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Live Feed Updates - July 26 - Day 42

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 26 - Day 42

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    4:43 AM BBT, All Cams

    All houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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      London Bedroom 11:27 a.m.
      Da – between me and you…has anyone approached you about trying to flip the votes.
      Michelle – no why?
      Da – just asking.
      Michelle – is it an option?
      Da – no, I hope not.
      Michelle – ok, I’ll tell you.


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        1114 am BBT Cam 1 & 2

        Zak & Day talking about nicole in the london room

        Day: I'm trying to maintain this trio of me you and Paul...if we can keep him telling us what's going on, especially if they are trying to flip these votes, he will 100% come and tell us

        they are worried that Bridgette will go home instead of Frank
        counting votes on who will vote whom

        Frank's not saying anything bad about Bridg, just saying


        Day: dang, I wanted people to think you were still asleep
        Day: Thanks Big Brother

        Now talking about Nicole making a comment about not waking them up for the discovery of the secret room

        apparently Nicole said "should we wake them up?"


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          1119 cam 1/2
          Zak almost snapped on Nicole..Nicole has her own agenda. but she just said OK [not sure what incident they are talking about] but Z just wanted her out of her face so she was like OK

          Nicole wasn't going to wake Z up for the secret room discovery. Nicole even came into the room, Z was pretending to sleep and Nicole came in and got something and then walked out


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            1131 BBT cam 1
            Day giving a shoutout to family


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              1134 BBT - nothing really going on but general chit chat between Frank & Bridg in kitchen and Nicole sunbathing outside.and boys working out

              BB keeps telling them not to talk about diary room sessions, but I haven't seen anyone doing that, they must be off cam


              • #8
                No, everyone wants him (Frank) gone. Like, everyone. She continues to

                question why Da is asking.

                Da – he is really perky today and I’m trying to figure out why.

                Michelle – apparently someone told me that he was going to start campaigning. That’s what Paul told me. She goes on to say that he didn’t say anything to Paul.

                Da’s eyebrows go up at that information. She thinks he must have started.

                Michelle is interested to see if he is going to throw Bridgette under the bus.

                Da told her that she wanted to question both she and James together but he is doing his thing.

                Da – I trust that he Frank) doesn’t have the ticket. Michelle hopes she is right. Da just wants them to stick to the plan and it can be an easy four weeks. They vote out Frank/Bridgette/Victor/Nat. Those four and we’re done. Michelle tells her that’s what Z is saying as well.

                Michelle – and then we’re down to Zingbot.


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                  1137 - cam 1/2 in kitchen - Frank explaining "Pulp Fiction" movie to Bridgette


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                    Sorry Crissykins, didn't see you there. I'll be out for awhile.
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                    • crissykins
                      crissykins commented
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                      i didn't see anything interesting going on so i left too

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                    Just checked back in and nothing is happening. Most are hanging out at the pool while Da/Corey/Vic are in kitchen making food? We get FISH. Boring.


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                      Nicole holding court with Paul & Vic. Cory wandered off. Frank & Bridge chatting in Safari room. Mich & Da hanging in the Paris room.


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