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Live Feed Updates-July 28-Day 44

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 28-Day 44

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    4:00 BBT

    Frank, Bridgette, Nicole, Corey are up in the kitchen talking and eating pizza.


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      4:24 AM BBT

      Frank & Bridgette brush their teeth and finally all houseguests are in bed/sleeping.


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        7:00am BBT

        In the Safari Room - Paulie, Z, and Paul still up (don't think they have gone to bed yet cuz Z looks really tired). General chitchat.

        Michelle is also up but it looks like she just went to bed.


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          I think Paul also just headed to bed. So we have just Z & Paulie chatting - no game talk. Paulie says that everyone asked is they had made up. He says he did not realize that they had a fight. Z says that she was mad. Paulie says that she must have justified it in her head to be mad at him.


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            Paul is back but tells them he's going back to bed; to try to get some snooze. Paulie says that he still isn't tired.


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              Z - we're good

              Paulie - were good, we're homies

              Talking about cuddling together.


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                Paulie starts to sing and we get FISH.


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                  Z & Paulie in the Safari Room talking....

                  Z - I didn't like certain situations today, I didn't like it and that's how I feel.

                  P - a grown a$$ women wouldn't get upset over petty little things, would she?

                  Z - how's it petty? I don't put my leg on top of anybody else & get my head rubbed by anybody. I don't do any of that. It just made me feel some type of way.

                  P - I'm glad you are no longer feeling that type of way.
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                    P - I told you that I come from an Italian family.

                    Z - I know, I'm aware of that now.

                    P - things like that mean nothing. Especially when the person you are talking to is sitting right there.

                    Z - what do you mean?

                    P - Corey was there..

                    Z - he was sitting over there and you were giving Michelle an arm rub.

                    P - no he had just come up.

                    (I am done with this convo)


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                      9:35am BBT

                      Just checking back in. Cams 1/2 Natalie & James sleeping in the HOH room (lights on)

                      Cams 3/4 UK room - Paulie & Z (finally sleeping) along with some other HG (can't tell who's sleeping where)


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                        I hear someone stirring, but I see no one.


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                          7:30am BBT

                          (I go back in time to Paulie & Z still in the Safari Room)

                          Z - I don't want you to think I'm easily manipulated. That I'm lying about you.

                          P - No

                          Z - The answer has always been the same. I trust you more than anybody in this house. I have your back more than anybody and that's true.


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                            After a long pause....

                            Z - still don't trust me.

                            P - I do trust you.

                            Z - no you don't

                            P - yes I do. I trust you. I told you I trust you.

                            Z - I have your back more than anybody.

                            P - I got your back. You should know that no matter what happens, what's said, I got your back.


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                              P - You just gotta understand I just got out of something super serious. So I wasn't expected to move into anything. I've just gotta to go with the flow. Let your guard down a little bit.

                              Z - I understand that, I really do.

                              P - I thought I was ready once, then I thought I was ready twice...ya know. Things were right, business was right, money was right, my mind felt like it was time to start a family. And you know, things just don't work out. I definitely wasn't looking for anything for a very long time. Cuz for me it was probably not the right time....ever. So I might be emotionally tainted for a while. I was in sequester and I figured an entire summer would go by and I might resolve things. Definitely no chance.

                              Z - Why do you say there's no chance?

                              P - I don't really like to go back on things that don't work, especially when you throw something in my face. As serious as that. It takes a man a lot to actually seriously commit; make that kind of decision and then having it thrown in your face. Something that I never anticipated. You invest time, invest money, make sure everything is in order 'cuz it just feels a certain way and you come to the realization that it's not. So after that, I was like **** it.


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