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Live Feed Updates-August 19-Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 19-Day 66

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  • #2
    Nicole, Core, James, Nat, and Vic re in Kitchen eating and chatting.

    Paul wandered through from bathroom to bedroom


    • #3
      Nat and James go to bathroom so Nat can put makeup on. Talking about the comp and how noone threw it. Everyone tried.

      Paul is in shower.


      • #4
        2:54 bbt

        Nicole telling Corey about her strategy during the comp.

        They talk about so much depends on the Care Package. Nicole says she prayed for an hour before the comp.

        Nicole was happy that Nat won. Glad the Paul didn't win. Nat promised Nicole that she wouldn't put her up, but didn't say anything about Corey.

        Speculation about what the care package is. Says Nat was pretty mad at Paul.


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          Paul, Vic, James, and Nat in Bathroom. Talking about how nasty the shower is. There's a razor and a sponge.

          (I'm not here for very long. I have to get ready for work. If anyone could jump in that would be great)


          • #6
            Vic is cleaning the downstairs shower. Nat and James joking about they're dirty little gremlins, what is he doing cleaning their shower. He even empties the trash.

            Nat telling James about how much pain she is in.


            • #7
              James is going to be Natalie's house husband this week.


              • #8
                Victor is still cleaning shower. He is so disgusted. He is picking so much crap up from the floor.

                Nicole whining about how bad she did in the comp.


                • #9
                  Victor finally ready to shower. Says it's the best he can clean it without getting down on all fours to scrub it.

                  Natalie telling James how she went about doing the comp.

                  (I'm really out this time)


                  • #10
                    4:32 BBT

                    HOH room reveal time. Natalie is so excited. They're waiting on Paul, who is still in bed.


                    • #11
                      5:30 AM BBT

                      Cams 1&2 - James, Nat, Corey in HoH - Corey saying he has Nat's back 100%, ready to win next week, want to protect James too, James knows I got his back, always have. Nat says I need dirt on Paul, can you give me some dirt on Paul? This will never leave us, not personal dirt, like game dirt. Corey just sits there dumb, game dirt...he's just schemer, he'd get all this info from Frank and then run up here and tell us, like you just can't trust him. Nat asking if he is "like boys with you and Nicole". Corey says oh yeah for sure, Paul is always trying to egg Corey on about Victor hitting on Nicole, Corey just doesn't want to go before Paul does.

                      Cams 3&4 on Nicole, sitting up in bed in the dark not doing anything, just sitting there


                      • #12
                        Nat - I'm not trying to get dirt for me, I'm just trying to get someone elses perspective

                        Corey - yeah, he's really smart, outgoing, part of me wants Paul to go before Vic, but Vic is dangerous in comps, so really dangerous as a team and Michelle will side with them so need to get one of them out

                        Vic just joined, said he was going to go to bed but he got called to the DR, Nicole just got called in the DR when Vic came out


                        • #13
                          James - I can't believe we're down to 7 people

                          Corey speculating that there is not a jury buy-back because Julie was very specific about "you are NOT going back into the house" (little do they know!)

                          James saying they won't do it, they would have done it last night, they won't do it if the jury has 5 or 6 people

                          Now speculating how the rest of the time is going to play out, bring up DE but then Vic says if they do that they will have to bring someone back, too many people already gone, saying maybe they will do a DE and then do a rewind

                          Vic leaving to go to bed


                          • #14
                            Nat - I'm so nervous, but I'm excited

                            Corey - you're really cool ()


                            • #15
                              James saying he wishes he would have won it so Nat doesn't have to get blood on her hands

                              Corey going to bed, says he loves her either way, hopes he doesn't go up, would love to be with them in final 4, but wouldn't be mad if he's up

                              Nat saying damn, why'd I win this comp? No, I'm just kidding. You guys didn't throw it to me?

                              Boys say no, it's a blessing in disguise, now we (C&J) can both play next week

                              Nat says she really likes Nicole too, she really really likes Nicole, you guys were always really sweet to Bridgette


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