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Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 51

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  • Paulie to Paul ( laughing ) We just convinced him to throw beads at the two nominees!!!


    • Paul tells Michelle that he declined Victor's offer to sleep with him tonight ...

      He goes onto say that he doesn't know what Victor's going to do .. and that he wouldn't even be shocked if he ( Paul ) went up ...

      Paul to Michelle - I tried to ask him (Victor) about tomorrow and he’s just like “Bro, don’t worry”.. I know what I'm going to do


      • Paul tells them ( Michelle/Bridgette ) that Victor is up there wearing his hat.. pounding his beers.. listening to Drake...

        They all giggle about it ...

        Paul - I’m positive that he lost his mind

        Paul to Michelle- we all are in for some sort of surprise tomorrow.

        Michelle- No hints at all?

        Paul- no... literally shut down....I thought I'd be able to crack him

        Michelle- He doesnt have an executive board. It's only him

        Paul- He's the CEO


        • 1:51 AM BBT

          Paulie telling Zakiyah the same... that Victor told them that he knew what he was going to do .. and he didn't owe anyone anything... So .. Paul is going to go back up there in a bit to check on him.. because he's up there alone, pounding his beers and listening to Drake..

          Zakiyah - this is going to be the scariest HoH yet....

          She goes on to say that she doesn't think he or Paul have anything to worry about.. because they have "the Executives"

          Paulie- he's the CEO....He was like .....I know what I'm going to do and that's that

          Zakiyah- he already knows what he's going to do .. what the hell does that mean... ??


          • Paul joins them...

            Paul says about the same.. that Victor told him "Bro, I know what I'm doing" ...

            He tells Zakiyah that he's pretty sure that Victor has "lost his mind" ...

            She wonders if he would put up James...

            They talk about how James is the one that told Da'Vonne that she was going home tonight ... ( well last night )


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              • Paul leaves Paulie/Z and flips on the lights in Tokyo..

                He's talking about how Victor is alone in the HoH room... drinking... doesn't know what he's going to do .. etc.

                Meanwhile... Zakiyah keeps adjusting her shirt, saying that she feels like she's "falling out"
                Paulie- I don't mind it ...

                Zakiyah- is this lust?


                • Paulie- you are just trying to get my pants down ...
                  Zakiyah- I'm not trying to get into your pants baby ..

                  Zakiyah turns the talk back to her boobs...

                  Paulie tells her they aren't too big.. they are very proportionate...

                  Zakiyah- you think so? I think you are very proportionate too..

                  Paulie- you haven't seen anything yet...

                  FISH ( thank god )


                  • Back quickly .. with Paulie and Zakiyah still talking...

                    She tells him this is gangster face...

                    She talks about "living in the hood" . then says.. not the hood really... more like the Truck Stop.. she says she was born in Laurinburg NC.... and it's called the Truck Stop

                    Paulie- why?

                    Zakiyah- it's literally where the trucks stop...

                    She starts to talk about her uncles..

                    We get FISH

                    Once back...

                    Paulie tells Z that he really thinks his parents would like her...

                    She says she's never been disliked before ... by parents...


                    • Zakiayah to Paulie- how do you feel boo? Do I make you feel good?
                      Paulie- yes

                      Zakiyah - do you now how you make me feel? Like ****! She laughs says she's kidding...


                      • Zakiyah - what you doing with that mouth?
                        Paulie- just licking my lips.. .


                        • Zakiyah tells him that she doesn't know why she feels like she does around him.. he makes her shy.. she doesn't know what to say ..

                          Zakiyah - I’m lost for words around you… That sounded lame as hell.

                          He tells her it didn't.....

                          She goes on to tell him that she would be really sad, if he got out of the house, and went on about his business, forgetting about her

                          Paulie- I'm never going to forget you Z....


                          • Zakiayh - I'm just saying if you leave here and you feel like you're going to forget about me.. just tell me you're going to forget about me...

                            Paulie- not going to forget about you Z...

                            Zakiyah- my feeling will be hurt a little bit.. a LOTTA bit...

                            Paulie is quiet...

                            Zakiyah- what are you thinking about right now?

                            Paulie - nothing ....

                            She tells him she knows he's thinking about something.... can't tell her he's not.. and if somethings on his mind.. he should tell her...

                            She asks him again "what's on his mind"

                            He deflects


                            • James assures Natalie that the others would take out Nicole and Corey before they would even think about coming after her


                              • Natalie to James - if Michelle would have won, would she of put me up?
                                James- no .. she would have put the guys up.


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