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Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 51

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    3:00 BBT

    Paul, Paulie, Corey, and Z are awake in the HoH room. BB has been waking them up for DRs. Day was up there, left and then came back because Michelle was coming up too. Michelle didn't show up, so she decided to go to bed saying jokingly, "she's (Michelle) is playing me to the end."

    The others were talking about their phobias, cautrophobia, being covered in insects (Paulie), etc.. Now just random talk about playing sports and stuff. Z is laying half on top of Paulie.

    (I'm off to get ready for work)


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      5:40AM BBT

      Cams 1&2 - James & Natalie in bathroom, can't hear what they are saying, they are whispering and I don't see Nat's mic on

      Cams 3&4 on sleeping HG's


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        Happy Live Eviction Day!

        Trying to get everyone up, showered, and breakfast eaten so they can be locked down (up?) in the HOH. Not much going on at the moment.


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          10:20 BBT

          Houseguests awake.

          James showered. Complaining how gross the shower is and that is why he wears crocs to shower.

          Guys teasing Paulie asking if Zakiyah is showering with Paulie.

          Guys complaining about how bad the house looks and complaining about the girls stuff in the bathroom.

          Paul still upstairs sleeping.

          Corey going to cut his hair today.


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            10:45 AM BBT

            Guys moved from complaining about the messy bathroom to teasing Corey about being one of the early ones out again in the comps.

            Meanwhile, Bridgette has a new knee brace on and was cleaning the kitchen up a bit from last night's half way party. She is fixing her breakfast now.


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              Cam 3/4 on Sleeping Paul in HOH

              Cam 1/2 on Bathroom

              Bridgette joins the guys. They tease her about all her injuries this season.


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                James is wearing a clear anti-aging mask.


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                  Went to FISH at 11:02 BBT


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                    Back from FISH

                    Paulie talking about telling jokes at family parties. Bridgette giggling.

                    Paulie brings up eyelashes again. He thinks all the girls have pretty real eyelashes and does not see the need why they need to put on those ugly fake eyelashes.

                    Paulie says his ex would leave them around and he would think they were caterpillars.

                    Bridgette says she wore fake eyelashes in college for a play, they are very heavy. She does not like wearing them.

                    Paulie says what if guys went around stuffing their pants.....FISH


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                      11:08 BBT

                      Back with Da'Vonne/Paulie/Bridgette in the kitchen.

                      Corey goes up to the HOH. Victor in bed with Paul.

                      Victor asks Corey when he and Nicole are getting married.

            'm not even entertaining that.

                      Victor, what about when she moves up with a moving truck at your house.

                      Victor says he can't wait to meet Shane and her friends.

                      They are staring at Paul while he sleeps.

                      Paulie comes in.


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                        James up there. He was whispering to Paulie about Michelle staring at the memory way.

                        Guys tease James that Michelle will be putting him up.

                        James asking why girls are so grumpy in the morning when they wake up.


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                          11:15 AM BBT

                          Bridgette doing all the dishes in the kitchen.

                          Da'Vonne sitting on couch and Zakiyah laying down on couch in HOH.

                          James/Paulie in chairs in HOH.

                          Paul/Victor/Corey in HOH bed.

                          Bridgette goes to brush her teeth and Nicole in bathroom.

                          Nicole grabs blanket from Tokyo room, looks like Michelle and maybe Natalie still sleeping in there.

                          Nicole goes up to HOH.

                          Joking around upstairs.

                          Natalie up now fixing her hair.

                          All will be on lockdown at 11:30 AM until about 2:00 BBT.


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                            Went to Jeff Loops at 11:25 AM BBT

                            All were up in the HOH except Michelle and Natalie, who were still getting ready in the bathroom.


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                              We'll update you LIVE right here ....

                              Paul gets a "Your Boy" segment...

                              Julie Chen - You may think that Paul is "your boy" but one look at his family and it's clear he's really just his "mama's boy"...

                              Paul's family home...

                              Paul's friend says he's a little jealous of the PP bromance...

                              Paul's mom - P and P are beginning to look like twins. They are looking the same, they are dressing the same..... but that's okay with me.. I have two sons now

                              Live Voting:

                              Paulie- Da'Vonne
                              Zakiyah- Bridgette
                              Nicole - Da'Vonne
                              Michelle - Bridgette
                              Victor - Da'Vonne
                              Corey -Da'Vonne
                              James- Da'Vonne
                              Natalie- Da'Vonne

                              By a vote of 6 -2 Da'Vonne Rogers is evicted from the Big Brother 18 house ...

                              Julie- you whispered something to Victor, what did you say?
                              Da'Vonne- I told him that they were going to take him out in the double ( eviction )

                              Ticket Reveal:

                              Da'Vonne's ticket is a ONE WAY TICKET.

                              She will not return to the game. She is the 1st member of the jury.

                              Head of Household ENDURANCE Competition:

                              The drama continues on the Live Feeds...

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