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Live Feed Updates-August 28-Day 75

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 28-Day 75

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    5:40 BBT

    All HGs are sleeping. Vic and Corey twisted and crammed into the bumper cars.


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      ( I'll catch us up a little bit from where I left off last night )


      • #4
        Michelle/James and Natalie talk about Nicole/Corey

        James tells the girls that he's starting to realize that Nicole is really good at comps

        to which Natalie says - I told you this.. she hasn't needed to win ..

        Michelle tells them that she will talk to Nicole.. tell her ( if she keeps her ) that she will throw the next HoH to her .. and that she will be a pawn up beside Victor..

        Michelle- but REALLY... I'll try to win and put Nicole and Victor up


        • #5
          Natalie and Michelle talk about how Nicole hasn't been on the block.. and how she's a bigger threat than Corey ...

          Michelle tells Natalie that she thinks that Nicole thinks that by keeping Paul in the house will be able to stay safe an an extra week

          . Natalie - she's not thinking that way


          • #6
            Victor and Paul continued to hang out in the HoH room ...

            Once they left...

            Nicole told Corey that "she can't take it anymore" ...

            Nicole - I need space... I'm about to crack


            • #7
              Corey tells Nicole again that he thinks he's just going to give the $5,000 to her ..

              She tells him ( agin ) that she doesn't think it's a good idea...

              He tells her that he doesn't think that anyone would take the bribe to throw the next HoH


              • #8
                Nicole tells Corey about her talk with Paul....

                Nicole - he wants me to put up Natalie.. ( in his place ) but that's not good for my game..... it makes me a little wary


                • #9
                  They talk about the next HoH comp ...

                  Corey asks if he wins .. who would he even put up??

                  Nicole tells him he would need to put up ... James/Natalie.. and send Natalie home ....


                  • #10
                    Corey tells her that if he wins HoH ...puts up .. James/Natalie.. then Paul and Victor control the votes...


                    • #11
                      ( Corey is actually thinking ahead ) ...

                      Corey explains to her ....

                      Corey tells her - lets say James/Natalie are up ... .. they ( Paul/Vic ) control the votes.. send James home.....

                      He goes on ...

                      Corey - I win HoH.... I put up Natalie and Vic.... Paul wins veto... and pulls Vic down, I have to put you up


                      • #12
                        They circle around it all and decide that if it's Natalie and Victor are on the block at Final 5.... the smart move is to keep Natalie


                        • #13
                          Nicole- I think they (Paul/Victor ) are serious about "The Final 4"
                          Corey- I hope so


                          • #14
                            Nicole tells Corey that she's definitely keeping the noms the same ( not using veto )


                            • #15
                              Nicole to Corey- you would never change your vote, right?
                              Corey- no
                              Nicole- Promise?
                              Corey- I'm voting out Meech 100%


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