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Live Feed Updates - August 6 - Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 6 - Day 53

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    ( I'll catch us up a bit from where I left off last night )

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      Michelle and Zakiyah

      Michelle keeps telling Zakyiah that she's going to call out things on Paulie, saying things like " Paulie didn't drop for no reason....he wants to play double to get your (Victor) ass out"

      Zakiyah - Paulie probably convinced him ( Vic ) to put me up

      Michelle - Nicole was saying she would use the veto on me if she won..... bull****!

      Zakiyah - I was like,... ( to Paulie ) did you have any idea?.. and he was like no,,, none...

      Michelle- BS..... I severely doubt that


      • #4
        Michelle to Zakiyah - at this poing... I hope Paul wins
        Zakiyah- I hope you, Paul or Natalie at this point

        Michelle- when I leave.... I'm going to be like need to watch out for Nicole and Paulie cause they are playing this whole house


        • #5
          Michelle to Zakiyah - I will never get to feel what it feels like to win HoH
          Zakiyah- It's not too late

          Michelle - If I manage to pull myself off... I'm campaigning my ass off for you


          • #6
            Victor and Michelle

            Michelle asks him when he was on the block, did he know that he was going home...
            He tells her that he had a good idea

            He tells her that he's having a lot more fun now that he's back...

            Victor - I really felt alone the first time

            Then he tells her that the only person he didn't really "connect with" the first time was Zakiyah


            • #7
              Michelle to Victor - hopefully after the veto competition .... you can give me a heads up if I am going home... I have a really nice dress I want to wear


              • #8
                Paulie and Zakiyah

                Paulie tell Z that he will sway the votes to send Michelle home... but Z still really needs to focus on winning the PoV


                • #9
                  Michelle to Natalie- If you are Final 2 with a guy... you've got my vote to win Big Brother

                  Michelle- If I pick you to play the veto,....would you take me off?
                  Natalie- yeah... you know I'm not the best but I'll give it my all


                  • #10
                    Zakiyah to Michelle- If I pick Paulie)and he throws it ... then I will know he's working with them and if I pick Paulie and he wins and doesn't take me off... then ...


                    • #11
                      Nicole to Corey- It's really important that Paul and Vic think that Z is the target until after everything is set


                      • #12
                        Paulie to James- Zakiyah would be best for our game and when it comes to me, you and Corey

                        He tells James that keeping Michelle is only good for Paul's game...


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                          Paulie to James - but even if Zakiyah left, I am confident that I could still pull Meech in closer than they (Vic/Paul) could


                          • #14
                            Paulie to James - Michelle is jealousy driven and attention driven.... dangerous cause she won't go after whoever's giving her attention


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                              James to Paulie - I think that Nicole will just tell you whatever you want to hear


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