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Live Feed Updates-August 2-Day 49

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 2-Day 49

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    3:18 BBT

    Natalie, Z, and Day are in the bathroom talking about men being faithful. Nat dismissing stereotypes, saying you can find faithful men in every race/culture.

    Paul and Paulie are out in the backyard. Paulie is working out and Paul is just walking around talking.

    fish keep popping up


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      5:40 AM BBT

      Cams 1&2 - James, Paul, Paulie, Z in kitchen getting ready to eat tacos or burritos or something

      Cams 3&4 - sleeping HG's


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        Lights on but house is idle. Corey in the Safari room talking through the Live Feeds to Kelly (not sure who she is)

        Corey - Kelly, hope you're making wise choices; you're a great girl. If you were here, the guys would love you, the girls would love you; you would be good at comps.


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          Corey is talking to the Live Feeds about an app he created. He wants his fans to download the app; he thinks it's a great app.
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            Jeff loops?


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              1:31 PM BBT

              Vic, Corey and Bridgette are in the kitchen. Corey has been staring at a box, Victor has been licking a box, so I guess that means Bridgette is washing dishes. Da'Vonne is in the living room sitting on the sofa.


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                ( I'll catch us up )


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                  2:43 PM BBT - Nicole and James talk about Da'Vonne

                  Nicole - so you are okay getting Day out?
                  James - yeah... we're tight on a personal level... but not on a game level...

                  Nicole asks how Natalie's voting ..
                  James tells her that he doesn't know... he told her to do "what she wants" ...

                  They count votes... to see if they have enough

                  James tells Nicole that he's definitely voting out Da’Vonne.


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                    Corey joins them...

                    Corey says they get Da'Vonne out this week... then Bridgette.. .then Exec ( Victor )

                    They wonder what to tell Michelle and Zakiyah

                    Nicole tells them that Da'Vonne will find out exactly what's going down, if they tell Michelle and Z ...

                    Paul joins ...

                    Nicole- Are we letting Z and Michelle know?
                    Paul- No
                    Corey- Paulie wants to tell Michelle
                    Paul- No
                    Nicole - I agree....

                    Paul says he doesn’t want anyone to know in advance

                    Corey talks about how last time Michelle cried...

                    Da'Vonne walks in .. then walks out ...

                    Nicole - she ( Da'Vonne ) always makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong

                    James- we are.


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                      Nicole agrees ( again ) that she thinks it should be "kept secret" ...

                      Paul agrees ( again ) and then says he doesn't know why Paulie wants to tell...

                      Da'Vonne returns... so that convo ends.... Talk turns to double eviction ...

                      Da'Vonne asks who they are thinking about for targets...

                      James- Bridgett and Victor ...

                      Da'Vonne reminds James that Bridgette won't be around.... "if" she ( Da'Vonne ) is staying.... ( oops )

                      James ( recovers ) saying that's what he meant.. that Bridgette would "go first" ( in the double evict this week... that they think is going to happen ) ...

                      Paul say he won't risk it ..being a pawn ..

                      Da'Vonne- I did it two weeks..... I'm not doing it again


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                        3:05 PM BBT – Da’Vonne leaves and heads back to the bedroom ...

                        Da'Vonne ( alone ) says - I'm so glad I walked in on that conversation.... people be trying it,....trying it so hard.... people be trying the **** out of it. They punk asses....


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                          3:15 PM BBT – James and Natalie in the Storage Room ...

                          Natalie tells James that she thinks that Nicole is blaming her for things...
                          James says he feels that way too ...

                          Natalie- Nicole is trying to throw me under the bus with everything....

                          James tells Natalie that if he wins HoH.. he will target Nicole... take her out ...

                          Natalie- that's what I would do too... I'm not taking Victor out .. I'd take her ( Nicole ) out ...

                          Talk turns to votes for Thursday ...

                          talk in the Storage Room .... with Natalie asking how they are voting ...

                          James tells her that it will be 6/2 if she ( Natalie ) joins them in voting Da'Vonne out ...

                          Natalie says that Bridgette is her friend.... and she will feel badly for Da'Vonne ...

                          James says that Da'Vonne will be mad at him.. not her.... he also tells her that if she votes against Bridgette.. that she ( Bridgette ) will know that 3 people voted against her...

                          Natalie tells James that she hasn't made her up mind yet, how she's voting ...


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                            Victor to camera- best case scenario for us..... Bridgette wins HoH and puts up two of the females



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                              3:30 PM BBT – Natalie in the HoH room with Paul ...

                              Paul asks her how she's voting ...
                              She tells him she doesn't know...

                              He tells her to go with her gut...

                              She says she wants to keep Bridgette.... but "she's torn" ...

                              Natalie- I love Day to death. she's super sweet.. she's a mom .. sweet to me...

                              Paul tells her that he wouldn't really base her decision on "her being sweet" ...

                              Paul - which one feels more right to you?
                              Natalie- to keep??? ... Bridgette.
                              Paul- then keep what is strategically right for you

                              Natalie- literally I have made my decision now....

                              She tells him she's going to vote Da'Vonne out...

                              Natalie- should I tell Day I'm not voting for her?

                              Paul tells her no ... then tells her that it's up to her... BUT to know that if she does ... Da'Vonne will just bug James...


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