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Live Feed Updates-July 27-Day 43

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 27-Day 43

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    3:55 BBT

    Frank campaigning to Paulie in the safari room.

    Paul talking to Bridgette out in the hammock. Basically telling her noone likes her and why. Trying to brainwash her that her perception of things is wrong and she should listen to him.
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      Paul was telling Bridgette a bunch of stuff about Frank, frank saying bad things about her behind her back and now campaigning against her (he's just campaigning to stay as he should). Now Bridgette is curled up in a corner of the London room ready to cry and venting to Vic and Paulie.


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        5:33 AM BBT

        Cams 1&2
        Paul, Paulie, Da, Z in London BR
        Talking about Bridgette, how Tiffany told Bridgette things and then Nicole confirmed those things, how Nicole has been telling everyone things that other people have said, she has told all of them things that the others have said verbatim. Pecking order for them is still Frank, Bridgette...then Michelle comes in and that talk stops.

        Cams 3&4
        Bridgette in kitchen making tea, then went out to BY and sitting with feet in hot tub.


        • #5
          Z & Da moved to bathroom, still talking about Nicole


          • #6
            Frank & Bridgette outside, I think Bridgette is crying because Frank has been campaigning against her. He's saying that he never told anyone to vote her out, but if there's a chance for him to stay then he has to try. Frank saying he never told anyone that she wants to go home. Bridgette upset that Paul is campaigning for Frank to stay. She is staring down at the water, picking at her nails, won't look at Frank. He's getting mad because she won't talk to him.


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              Frank saying he hasn't told anyone that she wants people to vote her out because she wants to go home. She says shes just hurt, Frank says it's not true, what hurts? She says they made it seem like you truly said I want to go home and that hurts. He wants to know who said that, Da? She said no, and he said then Z? Because she was the only other one in the room. Bridgette is mad because Frank said in front of everyone "if you don't vote for me I'm not taking you to melting pot" and B is upset that he said that, apparently thinks that was him campaigning for votes...


              • #8
                Frank saying Z straight up asked him if B wants to go home now and he told her absolutely not, that they both want to stay. The slut thing comes up again, apparently B asked Z about Frank calling Da a slut and that Z said that he did and now Frank is mad that she's bringing it back up and they are still "throwing that at me too", still denying that he ever said it. He's been getting his name dragged through the mud all summer long and now she doesn't believe him either. She's letting what other people are saying affect them being friends outside of the house because he won't be friends with someone that doesn't believe him.

                (gotta go for a bit, have a meeting, I'll try to get back on if I can and they are still up)


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                  (well that was a short meeting, love office politics! )

                  Frank and Bridgette still sitting outside, same thing over and over, going to switch back to cams 1&2 and see what those guys are up to.


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                    Paul, Paulie, Da & Z still in London room talking crap about Nicole. Saying Michelle is ok but don't trust her with anything big. Saying if Nicole wins she will put up Paul, Paulie or Da. Paul saying if he wins he will put up Bridgette and...Da & Paulie say put up Nat but Paul doesn't want to piss off James. Now saying they are gonna tell James his new name is CEO Rambo.
                    Saying Nicole is getting in Corey's head. Something about Nicole saying Da was trying to flip the house to get votes to keep Frank.

                    (Ok guys, seems like it's just a bunch of the same stuff over and over, I'm out for a bit.)


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                      10:27 BBT

                      Hamsters still sleeping. They were up all night and only went to bed a few hours ago. We just went to FISH so BB will be telling them to turn the lights on. Paulie/Zakiyah cuddling in upper left camera shot.


                      • #12
                        Nat up cleaning toilet and bathroom. Everyone one sleeping with lights on. Boring


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                          12:00PM BBT

                          Looks like Nat is still the only one awake (I think she went to bed before everyone else). Shes currently cleaning the bathroom...


                          • #14
                            Nat getting some exercises in, the rest sleeping as usual


                            • #15
                              An hour later and Nat is still the only one awake, she's been doing calf raises (like a billion of them) and now appears to be stretching

                              (YAWN! I'm out again)


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