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Live Feed Update=August 9-Day 56

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  • Live Feed Update=August 9-Day 56

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    4:10 BBT

    Everybody in bed. Some just getting in to bed. Victor was up to go to the BR in HoH but then went back to bed.


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      Going to grab some highlights from late last night....

      10:38 PM BBT
      Paulie/Nicole in Hammock

      Nicole tells Paulie she wanted to build a bond with Zakiyah so she tells her that Paul and Victor both want Michelle to stay over her and Zakiyah says she will put up Paul/Victor.

      Paulie and Nicole talk about how Paul is being sketch for wanting Zakiyah out. Nicole is not afraid of Zakiyah.

      Paulie gives Nicole a high five for bonding with Zakiyah.

      Paulie tells Nicole he is kind of concerned that if Zakiyah wins she may try and turn on him because the DR puts doubts in people's heads.

      10:50 PM BBT

      James joins the convo.

      Paulie says that Michelle told Paul that said she definitely has two votes to stay.

      Nicole asks who said that. Paulie said she didn't say, it goes to FISH and comes back with James saying it was probably him and Natalie.

      Nicole says Michelle hasn't asked for her vote but she thinks she has Paul's, maybe she thinks she has Bridgette's too.

      Paulie says she hasn't asked for my vote, but I don't expect her too.

      Bridgette comes out so that convo ends.


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        12:43 AM BBT

        While Paulie/Zakiyah/Paul/Bridgette play chess...

        Corey and Nicole have a make out session...

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          1:37 AM BBT
          Paulie/Zakiyah in Hammock
          Discussing and Ranting on Michelle.

          Zakiyah thinks her crying was fake.

          Paulie thinks he should call her out, like he did Tiffany. Everyone seems to like that.

          He will go for the jugular and break her. She is jealousy driven and attention driven. Everything she does is fake and for attention. If she is not getting the attention she goes off.

          Michelle is a liar and made up the Advancement Rumor, she pulled for the F5.

          Paulie says if she comes after him it will be a mistake, I am a Scorpio, I will slice her jugular.

          He goes on to say he will slay her on live feeds and on television. (Zakiyah is laughing, then says she shouldn't be laughing.)

          Zakiyah asks if he is going to initiate this.

          Paulie says, yeah, I will instigate, I am an instigator.

          Zakiyah says just let me know because I want a front row seat.

          Paulie says he knows all her moves and what she is going to say.

          Paulie's rant continues for a long time.


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            5:40 AM BBT

            We are now current and all are sleeping.

            (I will be out for the day, if anyone can update, it would be much appreciated!)


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              8:38 AM BBT

              Still sleeping


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                10:11 AM BBT

                BB has been able to wake a few hg's for DR sessions. James and Michelle had a quick chat in the bathroom with Michelle wondering why the hg's wait to the last minute to let someone know they are being voted out. She says she has a really cute dress she wants to wear if she's the one going. James was being very non-commital. No one else is stirring.


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                  10:25 AM BBT

                  Michelle and James are outside. Michelle is nervous about being evicted. She tells James she hopes he is in the final 2. She also says she wouldn't mind Natalie winning either and she never thought she would feel that way. Michelle's main thing is she wants to spill the beans to certain people about what she knows about other people.

                  James keeps talking up the fact that if Michelle is evicted, at least she made jury. Michelle is planting seeds about Paulie. She wonders if anyone in this house (other than her) can see Paulie's game? James says everyone likes Paulie. Michelle agrees but says that should make people realize just how dangerous he is. She says Paulie gets everyone to vote the way he wants. Michelle tells James that Frank, Tiffany, and Da'Vonne all warned Michelle not to trust Nicole. She says now she sees why they were warning her.

                  James is being very coy with this conversation.


                  • crissykins
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                    don't mind me, i can't stay

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                  10:15 a.m. bbt - James & Meech in the BY Cam 3/4

                  James asking how Meech is doing

                  telling her what a good experience jury house is
                  Meech says she'd love to see Natalie win - she never thought she'd say that but everyone loves her

                  James saying Natalie had some heat on her when she was with Bronte & Bridgette, and he took her under his wing but then he released her into the BB world

                  James says he wants someone to win that won't blow all the money on college parties and stuff

                  Meech informs him that Paul is a rich kid "I know Paul has a good amount of money already"
                  James is surprised by this tidbit

                  Meexh says he's "bougy"
                  Meech and James think Corey is well off

                  James says Natalie needs the money
                  Meech says Nat knows what it's like to be hungry.
                  they think Paulie's family is well off too

                  James says it doesn't matter who has money, it matters who plays the best
                  he was going to vote for Vanessa even though she had millions of dollars

                  [wait, didn't he just say he wanted someone to win it that needs it?]

                  they discuss the vote last year. Meech was not aware that Vanessa didn't make F2?
                  James tries to remember how many votes went which way last year
                  James thought Steve played a better game than Liz


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                    10:37 AM

                    Michelle tells James that Paulie and Nicole are the shot callers in this game.

                    Hi crissykins. I'll let you have them.


                    • crissykins
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                      nono, i can't stay long!!

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                    10:25 cam 3/4

                    Meech wants to warn people about what is going on
                    Meech wants James to win
                    James doesn't do final 2's 3's 4's
                    No one has even asked Meech for a final 2

                    James says he doesn't have a final 2 with anyone. He says he even told Nat to her face that if it came down to it he'd vote her out if he had to, and told her to do the same to him...dom't blow up her whole game to give him a sympathy vote


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                      10:28 cam 3/4

                      James doesn't want to tell Meech she's not going home and then she goes home

                      Meech didn't know she was a target until this week
                      James asks if she feels good about that, that she is viewed as a threat

                      Meech says her speech will be something about how getting her out wasn't strategic

                      Meech: do you think anyone feels like Paulie is a threat? I feel like no one does.

                      Meech thinks people are dumb for not thinking Paulie is a threat he has such a good social game, so many comp wins, everyone just votes his way all the time. even Victor wouldn't go after him after he was backdoored by the guy.

                      Meech's feelings were hurt because Nicole told her that Paulie was not a pawn when he was on the block, she lied.

                      Meech feels like this whole house is oblivious and wonders - Tiffany, Frank and Day all told her not to trust Nicole and now Meech finally believes them. Meech thinks they made mistakes getting rid of those 3

                      Meech says if she won HOH for double, she'd go after big targets and that would put a bigger target on her back.
                      James doesn't advise this

                      Meech: you wouldn't tell them, would you?
                      James: No.

                      Meech - says she only needs 3 votes.

                      pretty much, Meech has the whole thing figured out and James says he would never tell anyone he's working with anyone else. Purr was right he is being very coy.


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                        10:36 cam 3/4

                        Meech wants everyone to know that Nicole and Paulie are running the house and everyone is oblivious
                        has never heard anyone going after Nicole or Paulie
                        she wants to talk to Bridgette

                        James still deflecting and talking generally about "people" and how things work

                        Meech has not heard anything about anyone targeting James, but he should be on his watch


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                          11:01 cam 1

                          Nicole is up.
                          James starts singing and we have fish

                          no game talk just Nicole's whiny voice. Corey is teasing her about taking a bit of his hasbrowns.


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