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Live Feed Updates-August 18-Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 18-Day 65

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    3:30 BBT

    All HGs are asleep. Paulie and Corey in the same bed in the Tokyo bedroom. James and Nat sleeping in the same bed in London. Paul also in London. Nic and Michelle in the Have Not room.


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      9:42am BBT

      HGs are still ZZZZZzzzzzzing. BB is lettng them sleep in for a Thursday live show. I'll keep watch for a little bit.


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        11:00am BBT

        FISH - BB is just now waking up the HG and I have to step away. I'll be back soon.


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          12:12pm BBT

          Jeff Loops


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            1:30pm BBT

            Paulie is trying to talk to Nat to keep him.

            Nat - James and I are separate people; our game is separate and we vote separate. But at the end of the day we have each other's back.

            Paulie - I just want to go out with one more shot, and then go out.

            Nat - you shouldn't give up. Vic is not going to win every game.

            Paulie - I can take him out. (Same convo that we have been hearing for days)
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              Paulie - any comp I haven't won, I threw (really?!?!) I've got two more comps in me. I have HOH and the Veto. Then I will lay myself down.I'm the 6th person voted out.


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                Julie Chen - For most of the summer, Paulie has been running the game. Tonight, he just might be run right out of the house.

                Tonight, there will a be jury segment and you'll get to meet the first Big Brother baby ( Rachel and Brendon )

                Nicole DR- Zingbot is singing but Paulie is not moving to make that apple pie. You really need to just suck it up and do it, it's part of the Big Brother experience.

                Michelle DR - The fact that Paulie is just running around and not respecting the game makes me think I'm not the biggest baby.

                After Paulie refuses to make the 2nd apple pie, Corey gives him a pep talk and he finally makes it ( this is after a trip to the DR, that they did not show tonight, where they told Paulie, that they thought he had said he would be a good sport about his punishment from the PoV competition )

                Paulie finally complies and makes the apple pie.

                Paulie DR- I had my time to feel bad for myself. Now, I need to get my mind back in the game

                We get a Paulie campaigning segment.

                Next up, Rachel and Brendon .. with baby Adora

                Rachel says she's obsessed with Natalie.
                Brendon thinks that Paul could win the game.

                Rachel - I was the last female to win Big Brother. That was 5 years ago. Girls, step it up! They need to ditch the guys

                Rachel - she ( Adora ) will be on Big Brother, no matter what her dad says.

                Jury house segment is next...

                Da'Vonne -my biggest regret is not keeping my big mouth shut.

                Zakiyah arrives and they watch the HoH endurance competition, where Zakiyah drops after Paulie tells her he will take care of her....

                They see Victor win HoH and Paulie winning the PoV.

                Da'Vonne- wait a damn minute, he won the Power of Veto, and you're sitting here next to me?

                Bridgette arrives.

                They watch the double eviction where Corey wins HoH and PoV and where Michelle calls out Paulie and Nicole.

                Da'Vonne- I am so proud of Michelle. That girl is playing the game. She is playing a little dirty but she is playing it!

                Zakiyah - Homeboy (Paulie) is going to get chewed up and spit out

                Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette all want Paulie to be the next one to arrive in the jury house.

                Paulie gives his final plea, which was a long one, complimenting every single house guest, and ending it by telling Michelle, the one thing she didn't have in the Big Brother house, was a showmance...

                Paulie to Michelle- may I?

                Live Voting:

                Michelle- Paulie
                Paul - Paulie
                James- Paulie
                Natalie- Paulie
                Nicole - Paulie

                By a vote of 5- 0 ... Paulie Calafiore has been evicted from the Big Brother House

                Final Ticket Reveal:

                Paulie has a ONE WAY TICKET and becomes the 4th member of the Big Brother Jury.

                Julie- Who do you feel betrayed you the most?
                Paulie- I think it was a team effort

                Julie asks Paulie about his reaction to being on the block, after he had his hand in almost every single eviction of the summer.

                Paulie to Julie- I was trying to get some sympathy. Crying doesn't work for men as much as it works for women

                Julie- Will you have something outside of the house with her (Zakiyah)?
                Paulie- Too early to tell.
                Julie- That's a no

                Michelle's goodbye to Paulie - Zingbot said you are a poor man's Cody. When it comes to game play, you are definitely a poor man's Derrick

                All tickets are revealed....

                Natalie - One Way Ticket
                Nicole- One Way Ticket
                Corey - One Way Ticket
                James - One Way Ticket
                Victor- One Way Ticket

                Paul - ROUND TRIP TICKET

                ( remember he was the first one into the secret Paris room and had the first pick of all the tickets )

                Michelle- One Way Ticket

                New Twist Coming - one of the 1st 5 Jury Members will compete to get "back in the game"

                Julie will reveal the "new twist" to the house guest on next Thursday's Live Show ...

                Don't forget to vote for the last America's Care Package... Co- HoH ...

                The Head of Household Competition will play out tonight... ( will air on Sunday Night's show )

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                  Expect the Unexpected... Live Feeds were suppose to be down ..but they're back...

                  Michelle telling Paul and Natalie that Paulie was trying to pitch her the idea of working with Nicole and Corey


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                    Michelle- Nicole goes up to James and is like.... "if it's an elimination round, put up Michelle and Paul next to each other.... not me"


                    • #11
                      Michelle- she (Nicole) always says ... "don't put me up .. don't put me up"

                      Michelle- we can if we want!... clearly she ( Nicole ) wants me out ...


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                        Natalie to Corey- I have nothing against you
                        Corey- ride or die with you guys.... let's go...


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                          Paul and Natalie

                          Natalie to Paul- Why would I ever tell him (Paulie) about the plan? ...My question is who told him?

                          Paul says he didn't ....

                          Natalie tells Paul that James wouldn't .. it would put them in jeopardy ...

                          She tells Paul that where James is concerned.. he has no worries


                          • #14
                            Paul to Natalie- If I win ( HoH ) ... I'm putting them (Corey/Nicole) up


                            • #15

                              Nicole- I'm like worried
                              Corey- I don't want to waste energy talking about that...

                              He tells Nicole to "think about the competition" ...


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