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Live Feed Updates - July 31 -Day 47

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  • Live Feed Updates - July 31 -Day 47

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      Just back tracking a bit to catch us up ...

      7/31 - 12:05 AM BBT - Paul and Zakiayh outside on the hammock

      Zakiyah to Paul - I know that Paulie wants you to put up Day and for her to go home.. but I thought that everybody's goal was the same ( Bridgette out)

      Paul - look, I did my job.. literally... literally ...

      Zakiyah -yeah

      Paul - she ( Day ) volunteered ...

      Zakiyah- she did?

      Paul - look, I know that Bridgette is going home...

      Zakiyah- yeah

      Paul- I like Day.. I have no problems with Day... but I know if I put her up . she will stay calm.. everyone else in this house will freak out

      Zakiyah tells him that she doesn't want him to think that she wasn't willing to help him out by volunteering ( to go on the block when he was looking for someone to go up beside Bridgette for nominations )

      Paul tells her that he had a goal, he did what he set out to do... and he doesn't think there's no way that Bridgette won't go home ....

      Paul- unless people in the house flip their ****.. then that's out of my control... but I really don't think they will ...


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        12:41 AM BBT

        Paul tells Da'Vonne that he thinks that Paulie might not even use the veto ... The house has just been chillin' this week...., I haven't even seen any scheming or anything...

        Paul to Da'Vonne- There is no scenario where anybody would outvote anyone over her (Bridgette)....even goldie and tall boy want her gone


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          12:48 AM BBT

          Paul to Paulie and Victor - are you positive that if I put Day up, she's gone?
          They tell him yes.. 1000%

          Paulie tells Paul that Zakiyah was telling him that Paul has a good shot at winning the whole game...


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            12:51 AM BBT - Paulie and Victor work on convincing Paul that Bridgette will not come after him, when she stays


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              1:21 AM BBT

              Da'Vonne to James - I think Paulie might not use the veto ...


              James- have you talked to Paul?

              Da'Vonne- yeah, he said everything is set in stone, everything is cool, but what does that mean?

              James- well..I dunno. Paul did say that he was going to take Bridgette out ...

              Da'Vonne - I was talking to Paul and he said he wants to see me, him, Paulie and Zakiyah, you, and Meech, in Final 6

              James - Damn.

              Da'Vonne tells James that once they get to the F6... they can just fight it out ...


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                1:33 AM BBT

                Da'Vonne and Zakiyah talk...

                Da'Vonne tells Z that Paul won't give her a direct answer as to who is going to be the renom.. "if" Paulie uses the veto ...

                They both say that they are just "trying to stay positive" and talk to him, that way he won't think about putting either of them up

                Da'Vonne - that's why I was pressing the issue about us ( Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Paul, Michelle Paulie and James ) working together to make it to F6/

                Da'Vonne - I think Paulie is going to have a hard time trying to cut Corey. Cause he really likes him.

                Da'Vonne- maybe the best thing for me to do .. is lay low... I mean low.. low.. low and just try to win comps... And all this strategy...just shut up about it.


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                  2:03 AM BBT

                  Zakiyah and Michelle -

                  Michelle- Do you know who Paul is putting up?
                  Zakiyah - No clue, I think he knows but won't tell me

                  Michelle - It's not me, is it?

                  Zakiyah - No....definitely not. I think maybe Paul will put Day up because Day volunteered


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                    ( that's all I have time to go back and get.. hope that helps bring you guys up to date on what happened after I stopped last night )

                    Currently - 4:53 AM BBT

                    Everyone sleeping


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                      6:50am BBT. James and Corey in the kitchen drinking coffee, discussing various topics. James fills Corey in on his 1st season, the whole who evicted who run down. Corey really seems infatuated with Clay. Victor up to potty and back to bed. Now Bridget up and limping, James eluded to her putting on a bit. Now the boys want baseball equipment.


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                        Apparently Corey is friends with Tyler Collins, the Detroit Tigers Center Fielder. ( I'm a Tigers fan) he's telling the story of how his buddy flipped off the fans at a game for booing him after he missed a catch. Detroit fans can be brutal. Corey doesn't name him, but I remember that game. Corey reminiscing about his baseball days.


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                          7:20 BBT. All cams to sleeping inmates.


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                            8:30am, BBT. James and Corey the only ones up. They are out back playing pool. James still complaining of poop problems. No game talk, just chit chat as far as I can see.


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                              8:52am BBT

                              Corey & James in the Backyard

                              Talking about showmances, there are so many this season.

                              James (talking about Day) - you can't come to me talking about getting out the showmances when I'm in oue.


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