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Live Feed Updates-August 21-Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 21-Day 68

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    You can catch up on last night/overnight happenings in the House HERE in yesterday's LFU thread (though the 'overnight' wasn't much of anything )

    Currently at 2:00AM BBT

    Cams 1/2 are still on Corey & Nicole sleeping

    Cams 3/4 Vic has finally decided he/his body has had enough working out and called it done for the night.. he's just gone into the kitchen to have a protein shake (I think..he mentioned having one)


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      2:05AM BBT

      Vic has decided to get in the Hot Tub while he's drinking his protein shake after his workout and he's now talking to us Live Feeders

      He says he's a HN, can't sleep... says he's now "Have Not Vic" "hashtag Have Not Vic"

      he talks about the slop...first batch he tried to eat plain and it sucked he couldnt eat it

      he says they told him to put salsa in the he did .used some of the black bean salsa they had and it wasn't bad.

      talks about what really worries him is the sleep (not being able to)... in those bumper cars..has to hang his legs over and stay on his back

      talks about losing Veto today but at least he lost to Paul... says Paul is his Ride or Die..they've been close from Day 1..well at least since he came back...closer now than before

      he says hopefully things go as planned and then it'd be great if he won HOH and got his 9th (comp) win, 3rd HOH ...and then maybe get a CP from us...that would be awesome

      he's nervous about someone possibly coming back because you never know what'll happen in this game

      says he was on a high last week when he won HOH & POV

      talks about how he doesnt understand the game play of Nat & Michelle this week...putting him & Paul up ...but now they seem to be wanting to fix that mistake since Paul won POV...says they weren't even coming after them...

      says he really was going to go with them to F5... says they nom'd them and then they cry? something is fishy, fishy about that

      goes on about how he hopes things go as planned now (get Corey up on the block and voted out)


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        2:20AM BBT

        Cams 1/2 still sleeping Nic & Corey

        Cams 3/4 still Vic in the Hot Tub still talking to the Live Feeders

        talking about Nic & Corey..they're nice but always stuck to each other...can't hang out with them feels like a 3rd wheel and they act like you're trying to come between them

        says but *outside* of this house..he'd love to hang out with them

        he continues to chat with feeders until we get FISH at around 2:22AM

        and currently 2:30AM BBT we've just come back from FISH to Cams 3/4 now in the bathroom where Vic is showering and talks about it being cold and it sucks so bad (lol)

        Everyone else is still snoozing away ...

        {{{well I dunno if #HaveNotVic is gonna finally try to go to bed/sleep ..but unfortunately I can't hang out with him any longer 'cause I *am* heading to bed to catch a few zzzz's before I gotta be up and get myself and everyone ready for church... 'see' y'all later!}}}


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          10:40 BBT

          Nat and Michelle asleep in the HoH

          James in the kitchen drinking coffee and talking with Corey and Nicole. They are talking so low it is hard to hear them


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            They're talking about Have Nots, whether Nicole thinks it will end this week, she says yes. This is James' fourth week on slop. Corey had three weeks. They start whispering about Paul and how he can turn it on when his butt is on the line. James thought he might win it because he studied so much. They say he is smart if he can study, but not so much off the cuff. Corey tells James that Paul lied about throwing the veto comp that Bridgette won.

            James says it will funny for the couples to battle out.


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              James and Corey speculating on what the care package next week will be. They think it will be something big like HoH. (I think they expect Corey to get it). James talking about Nicole's fans voting.


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                Corey, James, and Nicole are now in the backyard lying by the pool. Talking about they were chilling and then James gets hit with all this stuff about him being targetted. Corey talking about Victor lying to his face on DE night. Said he wouldn't put him up and then put him and Paulie up on the block. They talk about stuff Paulie said.


                • #9
                  Natalie up and in the backyard now. James has gone in to change


                  • #10
                    James was gathering towels to do a load of laundry.

                    James and Nicole in the pool. Corey and Nat on loungers. Lazy Sunday with the two couples bonding. Everyone else seems to be asleep.


                    • #11
                      Nicole and James are comparing notes on what Frank and Day said about the two of them. Frank wanted James out and Day wanted Nicole out.


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                        {{firing up the feeds and will catch us up from last update..}}


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                          1:30PM BBT

                          Cams 1/2
                          pool with James & Nicole chatting

                          Nicole hoping that it's not like "every season she's on she's gonna get in a showmance"

                          James says it's kinda the same for him

                          they both go on about how they both said in their Jeff interviews "NO showmances!"

                          Cams 3/4 Nat alone on LR couch putting on makeup

                          1:40PM BBT

                          Cams 1/2
                          Nicole & James

                          Nicole saying if she hadn't gotten the safety suit..Paulie could have/probably would have talked him into putting her up on the block and she could've been sent home

                          they talk about why the Care Packages went to those they did

                          James says he thinks Nat got the Never HN because she was safe and hated HNs

                          Nic says she feels like 'they' (America) waited to give something bigger/good to Corey

                          James says if Corey wins HOH he probably won't get the CP

                          more talk about care package possibilities...what they might be and who will get it (Corey/Paul)

                          {{trying to scan through the day and grab things but feeds Flashback isn't cooperating with me too well..grr! will keep trying and grab as much as I can...}}
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                            2:00PM BBT
                            Cams 1/2
                            it's now Vic & James at the pool talking

                            they're talking about Paulie and things he said/how he tried to turn them against each other

                            talk about Nic/Corey never having had to worry this entire game

                            Cams 3/4
                            Nic & Nat in the kitchen just chatting

                            Nat says it's been a roller coaster of emotions all Summer long.. she appreciates James because he reminds her "it's just a game"

                            Nic says Corey helps her like that too

                            she talks about how people can say this person or that person said this/that about you ..and how you'll never just have to know the person and does it sound like something that person would say

                            Nic says she will talk about a person strategically but not personally... she's not going to do that to someone..she knows how that feels

                            she tells Nat if she has anything against her just bring it to her attention

                            Nat says she's over the personal stuff

                            Nic says this is why she likes to hang out with Corey and even James because you can just hang out and not be mean about people

                            back over to Vic & James

                            Vic talking about Paulie telling him not to be surprised if everybody comes after him he's the new comp beast... Vic says sure since you (Paulie) told them to

                            Vic says the only thing people could have against him is his comp wins because he's never said/done anything badly or against anyone..he looks forward to hanging out with them outside the House

                            He says he doesnt lie but if/when he does he says it right after...cause it comes out right after.... (oookay then lol)

                            they talk about this Season being 'good stuff' ..has everything..returnees, siblings...

                            ((gonna move ahead a bit))


                            • #15
                              2:30PM BBT

                              Cams 1/2
                              Nat has joined Vic & James

                              she is saying she thinks Paulie hated her so much from like week 1 because she likes his ex girlfriend and said nice things about her

                              James gives Jason Roy a shout out

                              Vic shouts out to "Asian James" BB17 (lol)

                              they shout out to a few other past HGs


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