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Live Feed Updates-August 30-Day 77

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  • Live Feed Updates-August 30-Day 77

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    3:20 BBT
    Nat and James having a heart to heart about their relationship. Nat telling him how she feels. She's afraid of getting hurt. She's been really sad about James a couple times in the house and she doesn't like feeling like that. James says she's not the only one afraid of getting hurt. He is too and is very guarded outside the house.

    Paul and Michelle in the safari room talking about past drama in the house and the past houseguests.


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      3:00 AM BBT
      Safari Room

      Michelle/Paul/Victor talk. Michelle is fishing. She says Corey will be the deciding vote. Michelle asks if she is leaving to let her know so she can wear her dress.

      3:20 AM BBT

      Victor goes to HN Room. He tells Corey that Michelle is in he dark and Victor thinks they should tell her on Wednesday.

      Michelle and Paul pretty much talked until 6:00 AM BBT

      All are asleep now.

      ( I am out all day again today.)


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        8:55 AM BBT

        Lights are still out and everyone is still sleeping.


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          9:37 AM BBT

          We have FISH! but I doubt anyone will really get out of bed other than to change their batteries.


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            9:53 AM BBT

            Lights are on but everyone has taken refuge under their blankets or odd items of clothing.


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              11:08 AM BBT

              Natalie is awake and has started a load of laundry and is now outside exercising. Nicole is also out of bedd and is writing her HOH blow. Nic & Nat chatted for a bit before they went their separate ways.


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                Everyone sleeping except Nicole, Vic, and Corey chatting on the couch outside. No game talk.


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                  4:09 PM BBT

                  Everyone is awake except Michelle. Victor was Jedi training sitting in the LR, then walking and looking around the kitchen, mostly about the airplane flights and travel destinations. He goes up the the HOH where Nicole is in bed and talks to her a few minutes about the travel destinations. Nicole is going to sleep some more, so Victor leaves.

                  James and Natalie are sitting outside by the pool and Paul is sitting in a chair outside and Corey is laying by Paul in the lounger. Just general chit chat.

                  (I am going to go back and get Victor's talk to the Live Feeders that was about an hour ago.)


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                    2:58 PM BBT - 3:01 PM BBT

                    Victor sitting in the lounger by the pool. He is going to talk to us.....

                    Alright America, what do you want to know.

                    It is day 77 in the house, game talk is to a minimum, The Final Four is strong. Looking forward to Thursday, if votes go the way we want it to, Michelle goes home.

                    I am sad about it, but she is aligned with the wrong people. I have to stay loyal to my people, and that is what they want, so that is what is going to happen.

                    After that we have no choice but to win HOH.

                    After that, if I win, I will for sure, for sure, put up James and Natalie with the plan for James to go home, for revenge.

                    (We hear James yell, 'Are you talking to yourself Bro?')

                    Victor says to James, yeah, I'm going crazy bro, I might be whispering to Live Feeders. Good old Live Feeders.

                    Says you saw that, fool's listening in to my convo. My game talk is in jeopardy, I can't talk about that now, will talk about it later, just know that my game is in jeopardy.


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                      3:02 PM BBT

                      Victor starts talking again. Says it is difficult talking with everyone because they end up talking about the same things over and over. what they are going to do when they get out of the house, their friends, their families.

                      He does feel close to everyone, because they are in the house together for 77 days. He says it is his third time playing the game this season, he left, thought he was done, came back, thought he was done, came back. He says he is on his third strike and cannot mess up. He says he has to be a comp beast and can't mess that up, no room for error.

                      He says if he loses the next HOH, he is probably going home, hands down, and he cannot afford that.


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                        3:04 PM BBT

                        Victor tells us it is time for BB Nature Watch with Victor Arroyo. He is talking with an English accent.


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                          3:09 PM BBT

                          Victor and Paul talk in the kitchen. Victor says nothing has been happening today, literally nothing, no game talk.

                          Victor leaves goes to Tokyo Room, and says p-s-s-s-s-t, we are going to observe something.

                          We are back to BB Nature Watch. He acts like he is using binoculars. On the other side of these doors is a species called Big Meech.

                          Her characteristics are very mellow, but very high intensity. I am not going to encroach on her territory, we shall look through the double doors.

                          She sleeps on average 17-18 hours a day. She looks very calm and relaxed, but upon waking can be very vicious. She goes through phases, one day relaxed, one day can be a wild beast.

                          He goes through phases of calling people out. As lifeless as she seems, she can be a raging bull.

                          The one they call Big Meech, covered head to toe, I estimate she will wake up about 5:00 after having slept all day, She is moving, she is turning over, I might have woken the beast, I might get an earful later, we will see.

                          That is BB Nature Watch with Victor Arroyo. Goodbye for now.


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                            3:14 PM BBT

                            Victor grabs hat and binoculars from Safari Room, and points them through the kitchen window into the back yard.

                            He says we are now observing, yes there he is, that is the one they call Paul, he is the craziest of creatures in the BB Nature Watch.

                            He is biting his nails, so as not to anger himself. He is in the presence of James, one of his nemesis. There he is.

                            He sleeps all day. He is dormant in the day time, but active at night. He is a night species.

                            He is what BB Nature Watch likes to call playing nice. He has a dislike for Natalie and James. Natalie is in the water, pretending to enjoy Paul's company.

                            It is fascinating to see all three creatures, hanging out in the water hole. I have never seen anything like this, I have NEVER seen anything like this, oh my gosh.

                            Every time he rubs his beard he is angry. Every time he rubs his beard, it is a sign of aggression, but he has to keep it in.

                            Paul a smaller species, can be very feister, he is loud, but he has to keep it in. He talks in a higher octive, but that is a defense mechanism.

                            He is loud, he talks in a loud manner. Every time he speaks no one wants to be around him.

                            James is doing some sort of yelling, mating call, I can only assume.

                            Well, that is all I have for you today on the BB Nature Watch, stay tuned. 3:16 PM BBT.


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                              3:17 PM BBT

                              Victor in the kitchen.

                              P-s-s-s-s-s-t, P-s-s-s-s-st, I am going to try and blend in with these deadly species, I am going to attempt to mingle with these species at the BB water hole. Wish me luck.


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