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Live Feed Updates-August 1-Day 48

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 1-Day 48

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    3:40 BBT

    James, P and P in the backyard playing pool and talking about their boot lists and how they will have to clip each others girls.

    A little earlier they were talking about getting out Day, Vic and Bridgette, then Nicorey leaving them and their girls as final 6.


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      They're heading in. Paul asking if Paulie wants to hang in the bathroom with him while he showers. They're heading to bed because they have the veto ceremony today.


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        3:55 BBT

        Strike that Paul is showering and James is cooking bacon. He asks if it's okay if it's slimy (NO). He rinses it off and eats it anyway. (No wonder he had a digestive issue all day).


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          5:42 AM BBT

          Cams 1&2 - James, Paul, Paulie & Z in HoH talking about comps and someone threw something (some comp), someone is gassy (a girl)

          Cams 3&4 - sleeping HG's


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            5:52 AM BBT

            Paul & James ready top go to sleep, kicking Z & Paulie out so they can turn lights off


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              7:00 AM BBT

              All cams are on sleeping houseguests.


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                9:00 AM BBT

                All cams still on sleeping HG's


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                  (Can't really stay, just posting a quick update)

                  10:10 AM BBT

                  Cams 1&2 - James, Corey, Paulie in Kitchen - just general chit chat

                  Cams 3&4 - Nicole & Nat in bathroom getting ready, no talking


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                    9:45am BBT

                    FISH while BB is waking up the guests.


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                      10:10am BBT
                      James, Nat, Paulie & Corey in the kitchen hanging.

                      Just general morning chitchat.

                      BB - Nicole please go to the DR.


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                        BBT 10:24 AM
                        Came in mid convo DaVonne and Paul

                        Da: Did you (Paul) asked Zakiyah and did she say no?

                        Paul : He talked to her and Michelle. Michelle said I will do it if I have to, I just don’t want to be up against Bridgettte. Even though they said they would do it if they had to, I would feel more confident that you would not panic
                        Da: Ok

                        Paul: Does that make sense

                        Da: Yep

                        Paul: But I haven’t made my decision 100%

                        Da: Isn’t it almost show time?

                        Paul: I just wanted to give you a potential.

                        Da: Gotcha

                        Da looks at the camera and says Game On!

                        Da also said to the camera, it’s time to win HOH and tell Victor what his boys really think about him. Time to shake the game up, people are sitting comfortable. Having drinks and never been put on the block. Lets change the game a little bit…just a little bit….She says stay tuned.


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                          BBT 11:30 Jeff Loops


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                            BBT 11:40

                            We are back!

                            Paul and Nicole in HOH

                            Paul telling Nicole he is the bad person. Something about Big Meech and her mouth. Nicole you are not a bad person.


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                              BY Day and Z

                              Z: Why did he put you up last I heard it was me?

                              Da: I knew he was not putting you on the block, you are not an option, you are Paulie's

                              Z; I hope you know there are people who want Bridgette out.


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