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Live Feed Updates-August 12-Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 12-Day 59

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    3:28 BBT

    Natalie and James are in the Have Not room in a bumper car.

    Nicole, Michelle, Paul, and Paulie are in the London room talking about Zakiyah and how she would go to the girls talking about Paulie and crying about how he treated her. She talk about it differently with Nicole. Paulie saying he doesn't understand it, says he always brought her up when she was down and treated her well. Swapping stories of how Z would tell different stories to different people.

    Paul goes upstairs to HoH to talk to Victor. Telling him about Paulie talking **** about James to him (Paul) and then talking **** about Paul to James. Talking about splitting to hide that they're together while now Paulie and Corey are being seen as together. Victor is nervous about James going back to Paulie and Corey. Paul reassures him. Paul leaves and turns the lights out. Says he'll come back up with an excuse later.


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      Paulie called to DR

      Natalie back to London room. They talk about Paulie and things he's done. Then move on to some of the early days in the house. Says Tiffany said the only person she couldn't have a conversation with was Corey. They talk about Corey and how slow he is. They talk about how he talked about $14K they get as nothing. Paul tell Nat and Michelle that Corey is all about the boys and getting the girls out. They talk about things that Paulie has said about Nat and how he has attacked her. They talk about how disrespectful he is. Paul tells them that Paulie and Corey are going up and he hopes that America doesn't bone him with the Care Package. They hope Michelle or Paul gets it. They say at least if one wins the PoV one will still be on the block and can be evicted.

      Corey went to Have Not room when Nat left and is trying to reiterate the Bro Alliance.

      Corey left and then James rejoined the London room to tell them what Corey said to him. Natalie says "And that's the definition of fake America".

      (I have to go get ready for work)


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        8:20am BBT

        The HG are sleeping. I imagine BB will be waking them up soon for America's care package and then the HOH Nominations.

        (I will try to update throughout the day-should be interesting if Vic puts up Corey & Paulie)


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          9:35am BBT

          We have FISH. Must be waking up the HGs.


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            BB - Natalie, Corey, there are fresh batteries in the storage room (they were still in bed so they got up)

            Paulie is in the BR brushing his teeth and that's the only action we see.


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              9:50am BBT

              Cam 1 & 2 - Michelle in the BR taking care of business.

              Cam 3 & 4 - In the Tokyo BR with Corey & Nicole sleeping. BB made them turn the lights on after Corey retrieved new batteries.
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                10:05am BBT

                Paulie went back to bed

                Michelle is in the Safari room applying her make-up.

                Natalie roaming through the house.

                FISH are back.


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                  Michelle talking to the LF - I blew up 2 of the targets and somehow I still stayed. I don't get it. Obviously people think I'm weak emotionally, I'm bad at comps, etc. (I am having trouble hearing her-she doesn't have her microphone on).
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                    10:22am BBT

                    Cam 3

                    Apparently someone (Paulie???) wrote a note on the inside of the bathroom door using panty liners and the wrappers are thrown on the floor. The note does not make sense. "T Neither Are Par(t)

                    Michelle - Someone has absolutely lost it. I can't exactly see what it says. What a waste of feminine products! I guess when you lose your mind, you gotta do what you gotta do.

                    (This is photo worthy if someone could post it. I have tried and been unsuccessful).
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                    10: 35am BBT

                    Michelle has gone back to bed and I don't see anymore movement in the house.


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                      10:48am BBT

                      Cam 1 & 2 - Paulie in the kitchen making something to eat.

                      Cam 3 & 4

                      Nat & Michelle talking

                      Nat says that she has been brainstorming and she would put up Nicole & Corey next week.

                      Michelle - do you think Vic is really going to put up Paulie & Corey?

                      Nat - I really hope he does.

                      Michelle - if he puts us up because that's what they want.

                      Nat - they want to clip James.

                      Michelle - Why?

                      Nat - because James went against them.


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                        Nat - we got Z out and I told Vic that they are coming after you. Vic has been on board with this plan the hold time. Honestly, I'm proud of us.

                        Michelle - if we didn't expose him, he would be fine this week and would make it to the end. We really did blow up his game.

                        Nat - I always had a gut feeling that he (Paulie) didn't like me. I brushed it off and kept being nice to everyone. Because I didn't really know whether they liked me or not.


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                          11:00am BBT -



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                            11:05am BBT

                            Paulie is sitting in the Safari room in deep thought.

                            Nat & Michelle are still in the bedroom, but not talking.


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