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Live Feed Updates-August 7-Day 54

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 7-Day 54

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    4:50 BBT

    Everybody is in bed and the lights are out, but there is a lot of good natured smack talking going on. Paulie yelling to James and Bridgette that he is going to take a crap in their stuff. Just lots of yelling between the Tokyo room and the Have Not room.

    Victor is asleep in the HoH and I think someone else was also sleeping in the bed. I assume it is Paul since I don't hear him downstairs.

    BB comes over speaker- "James, Paulie, that is really annoying, Stop it"


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      7:47 AM BBT

      All Cams are on sleeping houseguests.


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        ( I'm going to catch us up a little bit from where I left off last night )

        8/6 10:30 PM BBT

        Michelle to Zakiyah- I'm going to be pissed if he (Paulie) doesn't use it on you...

        Zakiyah tells Michelle that she doesn't know how to ask Paulie to use the veto on her..


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          11:00 PM BBT - Corey tells Bridgette that he doesn't expect Paulie to use the PoV on Zaikyah ...

          11:30 PM BBT - Bridgette tells Natalie that Zakiyah is the target...because of how Michelle is such a loose cannon ...and won't win anything

          Bridgette to Natalie - I kinda think Victor has a little bit of a crush on me


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            Paulie told Michelle that he got the call to be on this season in June, and he had to make a decision right then and there.


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              11:55 PM BBT - Paulie and Bridgette

              Paulie tells her that he should've have hid the veto ... in a more more open spot .. so he wouldn't have had a chance at winning

              He tells her that everyone aside from Paul and Victor are pushing for Michelle to go this week...

              He tells her he's not going to use the Veto ... and that he doesn't care if Michelle or Zakiyah go this week...

              He also tells her that he wants to watch Michelle to see how she acts, if she thinks she's going home...

              Bridgette- she is going to think about how she can shake the house the most

              Paulie- Exactly

              Bridgette- If she (Michelle) won ( HoH ) .... it might be you and me on the block.
              Paulie- yeah... and if if Zakiyah won ... I could deflect that

              Paulie to Bridgette - if you stay friendly with the two on the block this week...., they will most likely go after Vic or Natalie

              He tells her she doesn't have to worry about anyone else ( as far as putting her up .. ) ( yeah right )

              She tells him that she doesn't know where Nicole is at...

              He tells her that James comes to him with random info and suspicions about Nicole...

              Bridgette - so you're definitely not going to use it?

              Paulie - not going to use it... she ( Z ) is going to lose her ****

              He tells her that he wants James to nullify his vote but then not tell anyone that he ( Paulie ) told him to do it


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                12:15 - Paulie and Corey

                Corey tells Paulie that Nicole told him that it was Michelle that made up the "Advancemen" ..

                He also tells him that Nicole told him about the Fatal Five

                Paulie seems surprised to find out Nicole was in it .. ( FF )


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                  12:40 AM BBT - Michelle talking to herself/cam

                  Michelle ( alone ) I have no idea what to do..... I have no idea if Paulie is going to use it....once the ceremony is over.... I'm definitely going to campaign hard but not throw Z under the bus

                  Michelle- this game is my dream.... I'm not going to go home without a fight

                  Michelle- if I know I'm going home.... I'm definitely going to blow up people's games

                  Michelle- Victor said he's playing strategically... but strategically would be putting up someone that beats you time after time....

                  Michelle - but who knows, maybe he (Victor) wants Z to go home to weaken Paulie...

                  Michelle- I just hope I dont get blindsided. If that happen....., when I walk out that door it's going to be epic!

                  Michelle- I feel like a complete failure... I mean obviously I don't have a good strategy at all.... I suck as a player.... just 2 weeks ago I thought I was in such a good spot in this game. Obviously not

                  She says she should have saved Frank with her veto

                  Michelle - I have a feeling that Paulie is going to walk away with $500,000.....I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen

                  Michelle- if I'm leaving for sure... I'm going to blow up his game... he's playing Derrick's game except he's winning comps

                  She says she can't wait to hear what people think she did wrong...

                  Michelle- I'm ****ed..... I've got to see if there is a plane ticket..... I don't think I have it. I kind of want to open it now... it's so embarrassing going out 10th..... I'm like the worst super fan ever... never won an HoH on Big Brother .... I can add that to my resume. 10th place... it's frickin embarrassing

                  Michelle- I feel like this is the wrong season for me......I wanted to come in and play a regular game of Big Brother. no vets ... no teams....

                  Michelle- I thought I had a lot of friends in the house ....but now I don't think so... which is exactly why I'm going to blow their **** up


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                    1:50 AM BBT Paulie tells Corey that he want James to cancel his vote BUT he doesn't want anyone else to know ....


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                      2:00 AM BBT - Zakiyah and Paulie

                      Zakiyah - what about the replacement situation?
                      Paulie we'll have to figure that out... it doesn’t matter.. she is going home.

                      Zakiyah - are you not going to use it?
                      Paulie - it's just an option ..

                      Paulie- if I honestly thought you were in danger, it would be no question, but you’re not in danger.

                      Zakiyah - So you wanna keep them the same?

                      Paulie - I feel like you trust me that I wouldn’t leave you up there if you could go home.


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                        Zakiyah to Paulie- if it was the other way and I won it.... would you want me to keep you there?

                        He tells her yes.. if he wasn't in danger...

                        Zakiyah- so .. what are we looking to see?

                        Paulie - I’m looking to see if Vic says something or if Paul says something


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                          Zakiyah - do you trust James?
                          Paulie - I trust him enough that he would rather have Michelle gone this week... his vote is 100% against Michelle this week ...

                          He also tells her that he will get James to use his votes against Michelle ( cancel out )


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                            3:35 AM BBT

                            Corey, James and Paulie talk about how Michelle needs to go home this week...

                            They talk about how they if Michelle stays... that she, Bridgette, Victor and Paul could form something and turn on them...

                            Corey and James keep saying how they can't "sleep" on getting rid of Victor ...

                            Paulie tells Corey and James that after Bridgette is gone, they should throw the HOH to the girls so that they could take out Victor

                            Paulie tells Corey and James that he has “trained” Zakiyah so she shouldn’t go this week.... , but Michelle is “untrained” so she should go.

                            James - I agree. Michelle goes
                            Corey - she's gotta go
                            James - she’s a loose cannon.


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                              3:40 AM BBT - Paulie gets James to agree to cancel his vote...AND Paul's vote


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