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Live Feed Updates-August 17-Day 64

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  • Shan
    Cams 1/2 group in the kitchen (sans Nicole who is sleeping and Nat/James) has just been chatting..talking about Vegas, playing craps, etc

    Nat comes out of DR ..they didnt realize she'd been in there

    Cams 3/4 on Nicole sleeping

    BB calls her to the DR

    cams switch to London BR

    Nat went in there..James in there... she has him put those patched on her neck (think it's those Icy Hot type patches)

    he says he thinks she'll be fine/be able to compete

    She tells James the group in the LR are talking about going to Vegas and stuff...she says she's gotta she her fam first..James agrees that he does too

    chat about what they are going to do after... Nat saying she's gotta check with someone (Lauren) to see if she can stay in Cali for another week

    Cams 1/2 still with LR group chatting

    now all cams switch to them

    Cams 3/4 switch back to James/Nat in London BR

    they are just general chatting for the most part

    11:50PM BBT
    Paulie comes in to say Good Night to them..thanks them for hearing him out all week...says they can let him know in the morning what they've decided. He says he's fine either way..has accepted either options. It's just whatever is best for their game

    Nat - thanks Paulie

    after Paulie leaves Nat says she feels bad, her goodbye message to Paulie wasn't nice

    James tells her it's all's how she feels...

    Nat thanks him for supporting her..says he's always supporting her

    James - what? am I supposed to not support you?

    Nat says she doesnt feels really nice (being supported)

    Over on Cams 1/2 ...have switched to Safari room with Paulie & Michelle

    Paulie saying he's come to grips with things either way

    he says the only thing he has...only point he can make is to keep him there to take a shot at Victor

    the only thing he has is comps ..winning those....taking a shot..then leaving himself open the next week

    Michelle asks where everyone else's heads one's really talked about it..

    Paulie - really?

    she says yeah..she doesnt know if it's because everyone is set (on what they're gonna do) or what

    Paulie says he has pitched this point to everyone and everyone has said they'd basically consider it ...says she was the last one (he has talked to) only because he hasnt (until now) been able to get her on her own

    Mich - really? I hadnt noticed

    Corey comes in with beers for them to have together (so the 'pitch' stops of course )

    Corey says he doesnt want to drink get depressed

    Paulie thanks them for hanging out (as opposed to the shunning that has happened to others.......*ahem*)

    cams 3/4 Paul & Vic have joined Nat & James in London BR

    talking about "poor Meech" being stuck in the Safari room with both Corey & Paulie

    Paul says that could be dangerous..might be trying to extract info from her..

    Natalie says she is winning HOH tomorrow

    Paul tells her she can have it

    Nat starts talking to cams/America ..saying she really is trying to win HOH's very important..she worries about her neck but she is gonna try

    back over on Cams 1/2 safari room with Corey, Paulie & Meech

    mostly quiet... Paulie talking about drinking beer... how it chills some people out, relaxes them..

    Michelle has been steadily picking at her face throughout all of this... popping zits I think?

    {{okay, not sure if anything of note is gonna happen tonight before these guys finally turn in..but I think I'm out for the night myself... will check in ASAP tomorrow }}

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  • Shan
    11:16PM BBT

    the hamsters have spent the last 10-15 minutes just chatting in the LR... reminiscing about their time in the house, what it was like when they first came in and met each other and stuff

    talk about what they will miss about being in the house once it's all over

    Nat, James are not in there...not sure where they are right now as all cams have stayed on the LR group

    Nicole was eating in the kitchen, went to the bathroom and she's headed back to bed/sleep now

    they say everyone's energy has just gone down now...

    everyone seems to be winding down... Vic is going to shave & shower...

    Cams 1/2 we have Michelle, Paul & Paulie left in the LR just chatting some more

    Cams 3/4 are on HN room with Nicole sleeping

    ((will check back in and post more in a bit))
    Last edited by Shan; 08-18-2016, 01:22 AM.

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  • Shan
    after Vic is done...Paulie picks up the puppet...messes with it a bit..they ask him if he's gonna give it a go...he keeps messing with it but doesnt do anything..Paul asks if they want him to 'sh*t on' production..they say yeah

    they say they will think it's funny ...he 'creeps' back over to behind the couch...starts and we get FISH very briefly... back and Paul can't decide what to do... he's afraid he's gonna get in trouble

    they tell him to do DR...he says he was but that's what he's afraid of getting in trouble

    he starts talking about DR "stand in the center of the couch please" ... immediately FISH

    back and Paul takes puppet off and they are saying 'yep immediately'

    (they are not gonna let him talk about/"roast" production of course)

    Nat is called to DR

    Paul gives Paulie the puppet back ..they are giving him ideas of what to do because he says he doesnt know what to do/he's thinking

    movies/charades are suggested

    now Paulie suggests they just sit around and talk...maybe they should go around and each of them talk about what they literally wanna do when they get out of the house

    Michelle - so we're not gonna do charades??

    Paul says they can later... he says maybe go around and each of them talk about their favorites moments in the house

    Paulie asks Michelle if there was anywhere in the world she could live..where would it be?

    Mich - Australia

    James starts doing the Pledge of Allegiance

    Vic has the eagle/puppet and starts yelling at James doing his "Baldwin" where's my money thing

    very brief FISH back with Cams 1/2 on just the guys in the LR ...Vic still doing Baldwin a bit

    James is asked his favorite BB memory..he says popping out of the suitcase

    Michelle has joined the guys again ... still all talking about favorite memories in the house

    Cams 3/4 on Nicole milling around the kitchen

    {{stepping away again back in a bit}}

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  • Shan
    10:43PM BBT

    Paul's HG impersonations/roast are over... he asks if anyone's mad..they all say no, it was funny

    now it's Victor's turn ...he's gonna do his "Baldwin" thing with the eagle "where's my money" (like he was doing earlier with James in the London BR)

    (he's too funny if you're not bothered by language lol)

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  • Shan
    he does himself... and it's hilarious and actually legitimately real talk at the same time LOL

    then he moves on to Nicole..he does a GREAT impression of her voice/whine...they are busting out laughing (this is great! LOL)

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  • Shan
    10:37PM BBT

    Paul's puppet/roast/impersonation show still going..he's now gotten to current HGs starting with Michelle...

    they are all seriously laughing now

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  • Shan
    everyone is milling around..getting snacks...getting ready to go to the LR for Paul's "roasting show"

    10:27PM BBT
    Paul begins the "Roast" (he's down behind one of the couches using Baldwin the eagle as his puppet to do the roasting)

    he starts with Glenn and goes in order of evicted HGs.. actually doing a good job on each of them least slightly 'Flashback worthy' for some giggles

    (not gonna type out/transcribe what he says as it's much better to watch/hear for yourself due to needing to actually see/hear him doing each person )

    everyone is laughing... he's going a pretty good job on these impersonations IMO
    Last edited by Shan; 08-18-2016, 12:33 AM.

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  • Shan
    10:00PM BBT
    Cams 1/2
    Kitchen w/ Nat & Corey

    Nat talking about what a headache it was with Zakiyah.. being jealous over Paulie, etc

    Corey says he was never really a fan of Zakiyah's ... that she acted like she thought she was better than everyone there

    Nat saying she is very giving how she was giving Zak everything...letting her use her makeup, fake lashes, clothes, etc and Zakiyah was calling her (Nat) stuff like a 'fake bitch' behind her back

    Paulie comes in ..asks Nat how she's's her neck

    She says it's much better

    Cams 3/4 London BR
    James, Vic, Michelle & Paul

    Paul is putting on a 'puppet show' with Corey's eagle "Baldwin" ...apparently Paul is doing impressions of all the HGs that have left and some current..

    Michelle takes over doing impressions...

    Paulie comes in and tells her to do him...

    she can't seem to do it...says she's gotta think...

    Paulie wants to be in on this..says he doesnt care..roast him..he likes to be roasted
    tells her to think and come back...

    Michelle says she has one... she goes on 'being Paulie' and starts going on about "Derrick & Cody..Derrick & Cody..."

    he says well that was only one convo but it's true

    Michelle - you talked about them all the time

    he goes out to get Corey & Nat

    they say he did not like that (Michelle's "impression" of him)

    James and Vic go out to kitchen ... I think they're trying to get everyone in there to 'be roasted' with the puppet show thing... here comes back, saying they should all do a roasting session... they talk about what they'd do so far in the puppet show/roasting

    Paul says he can think of plenty of stuff to do for all of them...says he's gonna warn them though...he is going to 'sh*t' on them so...

    Paul asks where Nicole is...she's sleeping..he says they should wake her up

    all cams are on the kitchen with everyone but Nicole

    talking about what all was done/said with "Baldwin" and the puppet show... starting with when Vic came in and started it with "I want my money"

    Paulie is in and out...

    he leaves again and Michelle whispers to them "I think he's piiiisssed"

    they all decide to go to the LR and sit on the couches while Vic does his thing with Baldwin

    apparently Paulie (I think? or maybe Corey) had gone in to try to wake Nicole and she said she wasnt feeling too great and wanted to sleep

    Paul went in and she asks him to run the light on... he tells her it's gonna be fun (the puppet/roasting stuff they are gonna do)

    Looks like she might be getting up ?

    Corey comes in and she says she's getting dressed

    He asks if she's okay

    Nicole - yeah why does everyone think I'm not okay?

    Corey - I just brought you some Advil...

    Nicole thanks him and he asks if she is mad at him

    Corey - no why would I be mad at you?

    Nicole does come out to join them

    everyone is getting together for this 'roasting show' ... I think Paul is gonna do it

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  • Shan
    {{gotta step away for about 5-10 minutes... BRB}}

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  • Shan
    9:34PM BBT
    Cams 1/2 kitchen
    Michelle, Paulie & Corey... talking/eating/snacking

    Cams 3/4
    London BR
    James, Nat, Vic, Paul

    James is massaging Nat's neck...

    Vic and Paul laughing/talking about Paulie...and his offers of 'safety' etc

    Vic goes out to kitchen

    Paul, Nat & James stay in London BR
    talk about HOH comp... Paul says he will stay until all drop off until it's just maybe Nat/James

    they talk about Michelle being hot/cold too much... how they dont wanna risk her winning HOH and them (Nic/Corey) getting in her ear

    Paul - we just need someone with a backbone that is not scared

    Nat says she is not scared

    Baldwin (Corey's "eagle")pops up in the phone booth .. talking about "I want my money" and carries on being like a mob guy ... it's too funny (Vic doing this)

    James playing it with him... they are laughing ... (got me cracked me up too)

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  • Shan
    9:21PM BBT

    Cams 1/2 kitchen with Vic, Mich & Paul


    Cams 3/4 still London BR with Nat & James talking about them things might work out once they are out of the house

    Nat saying she is planning to see what he is like once they are out of the house....with 'real life'

    BB calls "Red Alert" for Paul to do his thing...

    James & Nat hide

    Paul jumps up and pats down Vic & Michelle

    the 'announcement' is saying "security breach'

    Paul gets Nat and she says "my neck my neck'

    James takes off running and Paul goes after him

    James - Big Brother he didnt pat me down!!

    Paul going around looking for those he hasnt gotten yet... he puts on his pool ducky

    He finds Nicole in the HN room in a bumper car and pats her down

    Nicole giggles

    Paul - you thought you could hide in here

    Paul looking for James now (still hasnt caught/patted him down yet)

    9:24PM BBT

    Nat goes back into London BR and lays down talking to the cams/America

    she is saying things in here are starting to get crazy.... talks about her neck and how it's much better now..James has been giving her lots of massages... she hasnt been feeling well but starting to feel better

    She says tomorrow is live eviction time....she's decided to start standing up/speaking up for herself more..speak her mind, keep being positive and doing her best...she also says she's trying to brainstorm a good prank idea to get James back

    meanwhile on Cams 1/2 Paul still trying to find/catch James

    Paul - you're messing with the best Secret Agent in town...I catch melon scum like you every day ... he goes up to skywalk ...finds James hiding behind the couch up there... says "get him Pablo" (Pool ducky floatie) ... Pablo goes over the wall down to kitchen

    Paul carries on "agent down" "Need a medic"

    this is actually pretty funny/entertaining

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  • Shan
    9:05PM BBT
    Cams 1/2 after being on Paulie in the bathroom alone trimming/cleaning up his beard a bit...cams switch us to Nicole/Corey in the Tokyo BR

    decide they are gonna hang out/cuddle for a few minutes and talk

    Nicole asking him if he thinks James sounded confident... and says he (James) sounded like he really does want to work together with them (Nic/Corey)

    Corey agrees..this makes Nicole happy...says Paul isnt ever gonna work with them...she says she doesnt care...just cares about Nat/James and them (Nic/Corey) and who cares about anybody else

    She says Paul sounded sketchy like he's gonna do a 'sympathy vote' (for Paulie) ...but whatever...

    Michelle comes through from London BR..says she's gonna make slop...Paul comes in so their cuddle/whispering session stops for the moment

    Paul leaves... Paulie comes in

    Corey asking him if he wants to make something? (food wise)

    Nicole says she thinks they should try something new... Corey says he's up for making something new

    ask if Paulie is tired he says not at all ... Paulie says later they are going to pound some beers together

    Paulie comes over to where Nic/Corey are laying in bed and lays on top of Corey to give him hugs

    Nic - you guys are in love

    Nicole says she is just laying there for a few more minutes and then going to bed

    Corey - yeah she's peace'ing out

    Paulie says he is either moving to Texas or... (so he and Corey can hang)

    Paulie looking in the mirror says he thinks one of his ears is higher than the other... (he's looking at his sideburns saying they are uneven) he leaves saying he's going to go fix/clean that up a bit (his sideburns)

    over on cams 3/4
    London BR James & Nat talking

    she is talking about her convo with Paulie ... mostly about what they talked about Zakiyah & him

    talk about how she & Paulie talked about how he & Zak messed around (sexually)

    they talk about how getting involved intimately clouds your judgement and thinking, etc in this type of game

    they pick with each other about how that's why they ''throw shade" at each other and arent 'intimate'

    James whispers about how he was talking to Nicole/Corey and they said they wouldnt put them (James/Nat)

    James says they are good..they are the middle

    Nat telling him that she knows how she feels about him (James) emotionally and she isnt about getting physical feelings too... not in this game... they pick with each other some more about this

    James - I know you care about me more than you say you do

    Nat says obviously but..

    James says he might've heard some things

    they flirt/pick back & forth like this (they're too cute )

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  • Shan
    currently 8:52PM BBT

    Cams 1/2
    still kitchen with James, Corey & Nicole

    chit chatting

    Nicole talking about what Corey's family/parents might thing of they probably say she hasnt helped him/done anything for him game wise so he should've put her up

    Corey joking with Nicole saying he should've put her up during Double eviction and got her out then he says he's kidding...his parent probably thinks she's nice, sweet...

    Cams 3/4
    still London BR with Paul, Vic, Michelle & Nat

    talk about how Vic reacted to Bronte coming out last for him to battle back...what would he have done had it been Paulie... Vic talking about Jozea ...cams switch me to kitchen group... so all cams there now with the joking about Corey putting Nicole up/out

    8:57PM BBT
    James joins the London BR group and they ask him if he got an earful.... wanted to know what was going on out there with his convo with Nicole/Corey

    He tells them they just wanted to make sure all was good..that Paulie is still the one going out.

    {{gonna be here... will be listening to everything and post more shortly..mostly seems to be the same talk with all groups...over & over at the moment }}

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  • Shan
    London BR group talk about how Paulie might sh*t on them during his speech (at eviction)

    Nat says she doesnt care because her goodbye message she basically sh*t on him so.

    they ask what she said... she starts to hint about it and we get FISH for a few secs

    back over to kitchen group

    James talking about the Veto comp ...he & Vic whispering to each other "which one do you want" (their 'prize' choices..trip, money, veto)

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  • Shan
    over on Cams 1/2 Kitchen with Nicole, Corey & James

    talking about how Paulie is like "connected" to Corey (to keep him from going to be able to talk to others)

    James says Paulie is paranoid

    Nicole says he asked her for a sympathy vote

    James asks what they think is gonna happen after this week's HOH..

    they talk about working together

    Nicole tells James that she really thinks for them to have any chance they have to work together (James/Nat and Nicole/Corey)

    James says he loves Natalie...but you never know....

    Nicole says she would be fine/love to work with Natalie

    James says he just hopes the HOH comp is just something that can win

    Nicole says she hopes/thinks one of them will get 'the advantage'

    James - but I already got mine (ACP)

    Nicole - noo

    Corey - no, the 'advantage' (must be something they got during the special fair/concert)

    brief FISH

    back with Nicole saying he (James) has her word, she will not put him up on the block

    she says she doesnt want to blindsided with Corey going home

    James - he's not going home

    back over on Cams 3/4 London room with Vic, Paul, Natalie & Michelle

    still talking about Paulie... how he said he threw that Veto comp (that Vic won) ... how he could've won but basically threw it to Vic because he just wanted to see what Vic would do ..if he would take him off the block

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