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Live Feed Updates - August 8 - Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates - August 8 - Day 55

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    Last night ( Sun. 8/7 ) after I left off...

    Corey and Nicole

    Corey and Nicole both talked about how "Paulie is controlling the house"

    To which Corey added... if anyone other than Paulie uses him as a pawn, he’s going to send them home

    Corey tells Nicole that Paulie is a huge threat in competitions and that Paul is loud and controlling...

    They talk about Bridgette...

    Corey thinks she's closer to them that even Paul or Victor ...

    Nicole says she would like to be closer with Bridgette,,, but the barrier between them is so big ... she thinks...

    Corey to Nicole - you need to keep staying in the kitchen with that girl (Bridgette) and bake the **** with her

    Corey- Vic had no reason at all to put up Z and Michelle
    Nicole- What he did this week didn't make any sense for his game

    Corey - if he was smart, he should of have put up James and maybe Natalie even... you gotta take a bigger shot

    Nicole- as long as you and I aren't on the block, I am totally okay with anything else... me, you and James decide who goes home this week. We can literally send home who we want

    Corey to Nicole - for us being as close as we have been, we’re actually in a pretty good dang spot.

    Nicole- I don’t see anybody coming after you at all..... not one freaking person

    Nicole - crap. I won’t win against you in F2 ...

    Corey - shut up

    Corey to Nicole - they ( DR ) don’t really talk to me about strategic stuff... and I'm wondering why they don’t


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      Currently - 3:52 AM BBT

      Some are still up and going ..

      ( I gotta jet )


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        4:30 AM BBT

        While Paul is holding court in the bathroom with Paulie, Victor, Natalie, and Bridgette, James and Michelle are talking in bed.....


        Michelle asks James whose votes she would get. James says she would get Paul's for sure. James tells Michelle she only needs three votes. If she can get Paul's, James, and Natalie's she is safe.

        James says if she can get their vote, she needs to look out for them for sure.

        Michelle says if James or Natalie go far they would have her vote for sure, she can convince the Jury House.

        James tells Michelle that he and Natalie are both level headed people, they are not conniving.

        Michelle says Da'Vonne was always strategizing. Michelle didn't like being in the room with her because people would think they were strategizing. James says Da' was always strategizing and a was a think tank too.

        Michelle says Victor saying he was putting her up because it was a strategic move was wrong. Putting up two girls that haven't won HOH, only she has won a single Veto, this was a personal move.

        Michelle says Victor is trying to team up with Bridgette.

        James says Victor is not smart about it, everyone sees that.

        Michelle says Bridgette is doing well.

        James says she was put up as collateral damage for Frank.

        Michelle said she would vote for her at the end. Michelle asks James if he thinks Bridgette lies.

        James says she knows the game more than people think.

        Natalie comes in and she and James leave to go get something to eat.

        Convo ends at 4:37 AM BBT

        4:38 BBT

        James/Nat in SR

        James whispers, I think we should keep Michelle...

        Natalie, what...why...

        James says he just had a talk with Michelle

        Natalie says that is why I waited, so you could talk to her.

        James says Michelle said she would never put us up, she likes us.

        James says Zakiyah would never tell me that.

        James says Michelle says she would make a big move if she won DE....not put us up but make a big move.

        James says we could send Zakiyah home because Paul wants to send Zakiyah home, Victor too.

        James tells Natalie how Michelle talked about all the duos and that Victor is going to try and pull in Bridgette.

        Natalie tells James that they need to pull in Bridgette too.

        James says I'm kinda of getting set now that Zakiyah should go home.

        Natalie says Zakiyah is a number for Paulie. If Zakiyah is gone Paulie will be weakened.

        James says that would force Paulie to attach himself to somebody else.

        James says we can send home whomever we want. Paul is going to vote against her.

        James says to keep Paulie safe, we can cancel his vote out, so he doesn't get any blood on his hands.

        James says then he will cancel either Corey or Nicole's.

        Natalie says she is on board to do whatever James wants.

        James tells Natalie to stay on Michelle's good side.

        Natalie says she likes Michelle, Michelle is good for her game. She has girl talks with her every day.

        Natalie tells James to stop fighting with her and ignoring her. He needs to be nice.

        Convo ends at 4:44 AM BBT and they go to make food.


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          4:47 AM BBT

          Natalie and James finish convo in the kitchen...

          Natalie says she always reassures Michelle....

          James says he will start hanging out with Michelle and building the relationship....

          Natalie says how Corey and Nicole have dropped her (Michelle) and she has swooped in...

          Natalie says I wouldn't tell Victor tonight because he will tell Paulie....

          James is going to tell Paulie that he is going to cancel out Paulie's vote so he won't have blood on his hands with Z, because Paulie is not going to want Z to go.

          Natalie tells James that Paulie said he really trusts them in this game.

          4:49 AM BBT

          Convo ends.


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            4:58 AM BBT

            Paulie/Zakiyah hugging in the kitchen/Victor sleeping.

            Natalie goes in the bathroom and Bridgette heads in there too. Before Bridgette uses the toilet, Natalie stops her and they start whispering....

            Natalie asking her how she is going to vote.

            Bridgette says she is kind of waiting for what the boys want. Paulie is hard headed. She thinks Corey and Paulie both want Michelle out. She is going to wait for the consensus right now.

            Bridgette tells Natalie that Paulie is running the house right now, he is good. What are we going to do.

            Natalie says play it out.

            Natalie asks Bridgette if she trusts Paulie.

            Bridgette says 75%. She needs to be his friend right now. She is trying to be friends with Victor, Paul and Paulie.

            She tells Natalie that Corey and Paulie are tight.

            Natalie asks if Nicole and Paulie are tight.

            They say how they are both going to trust each other.

            Natalie says that James is going to respect Victor's wishes and vote out who he wants (Zakiyah).

            Natalie and Bridgette shake hands. Natalie says she knows a lot more than she did before. Just know that Paulie is running things. Natalie tells Bridgette she can trust her.

            They both go on a bit about how gross Paulie/Z and Corey/Nicole are. Bridgette says it is so gross.

            Convo ends at 4:59 AM BBT.


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              That was all the game talk.

              at 6:15 AM BBT

              James and Bridgette still up and they put Natalie's flip flops in ziplock bags with pink dishwashing detergent and water and put them in the freezer to prank Natalie.


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                9:18 AM BBT

                Cam 1/2

                Michelle up and in the bathroom brushing hair and then goes to the kitchen to make some Fruit Loops cereal. She heads outside to the back yard with her cereal.

                Cam 3/4

                on sleeping Victor in HOH bed wearing bunny hat.

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                  9:30 AM BBT

                  Michelle sitting in the Safari Room whispering to herself, going over Paulie's wins. Sounds like she is practicing her speech for the Veto ceremony.


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                    9:41 BBT

                    BB calls Zakiyah to the DR twice.

                    Michelle talking out loud practicing her speech.


                    • #11
                      Zakiyah goes in the DR and we hear production asking if she wants to get herself ready. She leaves DR.

                      Michelle gets called to DR.


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                        9:48 AM BBT

                        Cam 1/2 on Corey sleeping in Bumper Car.

                        Can 3/4 on Zakiyah getting ready in the bathroom.


                        • #13
                          Natalie up and walks around the house.

                          Tells Zakiyah she is really, really sick from what she ate last night.

                          Natalie asks Zakiyah how she is feeling.

                          Zakiyah says she is okay, it's just another day.

                          BB tells Zakiyah to put on her microphone.


                          • #14
                            9:58 AM BBT

                            Victor called to the DR.


                            • #15
                              Michelle comes in the bathroom.

                              Natalie asks Michelle if she can wear her flower. Michelle says, of course.

                              Natalie tells Michelle how cute she looks in her outfit. Natalie tells her how sick she is from the food she ate at 5:00 a.m.

                              Victor heads in DR.


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