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Live Feed Updates-August 24-Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 24-Day 71

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    3:12 BBT

    Vic, Natalie, James, and Michelle in HoH talking about college. Victor talking about how smart he is and how well he did in college. He was the curve setter. A lot of Finance classes. He only had trouble with International Finance class. He still got an A, but he actually had to study. (That will definitely convince them to keep you, LOL).

    They start talking about game shows. James wanted to try out for Wipe Out. Victor tells him you have to be in California.

    Nicole and Corey were in bed. Nicole got up to get a snack.

    I don't see Paul.


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      7:14 AM BBT

      Paul is actually awake and just told us how he made his drink and we are invited for early morning Friendship in the Safari Room.


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        Topic of Friendship is how gross and disgusting the house is.

        Michelle is top contender for the grossest feet in the house and getting into bed. Paul wears shoes.

        Victor is really cleanly. A lot of people think he is too cleanly because he is like everyone's mom. They don't like to be told what to do, so Victor is a lone wolf in the cleaning dept.

        Paul doesn't care, everyone can wallow in their own filth, he keeps his own stuff orderly.

        James goes overboard, getting everything filthy putting vaseline on door handles. If you like to be annoyed constantly, that is what living with James is like.

        Natalie is also annoying, can't wait to let people know how he really feels about them.

        Natalie likes to address America all the time as if you all are her on her one line hotline. She pats herself on the back a lot, she is a philanthropist, all she does on her own, what a good person she is.

        Paul says if you need to talk about yourself to convince others you are a good person, chances are you are not a good person. Natalie constantly pats herself on the back and makes herself a victim.

        Corey, not to bad, minds his own business, keeps to himself and eats PB&J all day., very chill, very laid back, cleanly, doesn't do anything stupid, but doesn't exist, forgets he lives in the house.


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          Brief commercial how Paul can make good food.

          Nicole is very cool, very uppity, very high energy. If you are not annoyed by her voice she is okay. She reminds Paul of a new born chicken, constantly bobbing her head, she looks in the mirror a lot. She walks around barefoot a lot, which is gross.


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            Paul says the worst to live with is Michelle. She screams, throws tantrums, stubborn, ignorant, dirty, doesn't clean up after herself, doesn't listen to authority, cries all the time.

            Second worst is James because he constantly pranks, is dirty, leaves egg shells in the cartons and puts them back in the frig.


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              Past houseguests - Paulie was okay but has OCD. If you are not bothered by that who gives a sh*t. He is a laid back dude, cleanly, friendly, chill.

              Paul says he is loud as fu*k. He is quiet for the most part, won't prank you, if you don't want to talk to him he won't talk to you, if you want to get crazy he will get crazy. Outside the house he would write music and drink beer all day.

              Bridgette is pretty easy to live with.


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                7:30 AM BBT

                Bridgette is kinda crazy, minds her own business, cleans up after herself, makes really good cookies, you'll get fat with her because she is contantly cooking. Doesn't like authority or being told what to do, stubborn. If you disagree with her she might punch you in the face.

                Zakiyah pretty easy to live with, almost doesn't exist, pops in and out, quiet, keeps to herself. If you want to be social with a roommate don't be with Zakiyah, she comes out and then crawls back into her little hole. She is catty, fine with males, would tear females apart.


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                  Paul can't think of who else is in the jury...remembers Da'.

                  Da' has all this fuc*ing hair. Leaves hair everywhere. Paul is afraid of finding that hair in all different places. She had baby powder everywhere. Minds herself, reads her bible, doesn't bother anyone. If you can put up with her hair extensions everywhere you will be fine. Paul just terrified of that stuff.

                  Frank farts a lot, really chill. If that is a pet peeve of yours don't live with Frank. He is a simple guy, laid back, very clean, kept to his own. Frank wasn't too bad, just a lot of farting.


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                    Paul doesn't remember Bronte too much. She was cool, a little sassy, too sassy for his liking. Want to one up you or zing you, constantly had to belittle you or make you feel belittled next to her, other than that she was a very sweet girl and wouldn't harm a fly. Paul was annoyed by her. She was cleanly and kept to herself.

                    Tiffany, oh God, oh God, would never live with Tiffany, very intelligent, would never live with her, but thinks she was the most intelligent, well conversed person in the house. He feels she was very cultured, lot of substance, lot of paranoia, but went bat **** crazy in the house, weird mannerisms. He says she wasn't like that in the beginning so he will give her the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the house making her crazy.

                    Speaking of intelligence Natalie portrays that she is intelligent but she is not. She acts like she is God's gift to the world. She is not humble, she likes to act like she is humble. If the cameras were off she would leave open ended statements that fuel her own ego.

                    Glenn, Paul knew him for 28 hours, seems like a nice guy. He is a grown man and had a kid so he assumes he was a good guy, makes good food, very nice guy, humble. Very nice guy, sweetheart.

                    Josea, Jesus Christ, need to take coffee before getting into him.


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                      There were some deep seeded psychological issues with a lot of people in the house, but who am I, an asshole with a beard, trying to analyze people at 7:00 a.m.

                      Josea, how do we get into this. His strange attitude and personality comes from his childhood. Thinks he was picked on as a child. Coming out of the closet gave him some sort of ,confidence, but at the same time built a wall of defense, which fueled his own ego. He thinks he had it hard growing up. He is very prideful in being gay, but being made fun of he build a huge high wall for himself, but that wall was non humble and very self centered, ego driven. He thought he was God's gift to the world, would constantly talk how he was better and smarter than other people.

                      Paul says these are all his observations and thoughts from living with these people.

                      Believes Josea is a good dude and means well, as much as he likes to seem catty and a bad bitch, but he doesn't think he would intentionally hurt someones feelings but he would bring someone down to pick himself up.

                      He was cleanly, but he was very masculine and very feminine. He thinks he was a good dude and wouldn't hurt anyone, but if you were a nobody in his eyes he wouldn't give you the time of day. Paul guesses that is just the way he rolls. Very egotistically, narcissistic.

                      Paul going to give a ****ty opinion about himself. He is loud, he is annoying. Lot different outside than inside. Hipster, likes coffee, craft beer, reads philosophy. People would be pleasantly surprised. Granted everyone's personality is probably way different outside the house.

                      Paul says if he does not have a connection with people he cannot sit down and have an intellectual conversation with them.


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                        Paul says the people in there think he is super intelligent and an Einstein, but he has not talked to people in this house about topics on which he would normally talk about. He says HG's can't talk about things without bringing themselves into the mix.

                        Paul says he does NOT run around saying Friendship every 30 seconds. He normally doesn't make jokes and stay stupid sh*t. Paul says if he tried to sit with them and converse for hours they would not understand it. He was trying to talk to Michelle for a 30 minute conversation about the world, life, what he thinks happens after death, and he gets labeled an Athiest. Paul says he has never talked about his religion in this house. Because he doesn't believe in heaven and hell, which is a Christian belief, Michelle thinks he is an Athiest.

                        Paul does a lot of charity work for homeless people. Every other week he works an event or does something with the homeless, he does a shout out, then we go to FISH. Comes back saying that we live in a society that just tosses people to the side. At the end of the day, they are a human being. We treat them like they don't exist. Talks about not making eye contact with homeless people holding their signs on the street. Paul says he cannot go get food and see a homeless person and not give them food. He says sure some only want to buy drugs and alcohol.

                        Paul is talking about people being concerned about mistreatment of animals and we need to be concerned about the mistreatment of people too.

                        He doesn't know how he got on the homeless topic. He doesn't give out money to homeless people, he will buy them food, water, socks, what they need. Sometimes they just want someone to talk too. Paul has had lots of conversations with homeless people all over the world, young people. Some choose that life, and he tries to find out why.

                        (I'm finished typing Paul Friendship, it's been an hour already.)


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                          Interesting tidbit, Paul interned in Parliament.


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                            11:00 AM BBT
                            Cam 1/2 Bathroom
                            Cam 3/4 HoH

                            All sleeping except for Paul, who went on a bathroom break from his Friendship Show.
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                              12:15 BBT

                              Paul went directly from Friendship Show to Cooking Show. He is making chicken. He drops the chicken on the floor in the SR. He pronounces it chick-own. Grabs limes, onions and honey.

                              He hates the texture of raw chicken, it is gross, he is not having a good time. Says he is going to get salmonella for sure.

                              Going to rinse the chicken and give it a bath. Says ew, ew, ew. The feeling of chicken is disgusting. He hates it, hates, it hates it.

                              This is the first time he has ever cut chicken. He is gagging.

                              He is not quite sure what he is doing. Lord knows he can't cook chicken, he has never done it before.

                              He says it might make him go vegetarian. He is not down with this part, just the final product.

                              He cannot hunt, look an animal in the face and kill it.

                              He enjoys the taste of meat, he doesn't have to hunt and kill it but if it ends up on his plate he will eat it.

                              Lots of gross, gross, disgusting, ew, ew, ew.

                              Round two. Gagging. He usually makes the other HG's do this but they are not awake, he has to do it himself.

                              He says if his mom saw him cooking she would probably have a heart attack. He does kind of like cooking, so at least he is leaving the house with a new skill set.

                              He says when he has an Armenian mom who cooks, why does he need too.

                              He finishes up about 12:50 PM BBT and is cleaning his pan.

                              He gets called to the DR. He says I'm cleaning up, I'm cooking, call one of the other as*holes. I can't abandon my chick-own for the next few minutes.

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