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Live Feed Updates-July 29 - Day 45

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 29 - Day 45

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    It was a heck of a night.. make sure you check out yesterday's Live Feed Updates thread...

    For now ...

    Paul is downstairs shaking a stick at James/Natalie and Corey/Nicole in the Tokyo room.. telling them they have a curfew and need to go to bed!


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      Zakiyah was still in the bathroom .. painting her toenails..
      Paul stopped in and told her to tell Paulie to come to the HoH room, when he gets out of the DR

      ( I'm out for now, I noticed that Lynnette is following up on the other Live Feed thread, so make sure you check that out .. thanks Lynnette )


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        (Updated until 4:49 AM BBT in July 28 thread.)

        Currently at 5:37 AM BBT we have HG's sleeping, except for Nicole/Corey going at it in bottom right corner on Camera.

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          James/Natalie and Bridgette are also sleeping in that room (Tokyo)


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            5:43 AM BBT

            Taking turns giving back massages.


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              5:45 AM

              Rest of the house is quiet.

              Nicole/Corey settling down to sleep.

              HG's will be up in a few hours for Paul's HOH nominations.


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                7:40am BBT

                HGs are still sleeping.


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                  Sorry, Not sure of the exact time. Just as it appeared that everyone finally went to sleep, Nicole hopped out of her bed with her pillow and went into the have not room and crawled into a bumper car. 2 seconds later Corey gets up and follows her in to ask her why she's mad. Could not hear it all due to Nicoles whining. Corey said something about her asking him 3 times about what he said to Paul/Paulie? about her ? Corey finally gives up and says ok be mad? And Corey goes back to bed. (Sorry, this is the first time I've done a LF update)


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                    ( Lynette, you are AWESOME, pburnsie, thanks for your help, and Pammer, welcome, jump in any time with an update )

                    Just catching us up quickly on a few morning convos...

                    Paulie tells James that he offered to be a pawn up against Bridgette, ( he said he was going to do this last night, in order to gain favor with both James/Natalie )

                    James tells Paulie that he thought that Nicole told Paul that she would go up ...

                    Paulie - she did but then she was like people are saying... I don't understand why you wouldn't put Natalie up


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                      Paulie tells both James and Corey - that him offering to go up as a pawn with Bridgette " was a strength and honor move on his part "

                      ( remember the "strength and honor" is a tag line that they came up with to show that they are still with each other, without others knowing )


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                        Paulie tells James that he thinks that Paul got rattled when Victor told him that he didn't want to go up as a pawn and especially when Victor said he would be pissed if he did go up ..

                        He also tells James that Nicole did not like Natalie's reasons for not wanting to go up ....


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                          Paulie to James - Nicole asked Paul if he wanted 8 people mad at him for not nominating Natalie

                          He tells James that's why he and Corey volunteered


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                            Currently ~~ we had FISH

                            Once back...

                            The House Guests were told about the America's Care Package twist


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                              Michelle says this will "be a test to see if America sides with her or with Bridgette"


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