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Live Feed Updates-August 14-Day 61

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 14-Day 61

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  • #2
    4:45 BBT

    Paul and Nat are up in the kitchen making toast. Natalie is looking for James, she can't find him.

    James comes out of the DR and they start talking about how worried and nervous Nat was.


    • #3
      James, Natalie, and Paul just laughing and talking about the game and what they said about coming on. On to who in the cast is a big fan, medium fan, no fan. On to getting twitter followers. Just chit chat.


      • #4
        ( I'm going to catch us up quickly from where I left off last night )

        After Nicole finished her "pep talk" with Paulie...

        2:05 AM BBT - He talked with Michelle...

        Paulie to Michelle- I'm so over the getting ganged up on.... I'm tired of defending myself

        He tells her that he respects her game
        She tells him that he shouldn't because she hasn't played a clean game...played dirty sometimes..

        They both say that they said the would "rather win and be hated"

        Michelle to Paulie - I don't know why Zingbot said "You're a poor man's Cody"


        • #5
          Paulie to Michelle - I'm reaching out to you for a...
          Michelle- Sympathy vote?... I'll give you one
          Paulie- No


          • #6
            Michelle tells him that people wanted to get in his head before the PoV Competition and she was one of them

            He tells her that nobody could get in his head... the comp just happened to be a crap shoot


            • #7
              Paulie- The only play I have is to plead to Victor to pull Corey down
              Michelle- and put who up?
              Paulie- Natalie


              • #8
                Paulie to Michelle- I broke your trust.. after being betrayed.... I'd want to make that up to you. I need to somehow feel better about myself


                • #9
                  Paulie to Michelle- when Corey won the double eviction,.. I didn't want you and Bridgette up. I wanted to put Paul next to Vic


                  • #10
                    Michelle to Paulie- I don't think I could vote against Natalie. I'm just giving you my honest answer...


                    • #11
                      Paulie to Michelle- James literally tore my heart out by sending my girl home and doing what he did


                      • #12
                        Michelle to Paulie- do anything you can... I don't want to see you roll over and die


                        • #13
                          Paulie- Just please dont blow me up this time
                          Michelle- I swear to you, dude

                          Paulie tells Michelle that when you"save a wounded dog".. they will be loyal forever

                          Michell - are you just trying to act that way?
                          Paulie - no , I'm crushed. .. it's very real


                          • #14
                            Michelle to Paulie- Just lay in bed tonight and think..... "what would Derrick do? ....what would Cody do? what would Dan Gheesling do? "


                            • #15
                              Paulie to Michelle: - between you and I.. I have appointments with...



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