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Live Feed Updates-August 10-Day 57

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 10-Day 57

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    3:44 BBT

    Nicole and Corey are in bed. Natalie and James come through and talk about stuff missing. Z comes through, they talk about where is Bridgette (upstairs)/, where is Michelle, Z says she's outside. They talk about Paulie saying he is going to "take it to Michelle". Nicole asks if Z thinks he really will and Z says she doesn't know. She leaves. Nicole starts talking about other stuff. Lights go out and the hand games begin and they talk about how to do it. Nicole said a little earlier that she likes a long, slow warm up. During this conversation she says that Corey's warm ups are a little intense for her. They're trying to decide how to do it tonight. (TMI)


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      Paulie, Vic, Paul, and Bridgette are up in the HoH talking about why Z is staying and Michelle going. PP leave and Bridgette is asking Vic about why. Vic agrees with Paulie's decision, but he says they had already decided that Michelle was going. Bridgette asks who "they" are. Vic hems and haws but says James and Corey had already decided Michelle was going home before they were even up. Bridgette asking lots of questions about what Vic thinks of Corey/Nicole and James/Natalie and talking about what James is saying, just saying that where the votes are instead of what he wants. Says that James says he will go with what Paulie wants. They talk more about Vic doesn't think Michelle is after him so he doesn't really want her gone. Bridgette says she thinks she can beat Michelle. Talk about double eviction.

      Bridgette goes down stairs and chit chats with Michelle.

      People are running around alot and being loud.

      Bridgette find Natalie in Have Not room with James and says she doesn't think it is going to work, but thanks Natalie for listening to her. Bridgette tried with Vic and them but doesn't think it will work. (Don't they realize that if James eliminates any two other votes, the three of them are all they Need?)
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        Now they talk about what votes James should eliminate. Natalie wants to throw Michelle a pity vote but they talk her out of it. They tell her not to put a target on herself. James doesn't want to eliminate Nat's vote and make her look shady. James is going to definitely make Paulie vote.


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          OK, there is a lot going on this morning...A LOT!! I'll do some updates - everyone is up and lots of conversations


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            4:12 a.m. BBT - Cam 1 - Tokyo room

            Paulie goes to Nicorey and says that everything that was said to Bridgette didn't sink in, because she went to Paul and told him her concerns about the couples being together

            Paulie: so I'd be careful about the information that goes her way
            she (bridge) wants to go after James - it got confirmed to Paulie today. Bridgette told Paul, Paul told Paulie.
            "we lost her"

            Bridge apparently wants to put James & Nicole on the block but not Z because she's not worried about Z winning comps. Nicole asks Paulie who they would take down if they win the veto, and Paulie said he would take her down if she would kiss him on the lips. Just kidding. "You have to kiss Corey on the lips"

            Nicole whines and wants to cry. "she was never not coming after me"
            Paulie thinks she would have Nicole up there knowing that people would vote james out over nicole.

            Nic asks Paulie if he thinks she will survive double & Bridgette walks thru the room and they ask 'ooh, was she listening this whole time?" nicole talks about how smart she is.

            Paulie goes to HN room with James

            Bridgette invites Nicole & Corey to a slop party


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              HN room Paulie & James 4:17 a.m. BBT Cam 1

              James: what's the word, bro?
              Paulie: Bridge is going to put you up next to nicole or Z.

              Paul & Bridge walk in. Paul is wearing the pool toy

              Paul being "funny" and then walks out.
              Bridge invites Paulie & James to eat.

              Natalie walks in.

              Paulie: No, Natalie, I get to have sex with James tonight.

              Bridge leaves. she is going to eat slop with or without them.

              Nat says "I'm gonna win a comp"
              Paulie: You'd better!

              they talking about "Ping Shooping"

              Natalie asks if she should go?
              Then she says she wants game talk

              Nat jokes that she would put Paulie & James up on the block if she wins HOH. Paulie says that's a good decision. What would you do next after the 2 of us are out?

              Nat says really she would see what the house wants and then determine from there. Paulie says what if the House is split.?
              nat would really have to use her brain on that one.

              Paulie says "well what if the house is split and half want me up and half want James up?"
              Nat laughs says that won't happen. Paulie doesn't know (impish grin)

              Nat insists that wouldn't happen. "why would I ever do that"
              Paulie: You just said you'd do what the house wants

              Nat says she would do what the house wants to a certain degree.

              Paulie: you want game talk? You wanna know who's coming after you? (raises eyebrows, impish grin still)
              Nat: Yes, tell me
              Paulie: I dunno...James, you think she is ready?
              James: I don't think she's ready yet
              Nat: TELL ME
              Paulie: you don't have to worry about it yet. So don't worry. We'll handle it before it becomes a problem.
              Nat: TELL ME
              Paulie: don't worry about it (being very ....condescending)

              James says tell her if you want to tell her.
              Paulie tells Nat..out of respect for your game, I'm not telling you, because I don't want you to panic if this person does win HOH.

              Nat still keeps saying "TELL ME" and paulie keeps deflecting. "just know that your boys will take care of you"

              Nat says she is a big girl and can handle it. Paulie says the first person is going home this week (implying Meech)

              Paulie says Meech said "there's no way she's staying in this house longer than I am because she doesn't know anything about Big Brother."

              Nat says she has learned a lot.

              OK who's the 2nd person?
              Paulie says he cant' tell her, they'll cross that bridge when they get there.

              Nat is not happy that he won't tell her if someone is coming after her.

              Paulie: We didn't tell you Meech was coming after you and we handled it silently. Now with this other person we will handle it silently. Just trust us

              Nat: of course I trust both of you.
              James: You shouldn't.
              Nat: What?
              James: nothin. (he's looking very serious)
              Paulie laughs
              Nat: so I shouldn't trust you guys?
              James: It's big brother
              Paulie: sometimes the people that are closest to you....
              James: are the ones that stab you right in the back
              Nat: mmhmm.
              Nat: well it's good to know this information. Thanks for handling it for me guys (sarcastically)

              Nat asks again who is coming after her, and Paulie says they can't tell her, that it will be more fun to tell her when they are on the block. Then she can be like "damn, i didn't know"

              I think Nat is getting a little irritated. she says people need to start game talking her. paulie just laughs and laughs. "You're so cute. people start game talking you."
              Nat: I want to know stuff, I want to make moves

              Paulie just keeps laughing. James is not laughing.

              Nat says "i am going to win HOH, just wait and see"


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                4:27am same convo Cam 1 - HN room

                Paulie telling Nat how Dr. Will & Boogie would joke with people about sending them home and then would actually do it. Pretend they are joking and then actually do it.
                Natalie says that if they ever asked her to come back to big brother she would study it really hard.
                she is picking up a lot
                Paulie: No time for ping shooping

                Nat asks when Michelle wanted her out. paulie said it's been an ongoing theme, especially after Nat won the care package Nat thanks them for looking out for her.
                Nat asks why Michelle was mad about that? She didn't ask for it, America gave it to her? Paulie says "Blame America" Natalie thanks America for sending it, it was very kind and she appreciates it.

                Paulie & Nat joking around. James looking irritated. asks to see Natalie's wrist. i guess they had matching friendship bracelets and Nat is not wearing hers so he takes his off.


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                  4:31 am same convo cam 1 HN room

                  James looks very tired

                  Paulie to Nat: here's the thing...we trust you, we just don't want you to have a heart attack.
                  Nat: I don't give a f*ck if someone's coming after me, I just want to know.because maybe I can befriend them, and then they won't come after me. or maybe I can make a deal
                  Paulie: that's exactly why we can't tell you.

                  Paulie thinks this is really funny that this silly little girl is trying to be a player and play the game.

                  Z walks in


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                  4:33 cam 1, HN room

                  Z peeks in and says James looks pitiful. he says he's been pitiful all day, so many secrets being revealed all in the house

                  Nat: what does that mean?

                  Z comes all the way in and sits on Pie's lap and crawls all over him in the bumper car

                  game talk stops.

                  now talking about what animals they were in previous lives. Z was a cat. Pie was a puppy. Pie says Nat was a little chihuahua


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                    5:00 a.m. cam 1 HN room

                    Natalie leaves.
                    Z asks if they need manly time all the while tickling Paulie's back
                    Z asks James if he is OK if he really doesn't feel good

                    James says a lot of stuff came up today and he has a lot bottled up, he just needs to process stuff and take it in
                    Z: with your lady?
                    J: yeah, she has a lot to do with it. just trying to figure out stuff, that's all.
                    Pie: maybe we should have man time.
                    Z: ok.

                    Z leaves. "let me know if you need anything."

                    Pie: she cannot take a hint, right?

                    James to Pie: did you say that Paul said that bridgette was coming after me?
                    pie: what I say? about Paul? he told me that Brigette would
                    James: probably put me up? or nicole?
                    Pie: not probably, she would put you up with nicole, nicole is the interchangeable part
                    J: that's what she told him?
                    Pie: that's what he said she said. that she wants to start going after the couples
                    J: damn, bridgette would do that sh*t? I just don't ..I mean, bridgette is really close to Natalie so i don't know if she would do that, you know? I don't see why she would put me up and not put paul up? you know, being that he put her on the block.
                    Pie: she could just be saying that to Paul to throw him off. I know that Corey spoke to her about Paul.
                    Ja: wanted to talk to you about some stuff that natalie told me. it's why i've been pissed all day. I'm not gonna lie, i've been upset about it but i wanted to come talk to you first. She's probably gonna get pissed but whatever.

                    James relays to Paulie, Nat was saying that you (paulie) been making like involuntary passes at her and stuff like that. Like saying comments to her and stuff. [sorry, i missed this convo]

                    James continues..he told Nat he didnt' think paulie would do stuff like that. I was like damn, and acted like i didn't care, but taht's why i just kept it in, you know?

                    Paulie says he jokes around with everybody but as far as making passes, that's something kind of serious.


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                      5:06 a.m. same convo

                      James to Paulie: nat said that she hasnt' said anything, she's been holding it in, and james said to her that she is just as guilty for holding it in so long [i'm a little lost here, sorry]

                      that's why james is upset with natalie today. he just wanted to talk to Paulie about it. it wasn't really that he was making involuntary passes...but Paulie made comments about her butt and wanted to take her out on a date after the show. saying "i want to kiss you right now but Z and James would be pissed right now" Natalie felt uncomfortable and she had to leave. [did this really happen?]

                      Paulie says that no, when they were hiding, natalie was saying, this is a perfect kissing place and natalie was saying that she wanted her friends to hang out with paulie's friends after the game. I never said i would take her on a date.

                      James figured that was the case.

                      Paulie says that Jersey girls try to do this sh(t with everyone and cause trouble.
                      James says he's mad at Natalie all day about this because he knew paulie was his boy and wouldn't do that.
                      paulie says dude there's so many other girls, cody and i don't play that.

                      Paulie compliments all the girls but he would never go after them (as to date)

                      now james relates that natalie got mad at him for taking paulie's side
                      james thinks natalie is playing him. he was trying to figure out how to deal with her. he thinks he is in too deep with this girl. in general it upset him too much.
                      Paulie says that he and Cody and his buddies, that when girls try to do this stuff, they cut 'em...go to their boys and tell them what's up and get rid of the girls.


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                        James says it sucks because he protected her so much, and he took her under his wing and she made it past 50 days

                        paulie gets mad at Z too because he's protecting her. no one will take a shot at her unless he gives the OK.

                        Paulie will not joke around with Natalie anymore.


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                          Cam 3, 5:03 a.m. Meech in bed, Paul in bed i think in the london room? lights are off.

                          BB says the lights must stay on, but they don't turn them on

                          Nat was in the room but left
                          Paul goes and crouches by the door to scare Nat when she comes back in.

                          Paul: so what were you saying?
                          Meech: just like double eviction will be epic
                          Meech: oh yeah he's also onto your social game [not sure who 'he' is] a couple weeks ago he was like "man, paul is playing a really good social game if you think about it, he went from being with jozea and now he's sittin pretty
                          Paul: hm. how was I was with Jozea?
                          Meech: you were kinda like with Victor and Jozea at the time. at one point it was like get out Jozea and all his minions
                          Paul: jezzus

                          i think paul is kind of ignoring her. he is still crouching by the door waiting for someone to scare when they walk in.

                          cam switches to bathroom


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                            5:04 a.m. WC Nat/Bridge

                            Bridge: he needs to know that i'm trying to protect you guys
                            Nat: he knows that, i promise you from talking to him that we're good.
                            Br: he was in there with Pie & Z, but i felt better because you were in there.
                            Nat; i was just in there.

                            nat relays to Bridge that meech was talking about how nat couldn't stay longer than her and paulie told her it got worse after the care package.

                            they are brushing their teeth so i can't hear what they are saying.

                            nat says 'they think i'm not playing the game"

                            they are mega whispering and I can't really hear what they are saying, but natalie keeps saying that paulie is running everything.

                            Nat asks if Paulie wants to target james, and she says maybe. that Paulie said one of the 3 of them needs to win HOH (bridge, paulie, paul) because he is afraid he'd be put up. Bridge thinks Paulie is full of it because Nicole and Corey are playing hte "i dont' want blood on my hands game"
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