felt attacked.

      Bridgette says Michelle is intimidating.

      Michelle telling her she is beautiful. She could hang out with her out of the house. It is a game move, you are a threat to me.

      Bridgette got with Frank when everyone was lying to them and they felt alone.

      Michelle thinks it started before that, before Bridgette's HOH.

      Bridgette didn't expect to win HOH, throwing a ball at a tennis racket.

      Bridgette wants to know what else she did.

      Bridgette likes Frank he is nice, he is awesome, easy to talk to when I am feeling attacked by the house.

      Michelle, well I definitely got jealous. I told Frank.

      It was the eyebrow thing.

      Bridgette says she told Frank that she liked Michelle and would like for all of them to work together.


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        10:16 BBT

        Bridgette says what else.............on and on it goes.


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          James sitting at the bottom of the stairs listening to their whole conversation.


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            Michelle wants to know what name someone is calling her. Bridgette won't tell her because she said it is a friend of hers.


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              Bridgette says I don't need you to like me. I just wish you would stop talking **** about me.

              Michelle says if you don't want to talk to me than don't.

              Bridgette says she wants to hear that Michelle is trying to see things from her perspective. Michelle says she is.

              Bridgette says she is keeping from her a specific thing that someone has said about her.

              Michelle says if you won't tell me I'll assume you made it up.

              Bridgette says, okay, well then Michelle I have tried.



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                10:25 AM BBT

                Michelle leaves. Bridgette blow drying hair.

                BB calls Michelle to the DR.


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                  James back up in the HOH relaying everything Michelle/Bridgette just said. Tells Natalie it was nuts down there.


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                    James didn't hear his name. Natalie says if she says my name I will go off.


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                      Natalie says Bridgette is not stupid, she knows my game.


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                        Natalie says it may have been them calling Michelle 'Buzz Lightyear'.

                        It was Paul that said it, but Natalie did chuckle.

                        James tells Natalie he doubts Bridgette would say anything about her.

                        Natalie asks if she should shower.


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                          James says the veto ceremony will probably be coming up because they called Michelle to the DR.



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                            10:32 BBT

                            Back with James saying the Veto ceremony is not a huge thing.

                            FISH again.

                            James goes down to the kitchen.

                            Natalie goes to bathroom downstairs to brush her teeth.

                            Bridgette asks how she slept. Bridgette putting in eye drops.

                            Da'Vonne in the bathroom.

                            FISH again.


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                              Back from FISH.

                              Natalie asks James do you think they are going to call us soon.

                              James says yes, very soon.

                              FISH again.

                              Back with Da'Vonne putting a big bun on top of her head.


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                                Bridgette back in bed.

                                James in the kitchen. Michelle comes through.

                                Michelle sees Da'Vonne and says she is pissed.

                                They go to the backyard and Michelle relays her conversation to with Bridgette to Da'Vonne and James.

                                Da'Vonne says Bridgette is panicking because Frank is going home.

                                Da'Vonne told Michelle that she told Bridgette that she needed to have the conversation with Michelle. Da'Vonne said she was pinning it on Jozea.

                                Da'Vonne telling Michelle about Bridgette and Natalie sticking up for Michelle when others were talking about Michelle's appearance.

                                Natalie comes out and Michelle asks her what she stood up for her about.


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