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Live Feed Updates-August 27-Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 27-Day 74

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    5:35 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping.


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      7:39 AM BBT

      ( about 20 minuets ago... we went to LOOPS )

      Have Not reveal coming up


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        Did you know that Thursday night was the second busiest night in BBU history?

        14 years.... 15 seasons... we felt it coming!

        We were burning through the bandwidth at record speed, it was a good show, good feeds, finally right?

        All that goodness brings us back to ask...

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          Corey and Victor are Have Nots...
          Seaweed and Squid are what they have to eat along with slop


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            Corey and Victor were the first two to fall off of the Endurance Comp ...



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              Power of Veto Players will be picked soon ....

              Power of Veto Competition plays out later today ...

              ( for now I'm out .. if any one else can pick up, I'd appreciate it )

              Oh wait... they just called Nicole to the DR...

              8:42 AM BBT - could be time to pick players...

              ( I can hang around for that ... but then I will be out for just a bit )


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                Power of Veto Players are:

                HoH - Nicole
                Nominees - Paul and Michelle
                Picked Players - James, Corey and Victor
                Host -Natalie


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                  Just after the picks...

                  Natalie tells Michelle that she doesn't think that she is the target this week...

                  Michelle says it's weird that when Paul pulled the "house guest choice" chip, that he would pick Corey.

                  Michelle -I told you that they're working together. He's (Paul) up there all the time... he is too confident right now

                  Natalie- If they dont take one of them (Paul/Vic) out, they are both winning the half million.. and they know this.. that's what they told me ( when she was HoH ) .. they told me that I had to put them up, because if I didn't ... one of them is winning...

                  Michelle- things change...

                  James joins them...

                  Michelle - I swear I think I'm the target...

                  James- who knows, I could be the target, it is weird he (Paul) picked Corey though

                  Michelle- That's what I'm saying. I think I am the target

                  Natalie- James, you better gun for that veto.

                  ( Nicole pulled Victor's chip )

                  The Power of Veto Competition plays out later today.

                  For now, the drama continues on the Live Feeds...

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                    James says that Corey knows that Victor is the bigger threat...

                    Natalie says that she thinks that Nicole didn't put Paul and Victor both up so that if Paul comes down, Victor can be the replacement

                    Michelle - Would they want to send him (Victor) home over me?
                    James - Yeah, probably so

                    9:27 AM BBT

                    James to Natalie and Michelle- I don't feel like any of us are going home this week.


                    • #11

                      Michelle - they ( Paul and Victor ) think they think I'm the target?
                      James- yeah .. they probably do. They ( Nicole/Corey ) are probably telling them you're the target


                      • #12
                        Meanwhile in the HoH ...

                        Nicole, Paul, Victor and Corey are studying "days" together in an effort to beat Michelle in today's veto ...


                        • #13
                          HoH Crew talks about if it's Stay or Fold veto ...

                          Nicole - I will play gutsy in that one

                          Victor- I will too..

                          Nicole/Paul - no.... we need you to play it safe...

                          Nicole- yeah because if it's down to me and you ( Victor ) I will throw you the veto ....


                          • #14
                            The divide continues....

                            James tells Michelle and Natalie that he will talk to Corey and Nicole after the veto and mention how Paul and Victor go to the power week to week ...


                            • #15
                              James tells Michelle and Natalie that he's "banking on" America's Favorite again ...

                              James- if I go out .. I feel that I have a good chance of getting it... not saying I'm going to win.. but I know that Julie will probably call my name ... ( as one of the choices to win )


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