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Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 64

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 64

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    3:20 BBT

    Michelle, Paul, and Paulie in the safari room talking. Paulie philosophizing about how you can suck negative energy. In the outside world there are places from which to draw energy.


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      9:41 AM BBT

      Lights are on, but the only ones I see actually out of bed, are Natalie and James. Natalie is putting on make-up and telling James she is worried about playing for HOH tomorrow because of her neck. Nat is worried about getting put on the block this week with James. James tells her there are still too many other big targets in the house to worry about James & Nat.

      Everyone else seems to be still asleep.


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        12:14 PM BBT

        Shortly after my first post James and Nat went back to bed. Now Vic and Michelle are the only ones up but they are just talking about fitness, fat, and protein.


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          Oy .. let me see if I can catch us up ...

          Last night .... 8/16

          8/16 - 8:00 PM BBT - James and Natalie talk about their next targets. James worries that Michelle will slip by even further in the game, that people will overlook her, to come after he and Natalie.

          Natalie tells James, that she would target Nicole/Corey ... with Corey as her main target, she wants the "honor" of taking him out.

          James tells Natalie that he'll throw her the HoH, if he can .. so that she can "have the honor" of nominating Corey and Nicole

          She tells him that it's too late in the game to be throwing comps

          8/16 - 9:25 PM BBT - Michelle and Victor talk about Nicole and Corey

          Victor says that being evicted really was the best thing that could of happened to him... he has no sympathy for Nicole or Corey ...

          Paul joins in on the convo ... they all talk about how annoying Nicole is about Corey ... and how annoying they are together...

          Victor - it's hilarious that she ( Nicole ) thinks that he ( Corey ) is the golden boy
          Michelle - she really does. She doesn't think he deserved to go up

          8/16 - 9:30 PM - Nicole and Corey talk about how Corey can't get a moment away from Paulie, so that he could even try to talk to the others, to make sure he's still okay ( aka not going home )

          Corey tells Nicole that "it would be messed up" ... if Paulie is saying that they can just send him (Paulie) home next week if he stays this week...

          8/16 - 11:00 PM - Paul and Victor talk about the possibility of Paulie having the Round Trip ticket. They discuss the possibility of another double eviction and going after James... if there is one

          8/17- 12: 26 AM BBT - Michelle questions Paulie on his claustrophobia ( him saying he can't go to jury house for too long because of it ) she asks how he could of stayed sequestered in a hotel room, if he indeed has that issue.

          Paulie tells her that "sequester is a little different because you are waiting in anticipation" ...

          8/17 - 1:10 AM BBT - Paulie tries to campaign to Paul...

          Paulie- I only want to stay another week for my sanity
          Paul- some people may be like is it fair to take Corey out for your one week?

          8/17 - 2: 15 AM BBT - Paulie talks about the "Hitmen" with Michelle and Paul

          8/17 - 4:30 AM BBT - Paulie wants Paul to give him a "sympathy vote" ... Paulie mentions that if he does have the Round Trip Ticket, that the 5 guys should work together again ...


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            Paul and Victor in the HOH Bathroom

            5:57 p.m. BBT

            Paul is telling Victor that James just dropped the bomb to Corey that Paulie is campaigning. He tells Vic that Paulie is trying to convince him that he (Paulie) is the only one that can go against Vic and take him out.

            Paul - I don’t have any reason to cross Vic, he’s never done me wrong.

            Paulie – do you really want to just tag along.

            Paul says he has no reason to take a shot at Vic.

            Vic says that he is just waiting until they are safe to talk sh*t to Corey and Nicole.


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              Sorry Lexi, didn't see you there.


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                No, worries.. I was going to back up to last night, since there's wasn't any coverage, If you want to do currently ... I'll Flashback and then take over if you want to go ...

                Continuing to catch us up ...

                8/17 - 12:55 PM BBT - Time for Paulie to bake another pie...

                Michelle and Victor in the Safari Room
                Paulie in the bathroom

                BB says - Stop using production as YOUR strategy ...

                Paulie stops to listen at the door...

                As Paulie moves on to the kitchen...

                Michelle tells Victor that when it's her time to vote on Thursday, she is going to say " the tables have turned, I chose to evict Paulie" ...

                Talk turns to Nicole/Corey

                Michelle says she will ( for her speech ) after they get Corey out ( next week, so they hope ) will be " we took out your other half, now we're going to send you to the jury to join him"

                ** much of the rest of the morning/early afternoon is just chit chat and what if's ...

                Paulie and Corey talk ...

                Paulie to Corey- it's almost, as if there's a plan, for is there's a round trip ticket in play.... if it gets used ...

                Paulie tells Corey that it's like they ( BB? ) are trying to pitch them against each other, if the round trip ticket is used...

                Corey tells him that would never happen....

                Corey to Paulie - I legitimately do want you to win this thing if you end up staying... if I get to that jury house.... I'm 100% convincing everyone that you deserve to win

                Paulie tells Corey that his speech tomorrow ... will "compliment him ( Corey ) and he will take some jabs at Victor


                Paul to Victor- Corey is getting a little paranoid. It's perfect....

                Paul to Victor- I think James dropped the bomb on him (Corey) that Paulie is campaigning

                Paul - the plan is working

                ( that takes us to where Ladycop began @ the 5:57 PM BBT Post )


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                  James/Paul/Natalie trying to figure out what the next CP will be and how it will go from here on. Natalie thinks Corey is going to win and the package will contain a veto. She had a dream today about it, plus she got a CP and then James. Her thinking is that Nicole got the next one so it is Corey's turn. Paul is talking about Meech being the pawn if they need it.


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                    Paulie and Vic are just talking about Fryfest and the Jersey shore.


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                      Vic comes in to the London Bedroom with Paul/James/Natalie. Paul asks when he is going to talk sh*t to Nicole and Corey. Vic once again says he is going to wait until they are safe.
                      Now Paulie comes in to tell them that Nicole just came out of the DR and she was crying. He thinks she is just sad because she had to do her “good-bye” messages.
                      Talk turns to shaving their arm pits. James shaves his arm pits. Natalie is hitting her head with something and Paulie tells her to stop because her neck is already sore.


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                        They talk about what the next HOH comp will be. They think it will be a wall comp or a mental endurance comp.

                        Meanwhile Nicole is sitting at the kitchen counter with Corey draped over her while she cries. She doesn’t want him to go. Corey assures her that she is going to be ok. She goes on and on about her skin breaking out, her best friend is on the block, she is stressed. She says that only thing good is that she isn’t on the block with him. Now she is rubbing his head.

                        Corey says he has no idea about what is going on with the house. He thinks he is going to be ok.

                        Nicole is a real basket case…she wants to throw a temper tantrum and be like about 4. Nicole – I’m so mad.


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                          Nicole and Corey go to the lounge. Nicole is mad that Meech came out of the DR after her good-bye messages and is all happy. She just can’t believe that it might happen, that he will go home. Last week she was so sure that Meech was going home when she left the messages.

                          Corey tells Nicole that she is happy and he thinks she is because Corey is staying. She would be upset if Paulie was staying.

                          Nicole doesn’t like Meech’s grin when things are being messed up.

                          Corey says that Vic wants Paulie gone so he is safe. They are talking about who would want Paulie to stay over Corey. Nicole once again talks about Meech=Christine.


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                            Talk turns to what will happen with the next HOH. Nicole is sure that if Meech wins she will be on the block. She doesn’t think Corey will be. Corey thinks that James, Natalie or one of them needs to win to make sure they are safe. (They have no clue.)

                            Nicole – she does love attention, but I can’t sit there with her all the time. She says so many things Nicole doesn’t want to be a part of. She talks so much crap and that could affect my game.

                            Nicole says these people are always talking about nasty, sexual things.

                            Corey says she (Nicole) is the nicest, cutest thing he has ever met. Now they discuss what he should say in his speech tomorrow night. He wants to know if he should talk about her and she says it really doesn’t matter. Then she goes on to say that if he says something nice about her, since she was called a snake last week.

                            Nicole says if she wins the HOH tomorrow she might go on a power trip. She will say “I don’t like any of you”. She is going to put up Vic and Paul and say they are the strongest duo in the house. You put up my best friend. She is once again talking about how she got the safety suit because “WE” wanted her to.

                            Nicole – if there is any HOH that I want to win, it is this one.


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                              It is clear what the divide in the house is if Nicole and Corey are paying attention. They are in the lounge sitting together. Paulie/Paul/Vic/James/Meech and Natalie are in the London Bedroom.


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