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Live Feed Updates-August 4-Day 51

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    Zakiyah talks about how Paulie dropped right after she did...

    Zakiyah- was he afraid I was going to win?


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      Michelle- the thing is .. no one really cares.. they are just out there having fun...


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        Zakiyah - if anything I hope I proved myself.. that I can do comps...


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          Michelle- what do you think their reasoning was?
          Zakiyah- I dunno

          Michelle- what if they just didn't want us to tell Day.. we wouldn't have..
          Zakiyah - I know

          Michelle- we knew she was lying... even you said that
          Zakiyah- I know ...

          Michelle- I really trusted all of them.. wasn't going to put any of them up

          Zakiyah talks about how Paulie kept telling her to "calm down" ...

          Zakiyah- I knew he ( Paulie ) wanted Day out.. but...
          Michelle - then TELL US ...

          They both say that they wish Da'Vonne would have got the ticket to come back...


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            Michelle- who do you think Victor will put up ..
            Zakiyah says she doesn't know .. AND she doesn't trust anything that he's said...

            She told Michelle that ( if Michelle goes up ) she will try her hardest to win Veto and take her down

            Michelle- I'm not about to kiss butt
            Zakiyah- I'm not either

            She leaves...


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                  In Tokyo

                  Corey to Bridgette - It's going to be another good week


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                    9:47 PM BBT

                    Paul - I was hell bent on Bridgette ( going home )

                    Michelle- no one will talk to me.. I feel like I"m going home...


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                      Corey - next week absolutely has to be a double
                      Bridgette - maybe it's a season with no doubles, then bam..... a triple. **** **** up


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                        Paul to Michelle- I'm waiting for an explanation ...

                        Michelle- I know right! Does it look bad that I'm crying alone...

                        Paul- no .. do you want some ice cream... ?


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                          Paul- I hope Day doesn't think that I lied to her...
                          Michelle- she thinks James voted to keep her.. she wouldn't hug me.. it just sucks .. I knew something was up .. but I was like I have faith in them.. I trust them...

                          Paul keeps telling her that he had no idea.... that he only put Day up because they all agreed that she would go up ...


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                            Bridgette - They're pissed that I'm here
                            Corey - Good.


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                              Paul continues to tell Michelle that he hopes Da'Vonne knows he didn't lie to her ..
                              She tells him if she goes this week, she will be sure to tell Da'Vonne...

                              Talk turns to Victor ....

                              Paul tells her that "he's kinda out of the loop" with Victor ...

                              Paul- I like to think that he trust us.. or trust me at least... but I dunno.. when I asked him. he was like "don't worry about it" .. I know what I'm doing..

                              He tells her that he will ask him again tonight...

                              Michelle- I really think he's loyal to Paulie...


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                                Michelle and Paul continue to talk

                                Paul continues to tell Michelle that he didn't know that Da'Vonne was going home....

                                Paul - I was pissed.

                                Michelle- I thought she was staying. I'm upset that people betrayed me. I would have put her ( Day ) up this week, if I would have won ...

                                Paul told Michelle that the Never Not pass was "bull****.. and that they are saving the good (care packages ) for people they like

                                ( I need to break way ... for just a bit... if anyone can jump in that would be awesome )


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