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Live Feed Updates - August 5 - Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 5 - Day 52

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    Paul and Paulie have suggested that Victor wear his hat, robe and throw his Mardi Gras beads to his nominees during the nomination ceremony today ...

    Later .. Paul and Paulie went to the bathroom and cracked up laughing that he was on board to actually do it ...

    Natalie to James- when I was a Have Not, you had rice krispy treats in your basket and you didn't even save one for me, I feel betrayed...

    Victor's rhyming raps have quieted down ...
    Michelle give it a try ...

    James continues to tell Natalie that he's sorry .. he's sorry .. he's sorry ...

    ( I've about hit my wall, and since tomorrow will be a long day too, ....I'm going to call it for now, if anyone can jump in, that would be awesome )


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      (Thanks for the updates all night Lexie, you're a rock star!)

      7:45 AM BBT - all cams on sleeping HG's


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        8:55 AM BBT - all cams still on sleeping HG's


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          9:46 AM BBT

          Lights are on but the only movement is everyone covering their eyes to block the lights.


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            10:45 AM BBT

            Nicole is in the bathroom and popped a few pimples and is now covering the marks with make-up. (which means she will be popping more tomorrow)

            Bridgette showered and is chit chatting with Nicole.


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              (just got back from one meeting and headed to another, so I'm not really here)

              10:53 AM BBT

              Cams 1&2 - lights on but cams on sleeping HG's

              Cams 3&4 - Nicole & Bridgette in bathroom doing makeup and whatnot, sounds like they are talking about nursing stuff


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                11:18 AM

                Nicole has been chatting with the live feeders. She saw a hashtag in last night's HOH comp that said eat a salad. She has decided she has put on a few pounds, so she will heed that advice and have a healthy breakfast. She gives shoutouts to her friends and family and tells them that this house is crazy and whispers about this "frickin' cast".


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                  11:24 AM

                  Nicole has finished making her breakfast and has taken it to the African room. She is talking to us and says that she really likes Bridgette now. She is also wondering what will be in the packages today and in the future. She thinks they will progressively get better as time goes on such as maybe a veto. She says she saw the hashtag crybaby and she thinks she has been crying in the BB house. Now she is talking to her family.


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                    11:29 AM

                    Nicole is rambling on about how she never ever thought she would find someone she was even remotely attracted to in the BB house this time. She thinks she is still being focused. She is saying that Corey is such a nice guy. His morals are so great and he is so caring and super cute. She thinks any girl would be crazy not to have a crush on him. She says that Corey is athletic and is totally out of her league. She also LOVES Paulie. She loves how he is determined and gets things done. She trusts him with her BB life. (I swear, can't make that stuff up!)

                    She is glad that jury has started and that she will get to make jury again. Although she secretly feels she can win this game.


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                      11:45 AM

                      Bridgette finally comes out of the DR and heads back to bed. Nicole goes into the DR. Everyone else is sleeping.


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                        1:00 PM BBT

                        Cams 1&2 - Corey & Nicole in lounge room - talking about when people went to bed last night (5 or 6) and how loud everyone was being, throwing parmesan cheese at each other (Bridgette, Nat, James & Paul), not much talking happening atm

                        Cams 3&4 on sleeping HG's


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                          Nicole says the comp yesterday was so ridiculous, consider myself an athletic person and never do well in these things, Corey said he doesn't either, Nicole says, yeah but you're tall. Nicole asking what job he gave them for his description, saying production told them they couldn't use certain things, like they didn't want a bartender in the house and they didn't want an entrepreneur, then fish so I'm sure they told them to stop talking about production.
                          Nicole says she thinks her's probably just says nurse or ER nurse. Corey asking when they get out, he's going to miss baseball tryouts. Nicole says they told them to plan to be gone until Sept. 30th and why didn't he do that.
                          Talking about his baseball teams and how many they have and how they split up the kids.


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                            Corey says as soon as he sends out the team lists he starts getting blasted by the parents on why their kid didn't make the good team and Corey saying he is very honest with them on why their kid got placed where they did. Top team has the biggest, best kids, etc. Other team has smaller kids but they are the best workers and they will just keep getting better and better.

                            (ok, I'm out, no game talk and I really don't care about Corey or baseball LOL)


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                              James is the winner of #2 Care Package

                              He gets underwear...


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