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Live Feed Updates-August 22-Day 69

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 22-Day 69

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    3:15 BBT

    Corey and Nicole playing bed games.

    James, Nat, Michelle, Vic, and Paul are out at the hot tub talking about who Michelle will put up and what she can say, what the care package can be and who might get it.

    Michelle, Nat, and James go in and go to the bathroom and start talking about what is best for the three of them game. James and Nat are telling her to put up who she wants out of Corey and Nicole. James tells her how bad Vic is for their game. He will be hard to beat. Michelle still leaning towards Nicole.

    Vic and Paul stayed at the hot tub and Vic was telling Paul that he should stop pushing so hard for Corey to go up or they were going to push too hard and he (Vic) could end up going home. They just need to be cool. The important thing is for Vic to stay.

    Everybody headed to bed.


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      Paul, Michelle, Natalie, and James are up in the HoH now. James massaging Nat's neck

      Natalie said "Ching Chang Chong" as fake swearing as they were leaving the hot tub.

      James warns her to be careful about saying stuff like that. He is not offended, but others might be. That leads in to a discussion of the things that were said in season 15 and the reaction to it. Nat is upset that people will think she is racist and says she didn't mean anything like that.


      • #4
        Vic comes up to HoH, James left to go to bed. They start yelling out the door for James to come back. Michelle starts saying "Let's go down to the Honky Tonk" in a bad southern drawl.

        James comes back up and Nat starts worrying again about America thinking she's rascist because of her joke.


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          9:58 AM BBT

          Lights are on! Paul is in the backyard talking to the live feeders. He says he is sure that "they" were definitely trying to get one of them (Paul & Victor) out this week. He says Michelle are not the brightest bulb because she wants to put Nicole up next to Vic instead of Corey. He is begging for votes to get a care package. He doesn't understand how he became the bad guy overnight. He thinks James & Nat will be making secret deals with Corey & Nicole this week. Paul says he is a lone wolf now.

          James comes outside and Paul chats with him about how everyone slept overnight.


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            10:10 AM BBT

            James and Michelle just put up the awnings, Michelle tells James she wants Nicole out, she just sees her sliding by.

            Michelle says she is going inside it is hot out.

            Michelle called to the DR. James says thank God.

            Nicole doing her hair.

            A little bit earlier Paul was called to the DR about 9:40.

            Paul told James the Veto will be in about 30 minutes.

            Paul told America he knows he and Victor are the targets and it is not a mistake. He says Michelle is not the brightest bulb and it is a bad move if she puts up Nicole, then Victor will be evicted.

            Paul begs America for the CP.


            • #7
              Victor and Nicole in the bathroom.

              Victor is combing his beard.

              Nicole - Beard combing?

              That was their conversation.


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                10:03 AM BBT

                Talk turns to game. Paul says he wonders who Michelle is going to put up. He says she really wants Nicole up. James says he thinks she will put Corey up because that's what everyone wants. Paul says that if Corey gets the next care package, they are all screwed. They talk about how each week, the care packages are getting better and better. Paul says if Corey gets a care package then Paul or James will be the next to go. Paul says that Nicole's fans are going to hook Corey up.

                Michelle joins them. Paul goes inside and Michelle and James start putting the awnings down. Michelle says they need automatic awnings. They complain about how hot it is getting outside. After a bit Michelle asks James if he is sure that they don't have a deal with Nicole and James says no, nothing.

                They head inside because it's so hot, plus she was called to the DR.


                • #9
                  Victor and James say they are trying to wake themselves up a bit, but then plan to go back to bed after veto meeting.


                  • #10
                    10:19 AM BBT

                    BB calls Corey to the DR.

                    Victor/James/Paul talking about helicopters, fires, state troopers, highway patrol, getting pulled over.


                    • #11
                      Victor said he got a seat belt ticket and he was a passenger.



                      • #12
                        Back from FISH with James talking about the time he got pulled over.

                        Paul telling a story about being pulled over.


                        • #13
                          That is the only conversation going on, the guys talking about their various speeding tickets, and getting pulled over.

                          Cam 3/4

                          Nicole first doing her hair in the bathroom, then walking through the house, and now going through the drawers in the London Bedroom looking for clothes.

                          Natalie is still asleep in the HOH.


                          • #14
                            Nicole talking to herself saying that she is just going to pretend that she is not going up on the block.

                            Nicole goes in the shower.


                            • #15
                              Nicole wasn't showering, just changing her clothes.

                              Corey comes in the bathroom and says Good Morning.

                              Corey asks Nicole how she is feeling.

                              She said she feels like she is going up.

                              Nicole says she is pretty sure she is going up because Paul made a comment to her while she was doing her hair.

                              Nicole says it is fine, she already has her speech prepared, she's got a couple of lines.

                              BB calls Nicole to the DR.


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