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Live Feed Updates-July 30-Day 46

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  • Live Feed Updates-July 30-Day 46

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    4:25 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      7:15 AM BBT

      BB calls HG's to the HOH.

      8:11 AM BBT

      Have Not Reveal - Trail Mix and Marshmallows

      8:35 AM BBT

      Paul called to the Diary Room

      (Players will be picked soon for the POV)


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        8:37 AM BBT

        Zakiyah tells Nicole about her argument last night with Paulie and how tensions were high. Paulie was offended by some of Zakiyah's comments last night and her being the only one to not volunteer to go on the block. It hurt Zakiyah's feelings and she was crying.

        Da' walks through.


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          8:45am BBT

          Looks like everyone is up and moving. Vic & Bridgette are in the kitchen.

          Just switched to Jeff loops - must be picking for POV....


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            Zakiyah ended up sleeping by herself. She said Paulie said he is trying to focus on POV and doesn't have time for this.

            Nicole asks how it ends.

            Zakiyah send it ended well. They hugged it out. Zakiyah says they will keep it professional. Tensions are high. It is frustrating.


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              Jeff loops were short but I'm certain they will be back soon.

              Vic, Michelle, James, Paulie, & Corey alll sitting in LR.

              Z and Nicole are in the bathroom getting ready. Nat is just out of the shower.


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                8:47 AM

                Went to Jeff Loops

                Back with girls in the bathroom

                Went to FISH

                Back with girls in the bathroom

                Nicole saying she doesn't know if she wants to host. She gets nervous.

                Zakiyah has a feeling she is going to get called to play.


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                  8:50 AM

                  James yells 'Time to Pick Players for The Veto Competition'


                  • #10
                    Some HG's assembled. Feeds haven't been cut yet.


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                      (Sorry Lynette, don't want to step on your toes so I will be in the background listening when you are ready for a break.)


                      • Lynette
                        Lynette commented
                        Editing a comment
                        Not stepping on my toes! The more the merrier. I'll only be here a few more minutes till they go to FISH, then heading out.

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                      Natalie tells James she wants to play in the Veto Comp.

                      James says this is the one that you are going to win.


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                        8:56 AM

                        Back to Jeff Loops again.


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                          9:00 AM BBT

                          Currently on Jeff Loops while players are picked for the Veto Comp. (Go ahead pburnsie. I am out. Thanks!)


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                            Jeff loops are done & I will let you know the POV players when I find out.

                            In the meantime; we have Nat & James talking about how much they will make while on the show. While playing the Veto, Natalie should take the cash or trip if there is one available.

                            Cams switched to Nicole & Corey - sounds like Corey might also be playing the POV. They are discussing what's better the vacation or $5,000.


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