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Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 64

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    Corey has gone to his room and got some Beef Jerky and is now passing it around to everyone in the London Bedroom. (Friendship). Corey has been called to the DR, but Nicole is now in the bedroom with everyone.


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      Literally everyone is in the London bedroom, except for Corey and they are talking about high school days. Who bought rings, jackets, etc.


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        Paulie talking to Natalie in the bathroom and he is (not) campaigning to her and saying the same thing that he has said to everyone else. He tells her to keep it to herself if she decides to keep him so that she doesn't get any backlash. He is making himself a target and offering himself up.
        She gives him a hug and asks if he feels better. He says good-byes are tough. He thinks the hardest part will be locked in the HOH room tomorrow. He is going to do his best, but if his fate is to go to the jury house he needs to prep himself. He tells her that he gets antsy when the backyard is locked down. She tells him that there are people in the jury house and he says he can deal with it, but his friends are in the house (did he forget about Z). He knows the whole house is against him, blah, blah, blah. He has made his amends on a personal level with everybody and has broken down. He is human and he broke down, he didn't want people to see it. Now he is talking about how hard it will be to get Vic out. She agrees with him. Paulie tells her that he has two comps left in him to get things down and then he will "hang up the boots".
        Natalie says she was nervous, scared about the game. She couldn't win comps and her name was throw out all the time. She thought she was going home early, but now that she understands the game she loves it.
        Paulie says he figured that James was schooling her and she tells him that James really wasn't. He was very tight lipped. James kept everything tight lipped, he would give her advice, he never gave her inside information. She had to observe to figure it out. She had to figure out how to vote because he wasn't talking to her about that. He let her do her thing. She said that she told him to play his game for his child and if they needed to separate she would understand. She wasn't there to ruin his game, she pushed him away so he wasn't a target in this game.
        Paulie says he did his best to keep the target off him. This game is a roller coaster for sure. You don't know what is actually going down.
        She tells him that James always had his back and she hopes he doesn't have any bad feelings about James. He says that James helped him to separate the personal from the game and he appreciates James.
        Natalie - James was always defending you, no matter what I said. I hope you got to know me. You thought I am a fake Jersey girl. I am up and a cheer leader. I like to compliment people and make them feel good. I am genuine. He tells her that he realizes it.
        He talks about what he has found out about Z and she said that Z really cares about him. Her feelings were getting hurt by Paulie talking to other girls. He said that he had to reassure her and that Meech did as well. They are comparing notes on Z but I'm not going to type all that here. Just suffice it to say that Paulie and Natalie are trying to get on the same page about her. Paulie thinks it was her game play.


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          James/Paul/Vic/Meech in the London bedroom. Paul is explaining what they said to Corey (about keeping Paulie) and how he is now paranoid. They want Meech to say something to him.


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            Vic is telling his stories to Michelle in the London bedroom. He is showing her how to use a foam roller to exercise.

            Paulie and Natalie convo continues in the bathroom but it is all about Z so no game talk.

            I am out...and will be gone all day tomorrow.


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              Paulie to Natalie- after that whole thing, she (Zakiyah) literally tried to bang me in the bed. I was like... No.


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                Nicole to Paul - he (Paulie) wants everyone to open up their plane tickets
                Paul says he knows...

                Paul - are you (Paulie) high? are you on drugs right now?


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                  Paulie to Natalie- I didnt even consider us ( he and Zakiyah ) a "showmance" showmance..... I considered us a flirtmance...


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                    James ( on Natalie and Paulie talking ) - they are in there talking about relationships... I don't know what that has to do about game...

                    Nicole- he ( Paulie ) is probably trying to connect on a personal level


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                      8:21 PM BBT

                      Paulie and Natalie join James, Corey and Nicole in the kitchen ...

                      Talk continues about Zakiyah ....

                      Natalie and Paulie saying she was an "actress" ... she had everyone fooled...

                      Paulie now telling a story about when he was in high school....


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                        Victor to Paul and Michelle- it's getting down to the wire guys...

                        Paul -we're all voting Paulie out right?

                        Michelle/Victor - yeah ...

                        They say that that Nicole HAS to vote out Paulie....

                        Michelle says she had a nightmare that someone came in and switched Paulie's ticket to make it a Round Trip ....

                        They say they hope that Paulie doesn't have the Round Trip Ticket...

                        Victor- that would throw a little bit of a wrench in my plan ...

                        Paul- it would throw a wrench in all of our plans...


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                          8:27 PM BBT

                          Michelle, Paul and Victor speculate on what the Care Package is ...

                          Michelle- about that care package, I expect everyone to be voting 20 times a day ...

                          Talk in the kitchen with Paulie, Natalie, Corey, Nicole, and James .. continues to be about Zakiyah ...

                          Paulie talking about the time when Natalie rubbed his leg...

                          Natalie heads into the London Room with Victor and Michelle and Paul

                          Victor saying that he expects to go on the block, if one of them ( Michelle,Paul, James, Natalie ) doesn't win HoH ... especially if Paulie comes back in .. he expects to go up

                          And, talk turns to Paulie and Zakiyah ....

                          It should be an interesting show tomorrow...

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                            firing up my feeds right now Lexie..go get some much deserved rest! I got them for the night

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                          Just really quick.....Natalie comes into the LBR where Michelle/Paul/Vic are talking and goes over her conversation with Paulie. She tells them that she just wanted closure with him.
                          They all laugh about how if he stays no one will go on the block because he has promised everyone safety.


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                            8:34PM BBT

                            all cams on group in London BR
                            Michelle, Natalie, Paul & Victor

                            talking about Natalie & Paulie's talk in the kitchen

                            Natalie also talking about how jealous Zakiyah was over Paulie...

                            they laugh about how Paulie is promising everyone if they keep him, they are safe.... how *everyone* is gonna be that can't be

                            Vic says Paulie told him if he comes back (RT) it will be tit for tat with them (Vic/Paulie)..they'll be cool

                            Paul talks about how Paulie has been saying he cant be in the Jury House that long

                            Vic talking about how Paulie had been saying how he would never campaign against his boy (Corey) but he's definitely doing just that

                            Cams 1/2 switch to kitchen James, Corey & Nicole talking

                            James saying this is definitely his least season... how maybe get called back for All Stars

                            Nicole says once she gets married and has kids that would be donezo for her..she wouldnt do it anymore

                            James says he'd love to do Survivor....and maybe Amazing Race but would really like Survivor

                            Nicole talks about how well Caleb did on Survivor

                            back over on Cams 3/4 London BR group

                            still talking and laughing about Paulie

                            Vic says Paulie is like ..he thinks he's "the Messiah" now... how he's the only one that can take down Victor

                            Vic says anyone can beat me

                            Paul says the funny thing is Paulie wants them to keep him because he's the only one that can supposedly beat the guy (Vic) that none of them can supposedly
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                              over on Cams 1/2 Kitchen with Nicole, Corey & James

                              talking about how Paulie is like "connected" to Corey (to keep him from going to be able to talk to others)

                              James says Paulie is paranoid

                              Nicole says he asked her for a sympathy vote

                              James asks what they think is gonna happen after this week's HOH..

                              they talk about working together

                              Nicole tells James that she really thinks for them to have any chance they have to work together (James/Nat and Nicole/Corey)

                              James says he loves Natalie...but you never know....

                              Nicole says she would be fine/love to work with Natalie

                              James says he just hopes the HOH comp is just something that can win

                              Nicole says she hopes/thinks one of them will get 'the advantage'

                              James - but I already got mine (ACP)

                              Nicole - noo

                              Corey - no, the 'advantage' (must be something they got during the special fair/concert)

                              brief FISH

                              back with Nicole saying he (James) has her word, she will not put him up on the block

                              she says she doesnt want to blindsided with Corey going home

                              James - he's not going home

                              back over on Cams 3/4 London room with Vic, Paul, Natalie & Michelle

                              still talking about Paulie... how he said he threw that Veto comp (that Vic won) ... how he could've won but basically threw it to Vic because he just wanted to see what Vic would do ..if he would take him off the block


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