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Live Feed Updates-August 20-Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 20-Day 67

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    Nat, Michelle, James, Vic, and Paul up in the HoH going over the storm messages.

    Nic and Corey are in bed with the lights our flirting and getting frisky.


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      Lexie is updating in the August 19 thread. As soon as there is a break point we will switch over to this thread.


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        Yes.. make sure you check out yesterday's Live Feed Updates thread... and/or the news article HERE ( the updates thread has way more detail, of course )


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          7:24 AM BBT

          We are currently on JEFF LOOPS for the Have Not Food Reveal ...

          We already know that James and Victor are the Have Not's for the week, as a result of the County Fair Pie eating ...

          ** Michelle was also a Have Not, but her America's Care Package, Co- HoH prize, cancelled that for her ...

          (I'm almost at that point, where my fingers aren't listening to my brain,.. I looked and I typed 24 pages of updates from just before 8 PM my time last night until now @ 10:30 ish AM my time... so I'm still here.. but ..not sure for how much longer, however I'm pretty sure I could win an endurance comp )


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            Have Not's ( James and Victor) have PIES .. PIES and more PIES to enjoy in addition to Slop

            James is super happy ..
            Victor not so much

            They have cheesecake, chocolate, pumpkin, etc.


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              Nicole to Corey - do you remember anything from the middle of the night

              Corey - I gave up .. I was like screw it .. let them battle it out ...

              Nicole- I couldn't stay awake...

              Corey- never cared.


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                Paul comes in ...

                Paul - I stayed up until like 4 or 5...

                Corey to Paul- I was like **** it

                Paul laughs says - yeah we all did that .. don't worry about it ..


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                  Corey- I'm sorry .. but sleep was so much more important than those things

                  Nicole- I'm just disappointed in myself... I should have stayed up ... I thought I would of woke up and remembered things.. if I was on the block, I would have stayed up all night.... I know Paul knows them all.. he's faking ... crap .. I just can't imagine James keeping him over us ...


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                    Victor filling James in on the messages he missed...

                    Michelle and Paul reviewing ....

                    BB calls Natalie to the DR

                    Paul- here's the veto picks...


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                        Victor and James talking about the upcoming PoV competition, the Black Box HoH competition,
                        Victor says he was cold and bored, waiting on someone to come out ( he didn't play remember )

                        Victor - Fool gets his 9th win of the season today.
                        James- yeah that would be crazy
                        Victor- hope that happens, I would be so happy, that would be so clutch

                        All quiet now ...


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                            8:40 AM BBT

                            Jeff LOOPS

                            Time to pick the Power of Veto Players


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                              9:14 AM BBT

                              We're back


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