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Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 70

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 23-Day 70

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    {{wish I could stay and catch up from overnight but headed out for hubby's CT scan's a quick current update...}}

    3:52AM BBT

    Cams 1/2
    Corey & Nicole in bed ...doing their .."usual"

    Cams 3/4
    Paul alone in the Safari room talking to Live Feeders asking us to hook him up with this next CP because he says they are all gonna gang up on him...maybe he can take a shot at Nat & James some damage

    ((if no one has done so by the time I get home, I will jump on and do some overnight catch up))


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      4:00 AM BBT
      Cam 1/2 Nicole/Corey

      They actually seem to be going to sleep now.

      Cam 3/4 Paul in Safari Room

      Paul's laundry is not done so he can talk to us a little longer.

      Strategy wise if Vic goes this week, he is going to have a tough time, he will be a lone wolf between two couples. Michelle is pretty much useless, isn't loyal, loose lips, cross her out of the equation, so he might as well keep her floating around for a F2.

      Paul says its pretty much him against the four and it sucks.

      Paul thinks the couples will put up him or Michelle if they win HOH.

      If Paul wins HOH, he doesn't know what will happen, not sure if he wants to win HOH.

      Paul not sure what the CP is. He doesn't know if it is in his best interest to not win HOH if the CP is a dethrone or something then he hopes to get the CP.


      • #4
        Paul is pretty sure they are going to send Vic home this week.

        Just needs to battle it out next week and hope one of the showmances leave, maybe there is a buy back or reset week and maybe Vic will come back, who knows what will happen.


        • #5

          Paul apologizes, he just zoned out.

          Yep, just got to see what happens.

          They all gang up on me, I just got to win a fuc*in veto again.


          • #6
            Paul gets up and goes through the house into the London Bedroom to get ready for bed.

            Corey gets up and walks through and goes outside. Thought maybe he was sleepwalking. He burps and lays in the hammock.


            • #7

              Corey sleeping walking? No, he is going to the hammock.


              • #8
                Corey rocking back and forth in the hammock staring up into the......stars?

                Paul in the bathroom fixing his hair.


                • #9
                  Not a word out of Corey


                  • #10
                    4:20 AM BBT

                    Paul decides to shower


                    • #11
                      4:35 AM BBT

                      Paul out of the shower, grooming his beard.

                      Corey playing pool.


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                        4:42 AM BBT

                        Corey finishes playing pool and heads inside and sees Paul in the bathroom.

                        Corey says he can't sleep.

                        Corey asks how Paul is doing.

                        Paul said he is getting a lot of back handed comments from Michelle and it is getting old.

                        Paul says with the nomination ceremony and everything said and they are pinning it all on you all.

                        Paul said when he called her out, she asked what are you talking about.

                        Paul brings up the atheist comment and his family watches the show, he went to a private christian school.


                        • #13
                          Paul is telling Corey all the things Michelle has now been doing to him, yelling at him for touching her clothes when he was doing laundry.

                          Paul says she is just really packing it on. He did not get an apology from her speech. He knows everyone is stressed out, but don't sh*t on him. He is trying to hold his tongue. In the real world he would have told her off.

                          Paul says Michelle makes ignorant comments constantly.

                          Paul says being on the block and pulling himself off, then people lying to him.

                          Paul asks Corey how he feels.

                          Corey says he has anxiety. He wants to kick and throw a little temper tantrum, He is starting to get claustrophobic.

                          Paul tells Corey how Natalie said she wanted to go home. He thinks the stress and everything is getting to people.


                          • #14
                            Corey is anxious. Corey is thinking about what he is going to do when they get out of there.

                            Corey says he talked to Vic and wants to take a road trip with them and get the party started.

                            Paul says they are going to have a great time when they get out of there.

                            They are saying how bizarre it is being in there, but they signed up for it.

                            Paul says he just looks at Michelle amazed at things she says and does. Says how different their worlds are.

                            Paul says they are all from different places but the guys get it.

                            Paul says he is not anxious or worried in his real life, he says fuc*k it, and gets over it.

                            Paul talking how stubborn and ignorant Bridgette was to things.

                            Paul hates Tuesday to Thursday.

                            Corey says that is probably why he is feeling like he is, they are going to be locked in.


                            • #15
                              Paul says after comps it blows being in there with nothing to do.

                              Corey says you are safe tonight, not tomorrow.

                              Paul asks if has been campaigning yet.

                              Corey says no.

                              Paul asks him why not.

                              FISH for some reason.


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