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Live Feed Updates-August 3-Day 50

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 3-Day 50

    4:40 BBT

    Everybody except Michelle is sleeping.

    Michelle is up in the Safari room talking to herself or the feeds, but I can't hear because of her microphone. Talking about only day 50. Something she told Victor and he copied her.

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      "I tried to go back and see what happened overnight but the feeds kept freezing up but.....

      Da and Z go to the HOH room to speak with Paulie. Da is continuing her campaign and Paulie is continuing to deflect when she asks if he is going to vote to keep her. He keeps saying "I'm sticking with the plan" to which she says "why are you talking in riddles to me". After he leaves, Z comes crawling back by saying her hand really hurts and can he help her out. Z has been all over the house telling people her version of the fight (specifically to Michelle, who is sympathizing with her). Paulie and Corey are in the HN room talking about their plan to get Da out this week and then to go after Michelle and Z next. They are talking about how good they are in comps and the fact that but for Bridgette's HOH win, all the wins have been from their alliance.
      Bridgette comes into the HN room and they tell her all that has happened including Paulie's account of the fight he had with Z.
      I will continue to see if there is anything else notable but it makes it difficult when the feeds are cooperating.


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        James and Natalie are in the London bedroom talking game and Da comes in. She asks for James votes. James and Natalie go to the storage room where James tells her that he would love to save Da but it would blow up his game. He can't go to them and try to save her because they will start to question him. He explains that the votes to stay will be Michelle and Z to keep Da which is what they know but if James and Natalie vote to keep her he will be on the block next week. If they vote to send her home, Michelle will know that they didn't vote to save her. This is the telling week. Natalie keeps telling him to save his game and do what is best for his game. He says he can't take on "Da's baggage" because it will sink his ship. Paulie is running this and he wants her gone. He tells Natalie that if she votes with the house that keeps her in long. If you want to vote personal, we save Da, but if we want to vote game she send her home. If Natalie wants to go up against Paulie/Paul/Vic/Nicole and Corey that will end their game. He is so conflicted about this, as he wants Da to stay. She is not a threat to them.
        Natalie says that Bridgette thinks she is working with the guys and James says that's why they aren't going after her. James wants Natalie to stay close to her, but Natalie tells him that she is with the boys. James says she is going to go after the girls so the guys don't have to get them out.


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          Da/Z/Michelle go to the lounge and in a moment of clarity Da tells them that she is sure she is going home. Michelle tells her that she still thinks she is safe, but Da tells them that she thinks they aren't going to tell them about the plan because they want to see their cards.
          Meanwhile in the storage room, James and Natalie continue their convo. Natalie tells him that she plays dumb but she isn't. He says he knows. She tells him that Paul came to her with the plan way before anyone else told her but she kept the secret. Natalie says she needs to go talk to Michelle and James tells her to keep his name and all this information out of her mouth. She says she does not talk game with anyone but him. She tells him that she is trying to get close to Paul. He tells her that when she wins the money she can give him $100,000.00.


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            Later Z asked to talk to James and they go over the conversation that James had with Paulie (that lead to the argument). James says he did tell Paulie the conversation as he felt that their alliance needed to know that if the alliance sees a small group (within the alliance) whispering than what does the other side see. He tries to assure her that Paulie is focused on game and once they are in the real world she will see what he is all about. He tells her that we are all coming from different backgrounds and trying to play a game as well as get to know one another. They end the conversation with a hug. James then goes to the bathroom where Michelle is and she asks him if he said something that she said. James admits and goes with the same explanation that he just gave to Z. She said it looks bad for her and it sucks. James says he didn't see it as a big deal (which is the same thing Z was saying earlier during her imbroglio with Paulie). They work it out.
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              James talks to live feeders.................

              My girl Da is on the block and if I vote to save her it will only tie the vote and would blow up his game. He says Jason (Jason Roy) if you are watching this I'm sorry, I hope no one is mad.

              He also apologizes to Frank's fans.

              James says he is playing a more low key game this season than BB17 and goes on to say last year he had already been on the block 3 times at this point in the game compared to none this season. He wants to get to the end and stay off the block and further states he is willing to make big moves (when the timing is right). This seems to hold true to what he's said to Nat that he'll shake things up but would rather do it in a DE.

              I have a feeling based on this conversation if he personally won HOH and unless he's worried Bridg/Meech/Zak will win after Paulie sold him out then I doubt he tries UNLESS ITS A DE.

              I also think he's hoping to wait for a 2nd DE typically when the house moves to 5 or 4 players point in the game to make his 'big move'.


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                Lounge 2:27 p.m. BBT

                Da asks Nicole to come into the lounge and talk. Nicole obliges and Da tells her that she heard that Nicole has been saying to put her on the block. Da tells her that they had a very strong bond when they came in and it doesn’t stand any more. She has come to terms that they will probably not be friends outside the house any more. What happened? She prays that they will be ok after they leave the game.

                Nicole tells that she is hearing the same things and is feeling the same way that Da has been feeling. Nicole says that she was never the one who told them to put her up. They might be setting me up by telling you that.

                Da is trying to figure out who actually said what and who is trying to come in between them and break them apart.

                Nicole says she is worried that Da would put her up in a DE. Da says she wouldn’t do that, but people in the house are telling her things that Nicole has said about her. She won’t tell her who they are because it would hurt her feelings.

                Nicole says it is people they both trust who are saying things about both of them. Nicole says that Tiffany and Frank told her stories about people in the house and she has tried to let it go but it sticks.

                They both agree that Frank laid seeds about everyone in the house before he left. Nicole says that he was mad because she voted Tiff rather than Da out of the house so he is telling lies.

                Nicole tells Da that she never planned to put her up in a DE, she has other plans.

                Da says that once others see them talking, they start more rumors about them. Nicole says she hasn’t been checking some of the stories because she doesn’t want to throw people under the bus.

                Da says when we hear things let’s bring it to each other. We don’t have to tell who said it.

                Nicole tells her that people are saying things about Corey and it makes her question everything. Da says she has bigger fish to fry and wouldn’t put her up in DE.

                They make up and agree not to make things awkward. They make plans to go out after the show is over and get something to eat.


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                  Meech/Z in bedroom. Z comes out of the HN room and wakes Michelle up. (It is really amazing that anyone can sleep with all the noise in the kitchen area.)
                  Z tells her she wishes her ears where better because James came in to talk to Vic and she thought it was about Da.
                  Michelle asks how she feels about their conversation from last night. She is sure that if Da was around she would never put them up. She has learned her lessons and is not saying anything to anyone anymore. She is mad at Victor.
                  They continue to talk about who is grouped together. They think Paulie/Paul/James/Nic/Corey are together. Da is sure that no one will put Paulie up at all. He plays a good social game.
                  Z says he thinks he is sitting really pretty. After he did that whole detective stuff it really opened her eyes.
                  Michelle is telling Z about a time when Nicole approached Bridgette and Frank to make a F4 deal with them. Bridgette told Da about it. Michelle says that she doesn’t know if it’s true or not, but she would like to talk to Bridgette to see if it’s true. She wants to tell her that she needs to know before Bridgette leaves the game. If it’s true, that will solidify it for her.
                  Michelle asks Z who she will say Da is going to put up if Nicole asks her. Da says she was going after Victor and Natalie. And they are going to say that she told them that last night.
                  Michelle says that Paulie really wants to win, he has a fire under his butt and he is really, really good. There are four people she doesn’t want to see win Paul/Paulie/Nicole and Corey. She is on the fence with James.
                  Da comes in and joins their conversation. The frat party continues in the kitchen with those guys.


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                    At 4:38 p.m. we find Paulie and Z in the bathroom. He is lying in her lap as he tells her that James was telling him that he learned the game from the best: Derrick. Paulie says that he also talked to Derrick and he told him to get a feel for the house before he decides his strategy. If he is following Derrick’s plan to a T he will wait to play until there are 7-8 people.


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                      5:23 p.m. BBT Nicole and Corey lying in bed talking. She had been telling a very long winded story and he looked like he had left the building a couple of minutes in. After her story is done, he tells her that if he has to leave he hopes that he is back doored.
                      Nicole starts to relate a conversation she had last night (this morning) with Michelle. Michelle says she feels left out because no one is talking game to her. Nic tells her that she sleeps all day when they are awake. If you are feeling some kind of way Michelle, just come to me and we can talk. Michelle says the whispering story was not her, it was Victor. She just agreed with him. Nicole doesn’t buy her story. Nicole says when they talk game, she always comes and gets her. They weren’t talking game the other night when she saw them whispering. They were talking about Vic. The game doesn’t change that much once we have a plan.
                      Nicole told Michelle that she is fearful that if Da wins DE she will put her up. Michelle gets a really weird look and asks where she heard it and Nicole says I just have a gut feeling, I didn’t hear it. Corey asks why she didn’t tell her who said it and Nicole says she isn’t giving her any more information. She goes on to say that she has heard that Da is going to put her up from three different sources and Z and Michelle’s faces looked like they were shocked. They told me she was putting up Vic and Natalie. I think that is a stupid game move, but I told them to ask her and let me know what she says and neither one has talked to me today.
                      Nicole says that she talked to Da this morning and she is sure that she wanted to talk only because of what Nic said to them last night. She gave them a chance to come clean with her about what was happening and they aren’t giving her any information. She says until she hears from them she is going to vote Da out.
                      Nicole continues to vent about how mad they are making her. They are lying to her and even though she has told them that she has heard it they continue to deny it. Nicole says she told Da that she can never mend her relationship with her (but I listened and I don’t remember that). She is trying to count votes if she made it to F2 because she knows those 3 girls will never vote for her.


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                        James and Corey are telling Nicole that the plan is to start cutting the girls next get out the Fatal 3 or whatever they call themselves. Nicole is just laughing at them.


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                          Michelle is in the HN room and she is complaining that she never gets called to the DR. Paulie is giving her a pep talk. She says that people are twisting her words against her. Paulie didn’t come in and ask her, he goes to others and talks about it (that whispering story). He tells her that it’s not worth crying about it. He says that she needs not to let things build up. You can always talk to me if you need to rather than to start feeling like you do.
                          She says that Paul and James are starting to annoy her and she can’t stand being around them anymore. Paulie says she needs to go to them and tell them what they are doing that annoys her and she says it’s not anything they are doing to her. She can’t stand to hear them talk. She just wants to go home. She is ready to leave this house. She is crying that people (on the outside) hate her and she won’t be able to get a job once this is over. He tells her she can come and work at his gym if she thinks she can’t get a job. She will always 100% have a job. She complains that everyone thinks that she is a bullying.


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                            5:50 p.m. Bedroom. James/Corey/Paul/Nicole are talking and Paul thinks that they should take a shot at Vic and take him out. The two other guys are agreeing as Nicole just sits by and listens. Paul says that they need to pick one of the two girls (Michelle/Bridgette) and put them on the block and back door Vic because if he is put up, he will be pissed and win the veto. The guys don’t think he is that good of a competitor but they need to get him out sooner rather than later. The longer he goes, the better his chances of winning the game.

                            Paul wants Bridgette to go this week because she is a really good female competitor. James says that it shouldn’t be either James or Paul who put her up, because they have already. Nicole says if she wins HOH this week she will come to them and they will have to come to a consensus about what they want to do and then just do it. They need to get out the floaters. Vic shows up so they ask him who he will put up if he wins HOH this week. He says Michelle and Bridgette, but he wants to see Michelle go home. They tell him they are all on the same page. It has to be Michelle and Bridgette.

                            The group believes that when Da goes home the girls will freak out and that will throw them off their game. Z comes through and that ends the talk. Z is looking for Paulie who is still talking to Michelle in the HN room.

                            James decides to leave the conversation because it looks too sketchy. Paul leaves as well, leaving Corey/Nicole and Vic. Nicole jumps up and leaves as well.

                            She heads to the storage room with Paul and apologizes for calling him skinny. He says no worries. She is going to put some chicken in the oven and bake it for him.


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                              Now we are on Jeff Loops. I assume they are having their halfway party that everyone has been talking about.

                              With that I am out for the night.


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