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Live Feed Updates-August 16-Day 63

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 16-Day 63

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    3:23 BBT

    Nicole, Corey, and Michelle are out in the backyard talking about their favorite restaurants in the hammock. Nicole and Corey called her over to try to pull her in.

    Paul, Paulie, and Vic in the kitchen chit chatting while Paul makes bacon.


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      James/Paul/Natalie are talking in the London Bedroom 10 p.m. BBT
      James/Michelle/Vic/Paulie are HNs. I assume this was something that came out of the “concert” last night. Natalie wished that she had been an HN because she would have been exempt and then she might have a special power for the next comp and she needs it.
      Natalie talks about Paulie trying to backdoor James. Paul says that Paulie was trying to get James up on the block this week. James says he told everyone but him. Natalie thinks it is funny because he tells everyone everything and then wonders how it gets back to others.
      Natalie – he said I was as fake as the things on my chest. You’re not getting my vote buddy.
      Now they talk about what they might do if they win BB. James says he is going to send everyone a first class ticket for a trip. Natalie says she will not allow him to do that. He needs to save his money. He says he has a good investor who will make sure that he is covered.

      Meanwhile, Paulie has to bake a pie and asks Nicole to come hang with him. She says she has no make-up on so she feels scary. Paulie looks to see if anyone else is awake. He goes to the kitchen alone.


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        Now they talk about the table and the fact that it hasn't been made smaller. James thinks that means something is going to happen. They talk about maybe a party and Paul says they have already had a party.


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          Paulie/Nicole/Corey in Kitchen midnight

          Paulie is observing that Paul/Vic/Michelle got close, otherwise why would they have saved Michelle from the block. James and Natalie are together but he doesn’t believe that they are close to the other group. He thinks if Paul wins HOH this week Nicole and Corey will be on the block and then if Vic wins the next week it will be James and Natalie up there. Then Paul and Vic will pick off the girls from there. Once it comes down to Paul/Vic and the girls, Nicole will be able to manipulate them, especially Vic. Paul has been playing all the sides. Paul could have saved my a$$, but he unleased everything he knew. Paulie says he tried to tell James that he got his care package because they (Vic/Paul) were talking about backdooring him, and that’s why Paulie won the veto and kept noms the same so that they couldn’t do that.

          Nicole – what did he say?

          Paulie says that James said it could have been that but that is speculation. Paulie told James that they (America) didn’t give him the CP to save Michelle or Z because he got it before they were up on the block.

          Paulie says she needs to keep it cool this week and they need to go back to James and Natalie. Paulie feels they are trying to target the couples first so they need to stick together.

          Corey says that it sucks that Natalie will make it far in this game. Nicole is telling them that she told them so (and if I can add an editorial comment she says it in such a whiny voice!!!). Corey wants her to go home, it makes him mad. She knows nothing about the game, literally does nothing (hello pot).

          Nicole now makes a disparaging comment about Z when she asks Paulie to pass her a plate.


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            Paulie/Nicole/Corey in backyard

            Paulie is sitting with his feet in the hot tub. Out comes Nicole and Corey. Corey finds a book with the plans for the “concert” TPTB used and we get FISH.
            Paulie is rehashing the Natalie was making passes at him. He wants to make sure that James knows that he screwed up when he went to the other side. He could have made it just as far with our side.
            Nicole opines that James has been acting down lately and she thinks he feels bad about what he did. (I can’t wait until these mopes watch the tapes back.)
            Paulie – Cody’s season, Cody’s season, Cody’s season. (Needs I say more?)
            Nicole asks if Corey thinks that James seems different. He agrees. They think James just sleeps all the time now and Nicole told him he broke her heart and he has been so quiet since then.
            Paulie says he wishes that when James told him that America gave him the votes he would have said that was because Paul was talking about backdooring you. I kept putting the attention on Michelle and Z. I had his back when it came to that.
            Paulie tells them that as long as we (the couples) stayed together they were afraid to try to pick us off. The plan was to let Vic win the HOH and take out Michelle or Natalie. Then he couldn’t compete and we could take him out. Then we would take out Paul. Nicole apparently wasn’t aware of the plan to “let” Vic win HOH. She thinks they are sneaky. She would have put both of them on the block (Paulie/Corey).
            She gets up and leaves but tells them she will be back. Paulie asks if she is pi$$ed at them. Corey says no and then in typical Corey fashion say wait, Paul threw that comp to Vic? (Yeah, dummy).
            Corey – I don’t believe anything that Paul says. I don’t believe he threw that one to Bridgette.
            Paulie – me neither.
            Corey – why would he? Wasn’t he up on the block that week. Bridgette put Paul up. I would 100% want to win that and pull myself down.
            Paulie – true
            Corey – the guy is a liar dude.
            They continue to say they don’t believe that. Paulie now says that when he was trying to get Michelle or Natalie on the block with Vic this week, that Vic told him not to try to take away from his win. Corey says he only won one round.
            Nicole returns and Corey says he didn’t know the plan. Paulie goes over what happened last week. How James was going to go up, but Corey and Paulie think that Paul knew what was going on.
            Corey – Vic might have done it all on his own. Nicole agrees with that.
            Paulie – I think Paul is a liar and he threw me UTB. That’s what Michelle says, but I think she’s a liar.
            Corey – I think Vic wanted one of us out. I think he wanted Nicole but she was safe so he needed to get one of us out. He knew Corey/Paulie/Nicole were going to run the house.
            They talk about how the numbers weren’t there to get Nicole out. They talk about how they could have saved Nicole.
            Nicole – I got this for a reason (the CP). Paul engineered this whole thing. Once again he talks about how Paul worked with giving information to everyone.
            Paulie tells Nicole to utilize Michelle. They need to keep her close, she needs attention. She is vindictive. Paulie gave her a little attention and she told him all about Paul.
            This continues and you can see it on the flashback between 12:05 and continues past 12:35.


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              Paulie does some jedi training with Corey and Nicole. Suffice it to say that they aren't the brightest bulbs in that package. Paulie is talking about his two HOH wins and Corey appears confused and asks if he won two. Paulie - yeah. He continues to mentor them, but I think he is confusing Corey with his use of multiples of 7. He tells them that he learned how to do this from Derrick and Cody. (Are you surprised?)
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                Paulie is telling them that he counted all the suitcases, airplanes, etc. Nicole - what is 7x8? 7X9? She says she is not good at basic math. This training is so hard to listen to as Paulie is running through it and they keep stopping him to ask inane questions. Nicole says she needs paper and pen to write this down. She can't do this.


                • #9
                  Paulie says he needs to study this all week. He refreshes himself every week. Nicole says it is getting down to the wire. They need to win. She wants to stay up and study as she is wide awake. Paulie asks her what happened week 4, everything that happened. She can't. Nicole says she can't do auditory stuff, she needs to see it, visualize it. He needs to slow it down for her.


                  • #10
                    She is trying to figure it out and they keep giving her the answers and she tells them to stop as she needs to say it out loud to remember it. They ask her a question and she is working hard to try to figure it out. She has to ask when veto meeting happened (?) really. Two days after the noms they tell her. (I'm moving on as this is brutal listening to her try to figure out the answers. Even Corey is doing a better job than her)


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                      As I have tried to flashback I get lots of fish after 2 a.m. and most of the HG are up so there is no game talk. I think we are caught up.


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                        It appears that only Nicole and Michelle are up and they are getting ready for the day. Michelle feels so ugly today. Her make-up is terrible, the battery pack doesn't work, etc. This will be a day for pi$$ing and moaning for Michelle apparently.
                        Now we find out that they have to make more slop, but Michelle thanks TPTB for something that she found in storage room.
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                          Victor is taking HOH photos and surprising all of them are currently with him and a prop. No one else is awake but the girls (Nicole and Meech) and they aren't in any.


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                            Natalie is in the Safari Lounge with James. She wants to go home, her neck hurts so bad and she can't sleep. She wakes up every time someone talks. James is giving her a pep talk.


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                              The HG are on an outdoor lockdown.

                              James - I'll bet it is for the table.

                              Vic is running for his swim trunks.
                              James needs his flip flops. Others are all ready outside.

                              Prior to this, James and Vic were talking about how Nicole and Corey are trying to reel Michelle back in to their side.

                              Vic tells James that Paul and he have already talked to her about it and she thinks it is funny.


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