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Live Feed Updates-August 25-Day 72

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 25-Day 72

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    3:45 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping


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      ( I'm really here to update... just sneaking in to remind everyone that tonight should be a BIG NIGHT with the stakes high, as a jury member comes back into the house... we are looking at record traffic, which of course, will increase the bandwidth that we normally use on a Live Show Night .. SO.. if you can .. please help support us by making a donation to help us cover August's expenses which are due on the 27th.. along with try to get ahead of tonight's increase in services ... any help is greatly appreciated and helps us to be able to keep doing what we do here with all of you! )


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        9:15 AM BBT

        Lights are still out and everyone is sleeping.


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          Just a heads up.....they turned the lights on, no one was waking up, so we had fish a few times and then Jeff Loops. You're welcome.


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            Feeds came back about 1:15 PM BBT

            Victor packing in Tokyo Room.

            Natalie goes in HN Room to see James.

            She tells James that Nicole/Paul/Corey are BFF's in the kitchen.

            James says Paul is reaching and if he wins he will put James up regardless.

            BB tells James to put on microphone.


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              Natalie tells James she feels like Corey should go.

              She says she feels like they will be kicking each other in the butt if he stays.

              James says it is a sticky situation, he doesn't think that Victor would put up Paul.


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                Natalie is trying to convince James to put up Corey and save Victor.

                Natalie asks James if Victor talked to him again. James says no.

                Natalie says Corey and Nicole are working Paul and Paul won't put them up if he wins HOH, one of them are going up.

                James says or Michelle.

                Natalie says they are going to try and break them up because they are a pair.

                James says Natalie is assuming that Nicole and Corey are working with Paul 100%.

                Natalie says she has never worked with them.

                James says he has been working with them since Day 1.


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                  Natalie says if they keep Corey, Natalie/James/Michelle will be the outsiders.

                  Natalie is pointing out how buddy buddy they are.

                  James say they are not going to Paul, Paul is going to them. He says if Paul came to us we would be nice to him, we wouldn't chase him away.

                  Natalie asks James if he really trusts Nicole and Corey.

                  James says Yes.

                  Natalie says well she hopes she doesn't go home next week.

                  Natalie says they would be safe for another week if Victor stayed.

                  James says he does not see Victor putting Paul up after one little he turned his back on me statement from Victor.

                  James says he is a target ahead of Natalie and Michelle.

                  James tells Natalie if he goes home, Natalie will be next.


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                    Natalie asks James if he has made up his mind. She says she trusts James, he just needs to reassure her.

                    James says Corey and Nicole are a lot more on his side than they are Paul's, especially Nicole.

                    Natalie says okay.

                    James says the more we question Nicole, the more she is going to get pissed. We have an unspoken agreement.

                    Natalie says she trusts James.

                    Natalie tells James she knows she can win now that she has won one HOH.

                    James tells Natalie that Corey and Nicole want it to be the battle of the showmances.

                    They want the showmances to make it all the way to the end to the F4.


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                      1:40 PM BBT

                      James/Natalie convo ends as Victor comes in the HN Room to nap.


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                        1:43 PM BBT

                        Paul and Corey in the Tokyo Room

                        Paul hopes one of them win HOH.

                        Corey says it depends on the CP tomorrow.


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                          1:49 PM BBT Back from FISH with Paul and Corey talking about the HOH Comp.

                          Bathroom with Michelle and Nicole talking about the CP and Nicole is hoping Corey will get it because he is such a nice person.

                          Michelle says Vic is sad because Paul has not been campaigning for Vic to stay.

                          Nicole says well he can't be campaigning to me.

                          Michelle says she means campaigning to James and says how Paul was Victor's Ride or Die. She says Victor is so sad.


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                            Natalie and James cuddling in Bumper Car.

                            Michelle comes in smacking on Fruit Loops and offers them some.

                            Natalie eating them also and says they are good and tries to get James to eat some.

                            James says he is a HN.

                            James says Natalie popped him in the eyeball with a Fruit Loop.

                            James goes between Natalie's breasts to get the Fruit Loop.

                            They all are playing around.

                            Victor was trying to sleep.

                            The girls leave and Victor starts talking to James.


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                              1:56 PM BBT

                              Victor asks James does he still not know what he is going to do.

                              James silent for a few seconds and says he is 50/50.

                              Victor says well you do want you have to do, I tried, I'm not going to pry anymore.

                              James deep in thought.


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