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Live Feed Updates-August 29-Day 76

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 29-Day 76

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    3:30 BBT

    All cameras showing Vic and Corey playing pool in the by.

    1 & 2 then going to James, Nat, and Meech talking in the London br talking about stains on the bedding.

    Paul wanders in gets something and then leaves. The three mention that Paul does that to sneak up on people.

    Paul now in the kitchen talking to Vic and Corey who have come inside.

    Vic making some kind of request to BB.

    (I'm out. I have to get ready for work)


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      3:40 AM BBT

      Paul and Corey talking about not being able to sleep, wishing they could get meds to help them sleep.

      Paul wants to go in and try to go to sleep in LBR, but Nat/Michelle/James are in there.

      Vic comes out to kitchen and says Nat/Michelle/James are talking in LBR. Wants to know what in the world they could possibly talking about in LBR.

      Nat/Michelle/James talking about James getting AFP again. Michelle talking about trying to get tickets to fly to California to be in the audience for BB shows, getting tickets to watch the live show. (They are not talking game.)

      Vic says to Paul maybe they going through every single possible scenario.

      Paul says he thinks James doesn't know Michelle is going and doesn't want to get involved and piss Paul off or they are waiting until Wednesday to do something and mess things up.

      Paul says on Wednesday they might try and drop some bomb.

      Vic says there is literally nothing to hide, go for it.


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        3:42 AM BBT

        James wondering why Paul and Victor never got a CP.

        Michelle talks a bit about smoothing things over with Paul. Michelle has wanted Paul out for a long time.

        Natalie says Paul and Paulie were her secret targets in her brain that she wanted out for a long time. She didn't talk about it because James said she wasn't allowed to have targets.

        James says he told her not to talk about targets.

        Michelle says now they have four targets.

        James asks what is their alliance name.

        Michelle says The Third Wheel.

        They start laughing. Michelle tells them about BBC and they had an alliance called The Third Wheel and she is talking a bit about the BBC show with that alliance.

        James wonders why Paul doesn't wear his pelican any longer.

        Natalie says when he toned it down.

        Michelle says if he would have gotten HOH and nominated her, she would have popped the pelican with a safety pin.

        James says she would have ended Pablo's life.

        Michelle wonders if he is going to wear it on Thursday.

        Natalie says their master plan is to backdoor James.

        James says if they do, he would say good job and start clapping.


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          Michelle doesn't like authority, never did. Talks about getting called out by professors in lecture halls.

          Natalie brings up Paulie saying he got all nice goodbye messages and her's was not.

          James talking about Zingbot calling Victor El Douchebag.

          James said in the beginning he kind of sh*t on Victor.

          Michelle felt intimidated in the beginning with how Victor acted in the kitchen and making comments on what they were eating.

          Natalie says Victor came back a whole different person.

          James says you can still push Victor's buttons.

          They talk about the flour incident.

          Natalie says they can only be themselves when Victor is not HOH.

          James says the first half of the season he complained a lot about Victor. James says in the Hide and Go Veto he let Victor have it.

          James hasn't said anything negative now except how long are they going to have to keep evicting him.

          BB tells them not to talk about DR's.


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            3:54 AM BBT

            Kitchen group talking about Memorial Day.

            In LBR Natalie talking about Victor in the beginning of the game, he was mean to her.

            Natalie says Victor thought she was a dumb ditz and he could treat her like sh*t and control her.

            Michelle asked Natalie why Victor broke up with her.

            Natalie said Victor said the show wasn't conducive to a relationship. She found out later it was because they just didn't click.

            She wondered why they were cuddling if he felt like that. She said one day in the kitchen, Victor grabbed her and said she was his. She said Victor made her like him when she wasn't interested in him, and then when she was interested in him, he rejected her.

            More Victor talk between Michelle and Natalie and then Paul comes in the LBR so that convo stops.


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              3:56 AM BBT

              Vic and Corey go to HN Room to sleep and Paul to LBR.

              James asks Paul if everyone is sleeping.

              Paul says yes.

              James says he bets Victor is hating that HN life.

              Paul says he is and it is funny to try and piss him off now. Paul says it is funny to watch him agitated.


              • #8

                Natalie and Meech in the bathroom.

                Natalie is so excited because she feels like she lost a pound.

                Michelle doesn't feel good from eating the seaweed.

                Natalie says her body is used to it, but Michelle just needs to let it out and clean out her system.

                Michelle is so embarrassed, being in the WC doing her business.

                Natalie says don't worry the Live Feeds can't hear it.


                • #9
                  Last words out of James in the LBR before silence was to say 24 days.


                  • #10
                    4:03 AM BBT

                    Michelle happy now from going to the bathroom and says she thought it was just gas.

                    Natalie says at least she didn't have to take a laxative.

                    Michelle says maybe she lost some weight. She thinks she may have gotten food poisoning from not washing the fruit.

                    They leave the BR and Natalie whispers to Michelle that she needs to win the next HOH. Michelle says she is confident.

                    Michelle asks Natalie if they are going to have chat zone in there.

                    Natalie goes in LBR and starts talking to Paul, saying one time I went to Berlin....(Paul is in bed with his eyes covered, silent)

                    Lights were out, but when they started talking, BB told them they had to have the lights on. They decided to leave lights out.

                    They are still talking and get a warning again.

                    Natalie talking about the Jetsons, pressing a button and food would come out.

                    Michelle tells Life Feeders to take a shot every time they say honestly.

                    Natalie says she says hilarious so much now.

                    Michelle says no one says Friendship anymore, Paul it died.

                    They ask Paul why no one says Friendship anymore.

                    Paul says because they are all mentally checked out.

                    James says can't wait to talk to that shrink doctor again.

                    Michelle says what do you mean, that lady.

                    James says the psychiatrist and we get FISH.

                    Come back with from FISH with giggling and James saying you go, then I go.

                    Michelle says the Cam keeps moving back and forth.

                    Michelle only one talking. She says fans will think she is crazy. She took Psych 101 in college, she has the credentials. FISH.

                    Comes back from FISH with Michelle saying Amanda had bipolar disorder. FISH again.


                    • #11
                      Back from FISH at 4:09 AM BBT.

                      Looks like all the HG's are now sleeping.

                      Oops, not quite yet.

                      Natalie asks if she is evicted can she give Julie a hug.

                      Michelle wants to.

                      James says Julie will put her hand out for a handshake, but you can give her a hug. She shouldn't go crazy though and try and pick Julie up.

                      Natalie tells James she can't pick Julie up.

                      Natalie says Paulie hugged her for 10 minutes when he came back and then talked sh*t about her on the wall.

                      James going to wash the sheets after Thursday, in case he gets taken out in a DE.

                      BB says very sternly Natalie, James, Michelle, the bedroom lights must remain on.

                      Michelle says that is a dumb rule, the best conversations happen at night.

                      James hopes everyone has good dreams tonight.

                      Michelle says Friendship, Friendship, Friendship. Michelle says she needs to say Friendsh*t.



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                        4:15 AM BBT

                        Finally all is quiet, and if it isn't, we will not know, because I am out.


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                          One more movement, at 4:38 AM BBT, Corey woke up and was mumbling something and touching his blanket.


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                            9:30 AM BBT
                            Michelle/Nicole BR

                            Michelle talking to Nicole while they put on makeup. Michelle talking about her room at her house, and that her sisters have probably taken it over by now. She says they are a bunch of vultures.

                            Nicole says she will always have a room at her parent's house, but she plans to move out soon.

                            Michelle wants to buy the towel that Natalie got in her HOH basket.

                            Michelle proud of herself for getting up early.

                            9:52 AM BBT

                            Nicole laying in the hammock in the backyard talking out loud.

                            Nicole says she is fortunate to have found a best friend in the house (Corey).

                            Corey has kept her sane, she can't even explain how sane, She is very grateful. Loves being around him.

                            Been around him for 76 days. She is not even sick of him yet. If they are away from each other for even a couple of hours they are looking for each other.

                            She likes someone she can talk to about other things other than game. You need a break.


                            • #15
                              10:00 AM BBT

                              Victor joins Nicole out in the back yard lounger. Nicole has coffee on to wake them up.

                              Talk about everything they do not have in the house.

                              They say it has been three months without using a pen, money, phones.

                              They won't know anything when they get out about videos, songs.

                              Vic says his friends start school tomorrow.


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