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Live Feed Updates-July 30-Day 46

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    Paulie and Michelle are in the bathroom while Z is showering and they are talking about the comp. It was hot and they had to stay focused for long periods of time. (I’m not sure but from what I am hearing I think it was the one where they had to wait until the light changed and then run. They talk about Corey false starting and having to hit buttons. Paulie’s 40 time, etc.)

    All of a sudden Michelle realizes that water is leaking through the ceiling in the bathroom and we get FISH.


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      Feeds come back to Bridgette in the storage room psyching herself up. Da joins her in the storage room and says you have two people and we get FISH


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        We get back and Da tells her to ask to have someone (?) put up next to her so they will go home.
        She leaves and Nat comes in and asks her if she feels ok. Bridgette asks for her vote. She goes on to tell Nat that the guys weren't happy that Nat went up and asks them not to put her on the block because of her "I'm on the block speech". She tells Nat she is fine for this week and not to worry. She needs to talk about how she can be a number for them. Bridgette tells her that she will always have her back in this game. Bridgette says that next week will probably be a DE (because she doesn't think they will put one person in the house alone). Nat tells her that she is really going for the win this next week. She promises she will not put Bridg on the block, not even as a pawn. Bridgette tells her she needs to figure out who she will put on the block prior to Thursday because if it is a DE she will only have a minute to throw someone up.


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          Paulie and James 2:39 pm. HN room

          James says if he was in the comp he would have given Paulie some serious competition.

          Paulie laughs and tells him this week is in the bag and asks what the plan is going forward. Who does James want to see go as James says he believes it will be a DE.

          James – I don’t care as long as it isn’t us three.

          Paulie – it won’t be. He goes on to say that they might not win.

          James continues to say he isn’t sure who he wants up. Paulie says that he will talk to Corey. He says they have Bridgette and Vic (they call him ex) to go up on the block next week. If we take care of Bridgette next week, the girls will like us. James agrees and then asks who is going home this week.

          Paulie – Da.

          James - she has no clue.

          Paulie – I was down to work with her but she mentioned my name to Meech, to you. If she had never mentioned my name. He goes on to say that she knows the game and she was targeting couples. James goes into his “I’m a couple myself” speech about why she would talk to him about that.

          Paulie says that it was her reason for choosing the couples that he doesn’t like.

          Michelle comes in and that ends all talk. They now talk about making up a riddle for this week as a joke and see if they can have Paul and Vic going. They laugh about how everything they tell ex (Vic) to do he does. Paul told him to wear his way a certain way and he did it.
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            Now Vic/Paul/Bridgette/Nat/Nic are in the kitchen fixing food. Paulie/James/Meech (or Big Meech as she told them she wants to be called) and Z are in the HN room just chit chatting.


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              Paulie and Paul in the lounge pretending that they are doing a show. Paulie is asking questions and Paul is answering them. They talk about how great the POV went.

              Paulie – put myself on the block and win the POV and pull myself down.

              Vic joins them. He talks about how Nat is annoying him.

              Paul is talking about how funny it would be to send Nat home this week. Paulie says they have four guys who can vote so we could send her home. They are talking about how great they are.

              Paul leaves and heads to the bathroom.

              Nicole joins the group (Z/James/Meech/Corey) in the HN room. They talk about Nicorey acting like teenagers. They giggle all night long. Nicole says that James and Nat do it too.


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                Vic asks Paulie for a name for their alliance. Paulie says he has to talk to the other P before he can answer. (Vic has no idea he isn't in an alliance).


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                  The guys are hoping that the outside is cleaned up so they can get outside and do some workouts. Vic says he plans to just lay out today.


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                    I'm out for a while.


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                      Vic is in the lounge giving us a status update of the house from his perspective. He is feeling pretty good these days. He didn’t win and that worked in his favor. Paulie won and can take himself off the block.

                      People are starting to not like Natalie, getting annoyed by her. She doesn’t do much, she has never been on the block and now she can never be a HN. He agrees (about being annoyed with her because of her good bye message to him. (Poor sport much). He says she has slandered his name. (BTW, it’s just her opinion). His mom was hurt and his reputation was tarnished. He plans to call Nat out when the time comes.

                      Michelle – everyone is cool with her. No problem with her.

                      Z – Paulie’s situation with her is that he is getting pretty pi**ed with her these days. She is always nagging at him and being petty with him and talking about athletes, all athletes. As soon as he gets a chance he is putting her up on the block.

                      Nicole – is a shady character. She is somebody that I would put up. She backstabbed me and lied to my face (when he was voted out the first time).

                      Corey – cool with him.

                      James – cool with him.

                      Paul and Paulie – my boys. I am cool with them. We are like the strong trio. People are nervous about that.

                      Bridgette – I think she did a lot of stuff on Frank’s behalf but I’m cool with her.

                      In comes Corey and Vic explains that he is talking to the LFs. He wants Corey to help him with this talk. Vic says that the boys are tight and need to stay tight. Corey says that they have to get one out in the next few weeks.

                      Corey is bitter right now. He lost the HOH comp, didn’t even score a point because his ball rolled off the alley, and now he is an HN. In POV he was the first one out. Corey says that he isn’t worried that he is a floater, he will win when he needs to.

                      Now talk turns to Corey’s relationship with Nicole. He admits that he has a little crush on her.

                      Vic points out that Corey is bitter because she is not a HN and so she probably won’t sleep in the bumper car with her.

                      Vic says that there is a problem with the food in the house. Too much eating. He goes on to talk about his pizza challenge from last night. He was so full that he is now on a salad diet. He tried to eat as much as he could in 15 minutes.


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                        Victor is going on about stories from his past and the rest of the HG are sleeping so I am once again out.


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                          6:00 BBT
                          Cam 1/2 Backyard

                          Corey/Paulie/Victor working out pumping some iron....


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                            6:10 BBT
                            All Cams on Backyard

                            James and Natalie join in running the backyard, while doing some laundry.....

                            Getting intermittent FISH


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                              6:14 BBT

                              Natalie doing the A,B,C's with her ankle. James asks if she needs an ice pack or wrap. She said she is okay, she rolled out of it instead of landing on her ankle. She is making a promise to herself to work out every day, twice a day. She is not happy with her weight right now. James says he will work out with her.

                              She tries running again.


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                                6:24 BBT

                                Guys are taking turns acting like they are World Wrestling Announcers, announcing James as he runs by, and Big Meeeeeeeeeeeech (even though she is not out there).


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