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Live Feed Updates-August 15-Day 62

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 15-Day 62

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    3:40 BBT

    All HGs are in bed and asleep except James and Natalie who are laying in bed in the dark talking. Natalie thanks James for sticking up for her. James thinks that the #grossmance during the endurance comp was about Paulie and Z. They talk about that relationship and things that each of them said.

    Paul apparently is not sleeping. He pipes in with a sleepy voice to say something about Paulie.


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      8:20am BBT

      HG are all ZZZZZzzzzzzzing


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        10:00am BBT

        Cam 1 & 2

        Paulie making an apple pie and talking to Paul.

        Paulie saying the same thing about going to Victor to use the POV and put James on the block.

        Paulie wants to leave with his head held high.


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          Paul - I trust Vic & Vic trusts me. But as the numbers get down,...I don't trust anyone.

          Paulie - I want to help your game by getting another week; blah, blah, (same mantra).


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            Corey just joined Paul & Paulie in the kitchen. He went into the Storage Room first and there was a new Patriotard waiting for him.

            Victor just came down & joined the kitchen group.

            Paulie took out another pie that he just baked.


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              Paul is sporting his new "short/outside" suit. Still wearing the pelican.


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                11:00am BBT

                Jeff Loops - must be Veto Ceremony.


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                  11:58 AM BBT

                  Feeds are back (have been for a bit) and Victor did not use the veto.

                  Paul, Vic, Nat & James are in a bedroom talking about Paulie and his attitude.

                  Paulie and Nicole are in the kitchen and he is telling her how he tried to get Vic to take Cory down and put someone like James up. Nicole is trying to tell him that being in jury is nice and relaxing.


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                    12:00 BBT

                    Cams 1&2 - Paul & Nat in bedroom, talking about giving Paulie hope that he might be able to stay, but telling Corey they don't know what they are doing

                    Cams 3&4 - Nicole, Corey, Paulie in kitchen, didn't seem to be talking about much so I'm going back to Paul/Nat


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                      12:05 PM BBT

                      Cory has joined Nicole and Paulie in the kitchen. Paulie is now popping zits in the mirror. No game talk here.

                      Victor was called to the DR. Paul, James and Natalie continue to talk about Paulie, and what they are going to do with Nicole and Cory in the future. They are trying to decide how to handle Paulie until Thursday so he doesn't lose his mind, and also Paul doesn't want Cory to feel all that safe.


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                        P/Nat saying Paulie needs to be campaigning, maybe we need to keep Paulie, as long as one of them goes home then it doesn't really matter, saying they don't need to tell either one that they are going out, that Paulie did that and it was mean


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                          Paul goes into Have Not room with Meech to give her the plan

                          Paul - right now Nicole & Corey are sitting pretty, comfortable, not worried, what we need to do is act like we don't know who we're sending home so that Corey & Nicole are on edge so when they play HoH they are freaking out

                          100% we are sending Paulie home but they don't need to know that, everyone will keep saying we don't know who we are sending so they are freaking out, Corey will send Nicole to the girls to try to find out, yada, matter what, we don't need to talk game, Paulie is going home 100%

                          Meech is agreeing, saying, yep that sounds good, you're making sense


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                            Cams 1&2 switch to kitchen with Nicole/Corey talking about her nursing exams, switching to 3/4


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                              3/4 - James, Paul, Paulie in bathroom - talking about having everyone open their tickets and if someone else has it then he'll just leave now (what a cry baby!)

                              Paulie - no one wants me here, Corey's my boy, don't want people trying to make Corey feel like **** and then turn around and send Paulie home anyway, I'm not going to campaign against him, no one wants to keep me here this week

                              Paul keeps saying, I don't know man, you got 3 days left

                              Paulie says I'm not campaigning against someone when my fate is ineveitable, at least Corey will think my boy didn't campaign against me, won't be able to say "you were supposed to be close to me" but...

                              James says just tell people if you think it's best to keep me then keep me or if you want to keep him then keep him

                              Paulie says are you guys trying to hint at something (like he's not 100% leaving)

                              Paul says I don't know man, just talk to people and tell them what you are bringing to help them

                              Paulie says he doesn't want to be here much longer anyway, so they can keep him around to do their dirty work for another 2 weeks and then send him out because he won't want to be here when there's only like 3 or 4 people left anyway


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