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Live Feed Update-August 11-Day 58

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  • Live Feed Update-August 11-Day 58

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    4:08 AM BBT

    Natalie/Michelle/Bridgette are talking about Paulie.

    Natalie says she cares about Paulie as a person, but this is a game.

    Michelle says Paulie was bragging about taking a 21 year old girl that he picked up at a bar.

    Bridgette says he was telling this story to Corey this morning.

    Michelle says he spent $800 on her, and on the plane she got crazy....FISH


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      4:20 AM BBT

      Natalie/Michelle/Bridgette talking about so happy to be working together.

      James comes in.

      Lights go out and Natalie/James cuddling and talking.

      Paul comes in and says Michelle just went in the kitchen and is blowing up his game.

      Paul said Michelle said well I was going to wait to tomorrow but I guess your game blew up tonight.

      Paul said Paulie's face is red as a tomato.

      They are laughing.

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        At the same time as I came on 4:08 AM BBT

        James and Paul discussing whose votes James is going to cancel out. They are planning to make it seem like Nicole is the one that flipped and voted out Zakiyah.


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          4:00 BBT Sorry, I can't catch up with everything that happened since Lexie had to go, but here's what I saw this morning

          3:30ish James and Natalie are laying in the London room talking to Paul and Vic. Paul is angry that Paulie threw his name out during the argument with Natalie. Z and Paulie were up in the HoH talking alone with Paulie assuring her that he is totally in control and she is not going home. Noone would go against him. Z crawls in to his lap puts her head on his shoulder.

          Paul and Vic went up to talk to Paulie, Z went downstairs and tried to apologize to Nat. Nat doesn't care.

          James tells Nat when she says she's going to blow s**t up, she blows s**t up.

          Corey joined the boys upstairs. Paulie talked. Paul and Vic basically want to make sure that they're ok with Paulie. That breaks up and Paul goes down and tells James about it.

          Natalie goes to talk with Michelle and Bridgette in the Have Not room. Bridgette is pissed that noone but her came to Nat's defense when Paulie verbally attacked her.

          James and Nat go to bed and whisper.

          Bridgette goes out to the kitchen. They talk about Bridgette defending Nat. Paulie says he understands he will defend his friends even when he knows they're wrong. Bridgette said that she doesn't think Nat was wrong.

          Michelle and Paulie get in to it. Michelle saying that she blew his game up. At least she didn't spend $800 on drinks picking up a girl and then dump her in Vegas. Paulie says he got her out. She's going out hte door and if she has the RT then he will send her right back out.

          Nicole pipes up from the peanut gallery and says what Michelle said is wrong because it was personal.

          Z in bed with Paulie.

          (I have to run to work now)


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            Michelle comes in the London Bedroom to tell them what happened with Paulie.

            Michelle says she is ****ing shaking.

            James says did you say you were going to blow his game up.

            She told him I'm glad America won't be giving you $500,000 for you to spend on random girls and spend $800 to fly them to Vegas.

            Michelle tells Paulie his game is blown up.

            Paulie told her that as a superfan she sucks.

            Paulie hears her talking and they are screaming at each other from kitchen to London Bedroom.

            Michelle is YELLING at manipulated everyone from Tiffany, to Frank, to Da'Vonne. Now you want me out and this is your HOH and you manipulated Victor.

            You made me the target, Victor didn't. This is your HOH the whole time.

            Michelle YELLING, I can't hear have a girl voice....I can't hear scream like a girl....I can't hear you

            James tells Michelle she is a Fuc*ing Bad Ass twice

            Michelle says Paulie fights like a girl.

            Michelle YELLS are you crying in there (Paulie)

            Michelle YELLS you blew up your own game. I peed my pants it is so hilarious.

            Michelle YELLS, I hope I have the ticket back....ratchet ticket Baby

            Nat/Paul/James laughing

            James says who is this girl, she is my idol.

            Michelle still yelling, He doesn't scare me, he is 5'8", 5'7"

            Paul says I'm 5'4. Michelle says the beard makes you taller.

            Natalie tells Michelle she is her idol.

            Michelle apologizes that she doesn't want to sh*t on them, but she wants to take a shot at his ego.

            Michelle says her adrenaline is pumping. She says even if I do go home, I wanted to call him out.

            James says you aren't going out.

            Michelle says I mean in the DE.

            Michelle says she wants James and Natalie to go far.


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              4:24 AM BBT

              James says that Michelle just wants to blow some sh*t up before she goes.

              Michelle and Paul say he is scared, 100%, otherwise he wouldn't be feeding into this.

              Michelle says he has a ****ing stupid smile, cheshire cat.

              James says well whatever you do, don't talk about Paulie's haircut. He gets really mad about that.

              Michelle says at least I'm not a Paul wannabee, I know Paul is awesome, but you steal all his words, and dress like him, steal his haircut, but you can't grow a beard...

              Paul says if you say that tomorrow I will eat my fuc*ing dick tomorrow on National television.

              James says he is getting sh*t on.

              Michelle asks James if he doesn't want her to say anything.

              James says no, I don't care. Tomorrow is going to be a sh*t show.

              Michelle says Paulie is heated. He is stomping around out there.

              Paul tells Michelle to go out there and keep him pissed off.

              Michelle hopes they show that on TV.

              James says oh, they will show that.

              Natalie says Meech I love you.


              • #8
                4:25 AM BBT

                Meech says I love you all, and to all a good night ever...I waited so long for this.

                Paul tells Meech to zip it around Zakiyah because she is telling him everything.

                James says now that is fake.

                Meech says Paulie is fake and he has a fake laugh.

                James says I would hate for you to be mad at me.


                • #9
                  4:29 AM BBT

                  Now they decide they need to study for tomorrow's HOH comp.


                  • #10
                    4:30 AM BBT

                    Paul/Natalie/James/Michelle are the only ones up and they are Jedi training, going over HOH's, POV's, what days things happened.


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                      5:00 AM BBT

                      I didn't realize that Paulie and Zakiyah are sleeping together in a regular bed and have been getting it on for about a half hour.


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                        I don't think my pictures are showing the hand movements, but they are going on....


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                          ..... *ack*

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                        5:06 AM BBT

                        Jedi training done.

                        James asks Natalie if she froze his crocs again. She pinky promises that she didn't.

                        Natalie asks James if they know everything that has happened.

                        James says no.

                        Michelle says Nicole thinks she is going home.

                        James says that they think that James is going to sh*t on Michelle.


                        • #14
                          James...Paul....Paul...Paul going night night...Paul says he is awake.

                          Natalie says the only things they have against her are things that she did week one and week two.

                          Michelle says this is hilarious. They have nothing bad to say about you and they are just trying to dig, dig, dig, and throw people under the bus.

                          Paul says they are literally making sh*t up, why don't you girls start making **** up.

                          Natalie says she is not going to make stuff up, and whatever comes out of her mouth is going to be honest.


                          • #15
                            5:08 AM BBT

                            Michelle says in front of everyone, she is going to say, last time I checked we were in an alliance together. Are you going to do this to everyone, because I know you have a F2 with Nicole. Your mom's are on vacation together right now.

                            Michelle says Paulie and Nicole's families are close.

                            Michelle asks Paul if he knew Paulie was up as a pawn against Josea.

                            Paul says if you think about it homey called it. (Josea) said that Paulie/Nicole/Corey are together. Josea said Paulie was coached by Derrick.

                            Paul says Josea called this since day one.

                            Michelle said Josea said Nicole was a snake.

                            Natalie says, he really did? How do you remember that Paul.

                            Paul says, I don't know, I just remember sh*t.

                            Natalie recalling Paulie calling her out in the HOH room, Paulie was saying she was crying and she wasn't. James said she wasn't crying.

                            Michelle says Paulie shed tears over Frank.

                            Natalie said Paulie is the one who wanted Frank out.

                            Michelle said Paulie made her be a cry baby.

                            Natalie says, no more crying Meech. Meech says she won't.

                            Natalie says she takes pride in her personality.

                            Meech says Natalie is nice to everyone.

                            Meech says the fact that Paulie is trying to pull sh*t out of his a$$ against you is hilarious, because there is nothing.

                            Natalie says he is trying to say the things I say that are genuine are not genuine.

                            Meech says Paulie is wide awake over there, thinking about where he went wrong and how to fix his game and get you James to turn against us girls.

                            (We KNOW what Paulie is really doing right now!)


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