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Live Feed Updates-August 13-Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 13-Day 60

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    4:30 BBT

    All HGs sleeping


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      Power of Veto Players are:

      Head of Household - Victor
      Nominees - Corey and Paulie
      Picked Players - James, Nicole and Paul
      Host - Natalie

      Paulie to Corey - if anyone else wins, they are not going to use it. ( well other than Nicole on Corey )

      Paul to Victor - James is going to go ****ing ham... you're gonna go ham... I'm gonna go ham. We're gonna blow his (Pauile's) **** up before PoV...


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        Michelle and Nicole are the Have Not's for the week

        Along with slop, they have sunflower seeds and corn on the cob ...


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          Currently - Paul and Paulie going at it...

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            The "blow Paulie's **** up" is underway ...


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                  The Live Feeds are Hot and Heavy...

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                    Paul to Paulie - I grew a distaste for James and James grew a distaste for me based off of things YOU were saying to us

                    Paulie - What did I say to you about him EVER?

                    Paul - a LOT of ****

                    Paulie to Paul - you want to call me a manipulator and a liar? There is one right there! ( Michelle )


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                      Talk turns to Zakiyah ...

                      Paulie saying he was "willing to sacrifice his girl"

                      Paul to Paulie - that horse **** !!! You were not willing to sacrifice your girl


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                        Paul to Paulie - I trusted you 100% and that sucks... So **** me.. I guess....

                        Michelle - No.. not **** you ( Paul ) ... because YOUR not on the block


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                          Talk turns to alliances...

                          Paulie - -I was gonna stay loyal to the initial thing

                          Michelle- - the INITIAL thing... that's funny .... you've had a lot of alliances


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                            James asks why anytime Natalie's name is brought up... it's about her boobs... FT's ...

                            Paulie- that was a joke...

                            Natalie to Paulie- You said i'm as fake as my boobs!!


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                              Paulie to Natalie - Michelle has said more things that anybody!
                              Natalie- she admitted it and apologized


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